Thursday, July 31

86th and Final for July!

I cannot believe that I posted so many blog entries this month, that is just crazy! What is even crazier is that I have to go to the doctor tomorrow to see if I have carpal tunnel in my right wrist... Do you think that has anything to do with the other, or is it just a coincidence! HA!

I have made a pact with myself to work my tail-end off so that I have tons more to show you in August. This should be easy since all four kids will be in school, at least four days a week for three hours each day when Isaac hits preschool in mid-August. WOO HOO! He needs to be fully potty trained, though... we are working on it and he is slowly coming around. I think he just wants to ride the bus home from school with Eli and KayLee, that is the only incentive I guess.

Ok, so my evening didn't go as well as planned. I decided to try something different with the blog (hence the switcheroo on the top) and it got all screwed up. AND of course I can't put it back the way it was because blogger switched out the options I had before. SO, this is what I ended up with after 157,865 attempts to get it right. Yeah, that's what I mean.... didn't get very far, did I? Took forever to try to fix it right and now I gave up. Maybe if I drink some wine over the weekend I will get brave enough to try to fix it again. Wine? Who am I kidding? This calls for some hard stuff! HA HA HA! Just kiddin'!

Have a SUPER morning and I will give ya the results tomorrow after I return from the doctor. It is nearly the weekend, are you as happy as I am??


Tomorrow's Friday?? Wow, that went fast!

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. I am still recovering from last week's hiatus in Chicago. It is amazing what four days from home will do to the inbox! Oh, yes, I could have had access to the internet at my hotel... for a mere .35 a MINUTE!!!!!!! YIKERRRRS!

Uh, no thanks....

So, besides returning emails, getting orders whipped up and ordering yet more sterling for the stash, I have been working on my cards for the SheetLoad of Cards mini-issue debut of August 15th. I came up with some pretty cute cards with my sketch, IMHO (in my humble opinion). I seem to have a time-consuming problem of staging and taking pictures of them. This is probably because when I am done creating the card, the creative-side of my brain shuts off and thinks I am 'done' with it. SO, then I can't seem to get the cards propped nicely to show the cards well in the pictures. UGH!

I STILL haven't had time to make my zucchini bread either... Nor have I totally unpacked my suitcase... The kitchen needs mopping... Crap, I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow! I am seeing a pattern.... You?

Ok, so if I get off the computer now, I will get more done, right? I am nearly burnt out, so I will just do something small off the list, take a nice long shower, put on my smushy socks, hop into some comfy p.j.'s and grab a magazine to read in bed for awhile. Or maybe I will just go to bed now... fully clothed, no shower, takes less energy to do it that way, huh? NAH, just joking!

Enjoy the rest of the night and I will see ya'll in the morn!

Ah, Nature

I thought nothing could bring down my spirits this morning! I got on the scale and am back down to where I was a month ago (lost 6lbs) - that Chicago Pizza...

THEN, I looked outside to the garden, my daily ritual since we have deer that live in the woods behind our house... Look at what last night's storm did to it....

One corn-stalk, maybe two survived the second batch of corn we planted. The first three rows survived, their stalks were strong enough for the wind. The second three rows, not so lucky.
We were letting some lettuce go to seed, the storm uprooted those - see corn top left laying on the zucchs.

And the most disheartening picture... three rows of corn, just tasseling, wasted. If you look up top you can just see the corn has taken off a chunk of the zucchini plant, from which I got yet another four since yesterday morning! I guess I am going to have to move the corn since it is laying all over the cantaloupe and could kill that if I don't.

Tons to do, so I better go! Have a great day!

Wednesday, July 30

And the July Freebie BookBling goes to....

(unedited pictures for your review!)

KayLee stirring well....
Picking ONE paper....
She's happy here, picked the winner....
Now looks confused because I had to tell her four times to turn the paper around....
Let me know your favorite colors and I will string ya up a custom BookBling!

Thank you to everyone who voted and still votes for me each day! If you have a suggestion or preference for the August Freebie, comment on this post or email me! THANKSSSSSSS!

Sneaky Peak at drawing....

All 590+ entries laid out for you to see... then Josh separating each one for me and mixing well....

Time's UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I tallied up the entries... There are 591! You guys must really want this BookBling!
Now I have to go print them out, cut them and do the drawing!
Be back in a bit!

Tuesday, July 29


I just noticed that I have had over 200 hits in the past 24 hours! That is just crazy, isn't it?

