~ About the Artist

I am a mid-west living mom of four kids: Josh (22), Eli (10), KayLee (9) and Isaac (6) and 223 Copic markers!  I am a remarried gal, this time to Honey (aka Scott) who is a (most of the time) wonderful guy who supports my passion for paper (most of the time)! 

My love for art stems back as far as I can remember!  From beginning with pom-pom animals, shifting to macrame, then to coastermaking with Nonny (my grandmother) and some needlepoint... didn't stop there, NO!!  Crossstitch, crochet, beading and now paper!  I love it all!  If I don't craft, I may kill people, so stay out of my way when I am spending time with my Copics, cardstock and some blingy rhinestones or else you may just regret it! LOL!!

I am also a fulltime Scentsy Star Consultant! I LOVE Scentsy and how it has blessed my life and my family's life, too!  You can learn more about this on my other 'REAL JOB' page!  I am always excited to add new members to my team and would love to have you join me if you are looking for a FANTASTIC, FUN, EASY PEASY way to make an income!  Scentsy is a ground-floor opportunity, adding two new SISTER-companies in 2012!  (GASP!  THAT IS HUGE, if you don't know what that means!)  If you want to learn more, please contact me ASAP!  You will be so happy you did!  I have recruits in Mississippi, Colorado, Tennessee and of course Indiana!  And since I don't update this page often enough, I may even already be in more states!  So, please know that the opportunity doesn't stop at my state's borders and I can make you a success too!  Call me soon! 812.630.1570