Friday, April 6

Winner of Meljen's Designs BLOG HOP image!

Happy FRIDAY to everyone!! It's time to announce the winner!  I had my son pick a number, and being that it's his 7th Birthday on Saturday he picked #7!!  Well, it took quite a few comments to find the 7th person who followed directions and left a comment with their favorite image requested in it, but I found that Karen Alpine is the winner with her request of the TEDDY ANGEL BEAR!  So, Karen, watch your inbox, it's coming at you soon!

Thank you to everyone who hopped with us and played along!  Be sure to check the other gals blogs to see if you won, there, too!  (Scroll down to the next post to see the original list!)  AND there's a grandprize of SIX images on the main blog today, too!  Check it out HERE!!


Monday, April 2


Happy 2nd Anniversary to my dear friend, Melissa Jenkins, owner and illustrator of Meljen's Designs!!   I have become very good friends with Melissa over the last couple of years and feel so blessed to have her in my life!!  I am so proud of her and her artistic achievements with Meljen's Designs, she's a real inspiration and she has shown me what you can do if you follow your passion!

I made a few cards for today's blog hop!  And I will be giving away one of them to one of my lucky readers!!  Just comment which one you want, along with an email to contact you, in case you win, and I will send it your way at the conclusion of the hop on Friday the 6th!  There's also a chance to win more on the main challenge blog at the end of the hop and on each designer's blog, so keep hopping till the end!  If you want to start at the beginning, go to Audrey's blog HERE!!!

My first card is for YOU, my readers and Melissa's fans!  I just want to remind you to delight in the day today and EVERY DAY!  The days DO go by faster and faster as you get older.  My momma told me that when I was little, but little did I understand until recently when my youngest entered school fulltime and I soon saw an empty home from 8am to 3pm, five days a week!  It's quite lonely without my kiddos around, so thank goodness summer is quickly approaching, right?? 

For this one, I used the Pre-colored Little Light Bulb!  I used the same layout in each card, showing how with the change of color and different image, the same layout can take on a variety of feelings....

This card is in honor of Jess, one of Meljen's Designers who couldn't hop with us today.  She's had a bit of illness take over the family, so Jess, we hope everyone gets better soon!  This one uses Pre-colored Sick Little Bear, a popular image of Melissa's....

This card was made in honor of another Meljen's Designs designer who couldn't hop with us today, too.  Lisa lost her dear doggie-friend on Saturday to cancer.  We are thinking of you, Lisa!  This one uses Pre-colored Teddy Angel....

And this one is for Melissa, in celebration of Meljen's Designs turning TWO today!!  This one uses Pre-colored Birthday Cupcake, it's just perfect for any occasion!  Including a SALE!

That's right, Melissa is having a BOGO SALE during the entire month of APRIL!  Buy one image, get one for FREE!  Melissa wants us to celebrate with anniversary with her, so enjoy the sale (after you finish hopping of course)!! 

So, what do you do now??


She's got something extra special for you today!  Better go check it out and leave her some love to get in on a chance to win there, too!!  Here is a list of the Designers' blogs in alphabetical order...
Nicole (You are here!!)


Sunday, April 1

What have I been up to? --------------------> TWO NEW COMPANIES!!!

So, I have had a lot of readers emailing me and asking me if I am still alive and crafting! LOL!  Well, YES, I am!  I don't get to craft as often as I like, but that was the situation I knew was coming when all of my kids would be in school fulltime, during the day!

And with the onset of fulltime-first grade for my youngest this past fall, I took on a new business in direct sales with Scentsy!  I started my adventure on August 31st and have successfully achieved their goals they put in front of you in your first 70 days!  (Only 2% of consultants can say they have done this, so I am pretty proud of myself!)... anyhoo... if you want to read my story, you can read it on my website.  I haven't updated it in awhile, so just know that my team now consists of 9 or 10 gals now in four different states and my home smells just delicious!!  If you don't know what Scentsy is, basically they are a safe-alternative to candles!  Your home can smell yummy 24/7 and with the safety of NO FLAME!  These wax-warmers work with light bulbs, so there's no fear of fire!  Awesome, right?

You can see the Warmer of the Month and the description of the Scent of the Month HERE at my website!  The warmer is perfect for those Mother's Day gifts and the scent, Cerise, is just light and sweet-smelling, like Cherry Blossoms in France!!  Plus, the best thing is that the specials each month have a 10% off Sale to them!  So take advantage of these beautiful items for your mom today!  (or if you want to really impress your mother-in-law, trust me, THIS WILL do it!

