Monday, January 12

New Hobby Room Detailed Storage Ideas

Here's the DETAILED info on the PAPER SIDE of the new Craft Room!

See here how I used the Velcro with sticky on the back side to attach curtains to cover all those messy looking stamp sets??? I love this! Covering the stamp sets keeps the room looking more clean and slick, which keeps my mind ALSO uncluttered and more inspired to work! When I know I will be busy using my stamp sets in and out a lot, I just pull back the satin curtains in little loops on the Velcro strip!

This is my PUNCH storage! My drawers were starting to really get HEAVY with all of those punches, and unless you have current cabinets with actual drawer glide-hardware (which I do not!), the weight of the punches can really tear up your drawer box! SO, about a year or so ago I saw on someone's blog (can't remember whose, sorry!) punch storage with the use of a simple towel rod! This towel rod is the cheap-o 24" rod at WalMart in the hardware section (NOT the curtain section!). I love these! Plus there is even just enough room to add one more at the bottom, hee hee!

These wonderful SEE-THROUGH desk-top containers are by Southern Living at Home (which I can sell to ya if you want some!). Then again, they may be discontinued, I would have to check... ANYHOO... I love these because I can see through all of the items inside to find what I want. It only takes a glance to find what it is I am looking for! I have my adhesives, scissors, ruler, sanding block, adhesive remover, pens, pencils, etc in these. You know the regular stuff you use all the time.

AND, of course I have to thank my hubby! I was going to hardware all 24 drawers of the two dressers and my 8 desk drawers but he did it for me! What a sweetie! Kiss, Kiss, Honey!

Let me know what you think of my updated room!


Amy S said...

looks great-im jealous ha TFS

StamperSharon said...

Oh, the remake is fabulous, Nicole!! LOVE that Prima storage -- woweee (I thought I was bad)!! Love all your "curtains" to hide the shelving -- great idea! What a pleasure this new room must be to work in!

My lifes inky escape and more said...

So so are so lucky!