Reminder: This is your last chance to vote and get your last entry for the BookBling at the top of the blog; the drawing is tomorrow around noon-time! (see instructions how to vote at top) OH, and if you didn't read below, you may not know that you actually get to PICK your own favortie colors if you win the BookBling, since I gave this one to my mom a couple of weeks ago!

Thanks so much for everyone's voting support and keeping me on page one! Be sure to email me ( when you vote so I know to give you an entry! I can't tell who votes everyday, so you need to email me just a quickie note with my Ranking (#1, #2, whatever) in the subject line.

Keep your fingers, toes AND eyes crossed so you win!
Have a great night!


Remember when I posted THIS on Sunday? I had stripped the garden clean of cucumbers and zucchinis! I honestly think the zucchs were only 3" long Sunday night! WOW!! JUST 36 hours later and I have all of this to eat! Seriously! These cucumbers are over 7" long and the zucchs are a tad bit bigger, perfect for sauteeing and frying! These still had the blossoms attached at the ends! Now THAT is fresh!

AND what is UP with that carrot?? HA HA HA! My hubby said it was his hexapus carrot! I just had to share my garden-creations with ya! Ok then, back to the orders and return-emails! If you hadn't heard from me yet, I am working on it! THANKS!


Monday, July 28

Two Days LEFT!

JUST TWO DAYS left to make that vote count! Be sure to email me when you vote by clicking on the striped tent in the left column! July's drawing is on Wednesday at noon!
I actually gave my mom this BookBling at top, so whoever wins gets to pick their favorite colors to be designed into a fabulous one-of-a-kind BookBling!

Thanks so much for your voting support!

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Upon searching for a customer who wants to have something made for her daughter's anniversary, I thought I would put together a chart of the traditional AND modern Anniversary gifts that are appropriate for each year.

Year ~ Traditional ~ Modern ~ Flower

1st ~ PaperClock ~ Orange ~ Blossom

2nd ~ Cotton ~ China ~ Daisy

3rd ~ Leather ~ Glass/Crystal ~ Carnation

4th ~ Fruit/Flowers ~ Appliance ~ Violet

5th ~ Woodenware ~ Silverware ~ Pansies

6th ~ Candy/Iron ~ Woodenware ~ Tulip

7th ~ Wool/Copper ~ Desk Set ~ Camellia

8th ~ Bronze/Pottery ~ Linen/Lace ~ Cat's Tail

9th ~ Pottery/Willow ~ Leather Item ~ Hollyhock

10th ~ Tin/Aluminum ~ Diamond Jewelry ~Sweet Pea

11th ~ Steel ~ Fashion Jewelry ~ Lilac

12th ~ Silk/Linens ~ Pearls ~ Lily

13th ~ Lace ~ Textiles/Furs ~ Hydrangea

14th ~ Ivory ~ Gold Jewelry ~ Daffodil

15th ~ Crystal ~ Watch ~ Calla Lily

20th ~ China ~ Platinum ~ Iris

25th ~ Silver ~ Silver ~ Yellow Rose

30th ~ Pearls ~ Diamond Jewelry ~ Poppy

35th ~Coral ~ Jade ~ Peony

40th ~ Ruby ~ Ruby ~ Mum

50th ~ Gold ~ Gold ~ Red Rose

55th ~ Emeralds ~ Emeralds ~ Jasmine

60th ~ Diamonds ~ Diamonds ~ White Rose

All I know is that if Scott had given me a desk set while in Chicago for our anniversary I would probably have hit him over the head with it! HA HA! NO, I am kidding! I think the modern version of that should be a Laptop, though, don't you think? Well, at least he didn't give me a wool scarf! AND, he better not give me a bouquet of Cat-tails next year either! HA HA HA!!!!!!!!

Back later!

Manic Monday

Good Morning, Friends!

I have been up and at it for over an hour now trying to get ready for the day. SO much to do, so little time! I have to get caught up on my blog-roll and see what everyone has been up to since this past Wednesday when I left for my trip. I am really surprised I didn't go through blogging-withdrawal while in Chicago. I guess I needed the break. AND so did my wrist. I am getting carpal tunnel from the typing I think. I picked up a wrist brace at CVS before I left and wore it that day and during the night the next few nights and can now bend my wrist pain-free where I couldn't before. SO, I am guessing that my doctor will tell me on Friday when I go in for my consult that I should just keep doing this as it is helping fix my flexibility and pain-tolerance.

I have made my list of things "To Do" and, boy, is it long! SO, I am going to keep the blogging updates to a minimum without totally dropping off of the face of the earth until my list gets under control.