If you are looking for a side-income, then let me hook you up with trying out Scentsy without committing to the $99 joining fee!  Email me to learn how to do that, it's FREE and easy to try it, you will see!!!

WHAT is the 2nd company, you ask???

Well, in February, I joined another BRAND-SPANKING NEW direct sales company, called Jamberry Nails!  I love the opportunity that exists with Jamberry, it's about as ground floor as you can get and the company has doubled from 1K consultants to 2K consultants in the almost 8 weeks I have been a part of it! WOWSERS, right?  What I love about these, is that they are for any type of nail!  Even SHORT AND STUBBY ONES like mine!!!! 

What makes Jamberry awesome is that they are heat-activated, vinyl nail shields that last FOREVER!!  I mean, like 2-3 weeks on your fingers and 4+ weeks on your toes!  You heat them with a hair dryer to apply them with a water-tight and water-resistant seal and then you have to heat them again to remove them!  They are top-notch, quality stuff, let me tell ya!!  Here are some samples....

To see how they apply, go to my blog and watch the video: HERE!  They really are awesome and the hottest trend in fashion!!  Be the first on your block to wear them and the FIRST in your CITY to sell them!  I had sick children for over a week and Spring Break with them home after that and still managed to make a good amount of money, so that should say something to ya!!  Read up on the company's opportunities and exciting latest nails on my blog today!  if you want to try a sample, just email me, they are free!!

If you are interested in selling Jamberry Nails, join my already growing team, be sure to see 'nailapparel' when you join, that's me!!  It's a great company, as is Scentsy!  Both are very moral and ethical and full of lovely ladies that want you to grow!  NO back-stabbing and things of the sort on my team or amongst my fellow teamies of my upline directors!  We are a good bunch!!

Let me know if you want more info on Scentsy or Jamberry Nails!  They are both just fabulous companies and I love being a part of both of them!  I work while the kids are in school and around their baseball practices and games, around doctor appointments and stuff of the sort.  It's awesome to still be a mom and work and make money!  I put my family first and make money in the process, it's wonderful!  Let me know if you want the same!  Nicole xo 812.630.1570 xo

Monday, March 26


Happy MONDAY, Meljen's fans!  I hope the weekend served you well with some peace and relaxation!   

For today's post, I would like to highlight Melissa's collection of Pre-Colored Digital images!!  Not ALL of Melissa's images are available pre-colored, but every month you will see that she's offering more and more!  You can see them at her website HERE, but check out my creations first, of course!! HEEHEE!!

Using Melissa's Loving Ewe, COLORED image, I pulled together this cute little Valentine for my honey!  I just wanted him to know that I do love him!  I couldn't add bling or glitter to this one, since it was for a "MAN", but he probably wouldn't have minded.  He loves my cards!

What is so fabulous about this, is that I pulled this card together in about 30 minutes!  And if you know me, that is probably a world record!  I am pretty crazy when it comes to card-making, a little bit annoyed if it isn't juuuuust right!  But I found a card sketch laying around and immediately knew that it would work for this image.  Some lovey-dovey-papers by My Mind's Eye really set off my Valentine feel, isn't it cute? (If I do say so myself!)

Next, I used Monkey Toes, COLORED image!  Someone in my extended family is having a baby boy, so I thought I would give this to the baby when he is born.  I love the fact that Melissa colors the images in neutral colors that could go with just about any cardstock or patterned papers!!  Even the blue background on this image (and other images) is kind of like a good pair of denim jeans.  And you know that denim can pretty much be put with any color!  So, just like denim, the blue is pretty much a neutral and you don't need to worry about matching your image to the papers for the most part!

Pre-colored digi images cost a TINY tad more in Melissa's store, but believe me, they are WORTH the extra dollar!  Besides the fact that Melissa takes time to color her images WAY better than any other digi company that I have come across (in MY humble, personal opinion there), she is helping me (AND YOU!!) get a card finished when I am pressed for time!  Trust me, I LOOOVE ALL of my 230+ Copic Markers and I LOOOVE my 128 Prisma watercolor-pencils, too!  But really, these images are colored so superbly that I feel confident still when I use them on a card or tag or decorative item and don't have time to personally color my image myself!  It's still handmade, of course, just handmade QUICKER!!

Not only that, but you know how artists tend to get into a funk and can't find their mojo to pull off their best work at times?  Well, pre-colored images really get me into a positive upswing knowing that at least I am beginning with an UBER CUTE image AND second, that it is already colored for me, to keep that positive flow moving forward!!  And as with other images, pre-colored images by Meljen's Designs are finished in such a fine resolution, you can print them out in larger sizes just to frame and hang in your home!  What a quick (and inexpensive!!) way to make a cute piece of home decor for a baby or child's room, or even for your office!  Melissa's images are so cute and fresh, they will keep you happy while you work! 

Here is a review of March's latest Pre-colored digi-images!  Aren't they so cute all colored in?  I just LOVE THEM!!

Be sure to check out ALL of Melissa's images at her Shop HERE and her line of colored images HERE!!  Try one today; you will be glad you did!!  Thanks for stopping by! 

Friday, February 3

Meljen's Designs February RELEASE!!

Here they are!!!!!


The latest and greatest images by Melissa Jenkins!  She's just so talented, it makes my head spin!  We took some time off over the holidays to revamp the blog and how we do things at Meljen's Designs and to spend some time with our families, too!  AND WOW, has that break paid off for Melissa's MOJO!!!  She cranked out some of her cutest images EVAH!

Above, I used a pre-colored image, called Frog Prince, to make a Valentine for my honey!  Hope he doesn't see this!  I think inside I will put "You were never a frog, but a Prince, in my eyes... and the kissing sealed the deal!" HAHA!  Or something cute like that.  He won't care that there are tiny white pearls on the bottom scalloped strip of paper, or that there's even twine tied in a bow... he loves my cards, especially when I sell them at THIS OLDE HOUSE, here in town! LOL!  A girl's gotta make an income, ya know! 

You can see ALL of Melissa's pre-colored digis HERE at her website!  If you are new to stamping, or just new to digis and you don't know how to use those fancy shmancy Copics or Prismacolor watercolor pencils, then this is what you want to get first!  You can see how awesome digital stamps are!  You can make them any size you wish!  As huge as your printer will allow to turn it into a wall-hanging!  OR you can make them Teeny Tiny too, so that you can make cute little gift tags!  AND any size in between!  You can also squish them, rotate them, flip them, anything you know how to do in a photo-editing software system or in Microsoft WORD! That's why I LOVE DIGIS!

Be sure to see ALL of Melissa's digi images at her website HERE, but for those die-hard-RUBBER-ONLY crafters, see her Rubber Stamps HERE at Whimsy Stamps!  She is wanting to make you happy, too!  AND if you have time to play, why not play along with our challenge at the Meljen's Designs BLOG?  This week, it is all about THE LOVE! heehee!  You may just win some free images from Melissa, so why not play along??

Thanks for popping by today!  I hope you mosey over and see Meljen's Designs on Facebook, we know you LIKE us, so why not spend some time with us today??  Have a SUPAH DAY!

Saturday, January 28

Get your craft on!

Meljen's Designs digis are just adorable, and I didn't get a chance to show you the latest images that Melissa came up with this last December!  My life has taken a busy-spin and I am needing to make up for some lost posts!!  I am clearing out the craftroom of unnecessary stuff to make room for the work and craft supplies I use regularly, so I am eager to get those things done so I can return to regular-programming (posting) of my blog! 

The holiday season was overwhelming for me, now that I am a 'workin' girl'!  I tried to do it all, and managed to do that MINUS crafting! UGH! I MISS MY COPICS!  So, hopefully I am gaining ground by de-cluttering my craftroom so that I can at least WALK in it! HAHAA!

SO, here's the latest and greatest from Meljen's Designs!

Melissa has been MIA revamping her business so that it runs smoothly for her and her family.  Life constantly changes us and our routines and how it was working for her, well, it wasn't!  SO, be on the look out for brand-spanking-new images VERY SOON!  BUT until then, enjoy these!  They are from Christmas/Holiday season, but if you get inspired to do a little Christmas every month so you aren't overwhelmed come next fall, go ahead and get you some digis today!

Aren't these nativity images the best?  I love them all!  Here's mine using Baby Jesus Bear!

Find the above images here:
Meljen's Designs Website!

Be sure to join Melissa on facebook at her digi company's page HERE!

And check out our latest HEARTS CHALLENGE HERE! You could be the winner of some free Meljen's digis!  GOOD LUCK!

Thursday, November 24

Happy Thanksgiving & a SALE to Celebrate!

WOOHOO!  A Meljen's Designs SALE! Stock up now while you can! Gift yourself this BLACK Weekend!  {Why is it BLACK Friday?  Shouldn't it be GOLD or RUST, since it is the day after Thanksgiving? LOL!}

Be sure to see today's new release images, too!!!!!!!  There's nothing like getting a good deal, especially on brand-spankin'-new products! Am I right??!  Well, there are PLENTY to choose from today!

My card is using the NEW Baby Jesus Bear, available as of today at Meljen's Designs! Melissa came up with the most fabulous Nativity images ALONG WITH some Christmas 'preparation' images, too!  Pop on over HERE to see them all!

I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving and have some time to shop and enjoy Melissa's images!  They really ARE just adorable!  Don't forget the promocode above!  HUGS!

Monday, November 21

I AM BACK and thankful for so much!

Yes, I am still alive!  I know some of you thought I dropped off the face of the earth, but NO!  I am still here!  I began a new business a couple of months ago and it has just sky-rocketed!  So, I guess you could say I have been a bit busy and crafting had to take a back seat for a bit! I sure do miss crafting more often, but I do love my new business!

But I did find some time today to craft a cute little card that I am going to send to my in-laws tomorrow. We won't be visiting them this year for Thanksgiving, but will be thinking of them!  So, thought I would send this along to let them know!

I used the pre-colored Pumpkin Pie Slice digi by Meljen's Designs and BOY do those pre-colored images save you time when card-making! HEEHEE!  I used some papers by Basic Grey, cardstock, twine and buttons by Stampin' Up! and a stamp from them, as well! They all worked so well together didn't they!?  I hope my in-laws know we wish we could be two places at once, but will enjoy Christmas with them soon!

I am so thankful to have found a career that suits me so well and that I am excited to do every single day!  I am thankful to have a husband that supports my business and loves taking care of the kids when I am out doing my Scentsy thing!  I am thankful that I have terrific friends and family who have supported me in beginning my business, too!  Without them, I wouldn't be walking across stage at convention next year!  I am so thankful to have Melissa Jenkins and Meljen's Designs as a part of my life, too!  Melissa has become such a wonderful, close friend to me, almost like a sister!  And I can't imagine my life without her in it!  Sharing a piece of her life with her through Meljen's Designs has been such a blessing and am so grateful that she has let me go along for the ride with her! Seeing her business flourish over the past two years has been so exciting!! 

But, mostly I must give credit where credit is due.  I am grateful to my Lord, Jesus Christ, for helping me grow into the person I am today.  These past 40 years have NOT been uneventful and without strife.  But because of Him, I am here to enjoy my life with four beautiful children, a supportive husband, and great family and friends!  What else does a girl need? 

I hope your Thanksgiving weekend blesses you with wonderful memories, no matter who you spend it with!  Thank YOU, too, for following along with me on my paper-crafting blog and I hope to post again WAY SOONER than later! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, October 6

Halloween Challenge!

Happy Halloween, er, EARLY!  This week at Meljen's Designs, your challenge is to create something with a Halloween theme!   For my card, I am using a just released image called "Frankenpup"! For as ugly as he is, he sure is cute!   I had fun coloring him in with my Copic markers!  And used these fun papers by Basic Grey to make a scene for him to be in! SO FUN!

Be sure to join me at Meljen's Designs this week!  You could win some freebies for yourself from Melissa OR even be chosen to be in our TOP FIVE favorites!  It's quite an honor!


Thursday, September 1

GRAND OPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Blog Hoppers!!!!  You should have arrived from Melissa's blog, if not you can start at the beginning HERE!

I am more than excited about Melissa having her own store! WOOT-WOOT!  Her rubber stamps are available still at Whimsy Stamps HERE, but from now on, her new releases and images will be in her own store at Meljen'!

Be sure to check out ALL of the beautiful creations by the Meljen's Designs Design team!  The HOP starts at Cheryl's below:

Nicole (you are here!)

Here, my card is using "Topsy Turvy Birthday Cake" that can be found in the Meljen's Designs store!  Papers and sentiment are by Stampin' UP! Flowers by Prima Marketing, Inc.  This SSS123 Sketch is from The Sweet Stop Sketch Blog, Korin has the best sketches!  Join her each week for a fantastic sketch challenge!!

Let's keep hoppin' to Robbie's Blog!  Robbie makes Melissa's images look supreme!  Be sure to leave her some love!  THEN go shopping and take advantage of Melissa's 50% off SALE!!

I hope you ENJOY THE HOP, it runs all week!  So, be sure to follow it all the way through to be eligible for the Prize Drawings next Thursday at the Main Blog HERE!

and Congratulations, Melissa! 


So HAPPY for you!

Thursday, August 25

Blast from the Past!

This week at Meljen's Designs, we are showcasing some older images of Melissa's!  This week's challenge is easy peasy!  Just post your first card that you created using an image by Meljen's Designs!  If you haven't made one, then go find a freebie HERE and make one this week!

Here are some of my all-time favorite cards from the beginning of Meljen's Designs!

Hope you join us at Meljen's this week!

Thursday, July 28


I thought I would get you with that blog post title!  Bwah-Hahahahhaha!!!  This week's challenge at Meljen's Designs is to FRAME something, or to use a Frame in your challenge entry creation!  This week's release is just adorable, I am a crafty/sewing/crocheting kind of gal, so I loved this week's release! 

Above: Inside
Sentiment by Stampin' UP!

See this week's challenge HERE and be sure to play along!  You could just win some free images and get in our TOP FIVE FAVES if you use one of Melissa's images in your entry!


Saturday, July 23


Happy Saturday!  How's everyone doing?  I have finally recovered from my New York vacation which apparently helped me find my crafty mojo! YAY!  Here's the LINK to Meljen's Designs latest challenge!  Use three brads, a circle and a bow and you can enter to win some free images!

Here's my creation using the Marching Ant Frame!  So fun!  Papers and ribbon by Stampin' UP! Image colored with Copic markers and the sentiment was stamped using SUP Peach Parfait classic ink. 

Be sure to pop on over to Meljen's to play in the challenge!

Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, July 18

Back from New York city with a release and a new challenge!

HOWDY!  Here are the images from the latest Meljen's Designs release!  Aren't they fun?  Melissa IS da'Bomb, ya know!  Be sure to check us out MORE on Paper Craft Planet and at Facebook!

Find these and MORE at Melissa's corner of Whimsy Stamps !

Check our the latest Challenge at Meljen's Designs, too!  You may just win three free IMAGES from Melissa or get in our TOP FIVE FAVES!  Just use some Buttons and Bows!

Since I was on vacation in New York last week, I thought I would share the creations from the Meljen's Designs Design Team, they are FABULOUS!
Using "Birthday Bee"

Using "Sympathy Flowers"

Using "Window Kitty"

Using "Birthday Bee"

Using "Birthday Bee"

Using "Birthday Bee"

Using "Window Kitty"

Tuesday, June 28


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Saturday, June 4

Gotta Have Bling! Special #4

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Friday, June 3

Gotta Have Bling Special #3

Back to Business Bash!
Special #3

Back again??  YEP, it's me!  With another awesome STEAL!  For the next three days, this awesome Black and White Swirls bracelet (made of Sterling Silver, Swarovski crystals and Handmade glass beads) is just $48.00!  I got a special price on the lampwork beads and there's minimal sterling and Swarovski crystals, so it keeps the price VERY LOW!  Grab it while you can because I will not replicate this one, so once it is GONE it is GONE!  You won't find another one cheaper than this one either at Gotta Have Bling, that's almsot pocket change! HAHA!  Well, maybe not exactly pocket change, but it is by far the least expensive I have shared ever!

This one ranges in size from 7 1/2" to 8" but can be adjusted during the paypal process.  Just indicate in the drop down boxes!  Please email me prior to purchase if desired or comment on this post any questions and I will reply as soon as I can! 

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Gotta Have Bling Special #2

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Similar to the BLOG CANDY I am giving away, here's a gorgeous KeyBling featuring some soft sea-spray blue and ice-white glass beads!  CHUNKY Sterling Silver beads, gorgeous azore Swarovski crystals and some swirls and dots, too!  Lampwork beads by Krissy Beads.  This one is so sweet and perfect for a galpal or mother-in-law that you admire!  In case you haven't heard.... the reason why I love to give KeyBlings as gifts is because every time the recipient uses their keys, they think of the gift-giver! 

I just gave two of my children's teachers KeyBlings for thank you gifts at the end of the school year and they both just loved them!  They sparkle when they dangle in the ignition and when dripping out of their purse-pockets and they are fun to play with and admire when standing in line at the post office!  PLUS you don't need to worry about special sizing, like a bracelet!  I LOVE ME A GIFTY-KEYBLING! haha! 

(OH, in case you are wondering, YES, these are durable! I have dropped my keybling on marble floors at the dentist office, paved parking lots and even my cement driveway and not ONE of my beads chipped!  So, you can feel safe knowing you are purchasing a keybling that will last quite a while!)

Special #2
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