Please don't forget to check in on SHEETLOAD of CARDS on the 1st of August to see the new sketch-release with wonderful samples! {My debut is in mid-August on the 15th, but I will remind you of that later.} I am wrapping up all of my card samples today for Alicia's approval and then will head to the beading-side of the room to get started on the orders that I received over my Chicago-absence! If you need me, please post a comment here or email (at ) and I will personally return your email ASAP!

And I will try to make a 'Pop-In' post later!

Sunday, July 27

Sunday Evening UPDATE 2!

Thanks to my girlie, Kelly, not only did my garden NOT DIE, but it EXPLODED while I was vacationing in Chicago for the past four days! BEFORE I left, I stripped the garden of any edible produce, especially zucchinis and cucumbers.... Well, look below! I had left a few 3-4" zucchinis and they grew to well over 12" long! So, they may not be that great for steaming, but I think all shredded up, they will be perfect for zucchini cakes and bread! If you have a SUPAH recipe I should try, please let me know!

OH, and this picture doesn't include what Kelly took home either! Kelly was watering the garden as we pulled up the driveway! So, I threw some cucumbers and a few heads of lettuce at her to take home. We seriously can't keep up with the garden! The watermelon and cantaloupe are just a tad shy of being ready for picking, but when they are, Kelly will have a couple of those too for her wonderful help of keeping the garden growing!

Sunday Evening UPDATE!

HELLOOO!!!!!!! Here's your Sunday Evening, uh, Night Update, by your news reporter, Nicole Anderson! Ha Ha! Many of you may not have known but I have been MIA! I scheduled Blogger to post for me while I was vacationing!!! YES! ME! I was vacationing with my hubby, A L O N E ! ! ! ! YEP! NO KIDS! ScottyPooPoo surprised me with a late Anniversary (7-4) vacation to CHICAGO! He arranged for his parents to take care of the kids (with my oldest, Josh's help) so we could spend some much needed time together.

I had NO idea whatsoever what Chicago had in store for us! AH, the museums, the architecture, the cruises, the views, the pizza! WOWSERS!!!! We have returned just this evening from a four day adventure in the Windy City and it was wonderful! We took a sunset cruise after going to the Art Insitute of Chicago (fourth pic) where I was totally artistically revitalized after seeing all of the fabulous artwork by Monet, Matisse, Degas, Velasquez, Picasso and more! I cried, yep, seriously! I DID! The artwork is just so incredibly inspiring to me; to see the creativity and talent in these artists makes me just want to keep creating and experimenting with all forms of art. I think I might just have to pick up a paintbrush again soon!

We stayed at a wonderful 5-star hotel right on Lake Michigan just a hop, skip and a jump from the Navy Pier. He really spoiled me, that Scott! We are planning to go back again, but for a longer period of time. We didn't have enough time to see everything we wanted to see, like a Cubbies game, the zoo. If I could afford to drive there every weekend, I would! There is so much to do and see. If I had known that Chicago had all of these wonderful museums and exhibitions, we would have paid them a visit about 6 1/2 years ago! Well, at least I know now, right?! Here's a few pics for ya!

Here's me taking a picture of us, love-birds, during one of the cruises.
This is our plush hotel bed, piled with a down comforter. The opposite side of the room had a desk, minibar, and entertainment center.
Did I do good or what? Is this not the best picture ever of a sunset drenching a boat on Lake Michigan?? The composition is fab!
This oil painting amazed me! The infinite detail in the veining of the leaves, the fuzz on the peaches, the little insects climbing around each fruit; just incredible!
AH, YES, a sailboat coming into the harbor to enjoy the evening's fireworks at the Marina! Can you see all of the people on that boat? Probably well over 50!

I hope you are all ready to see some exciting new creations! I am totally inspired and ready to get moving on some new viciously cool items! OH, and if you are one of the 67 who emailed, I will be returning emails beginning tomorrow, to those who placed their orders FIRST! I am glad everyone enjoyed the update on the artisan items that I can create 'custom-just-for-you'! And I am SUPAH HONORED that some of you asked me to create something OOAK (one-of-a-kind) for you!

THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 26


AHHHHHHHH, another oldie BUT GOODIE!!!

A BookBling! Yes, custom bookmarks made to your specifications of color and style! See how nicely this one "MATCHES" the book? Seriously, this one IS mine, and I didn't make it to match this book, but what a happy coincidence, huh? Ha Ha!

Ranging from $22 to $36, this is THEEEE Perfect gift for that book~lover in your life! The marker/stick itself can be sterling (at the more expensive side of the price range), but a TRUE and AVID reader will appreciate it! Email me to request to see a jpeg of my current focal beads for you to choose from! I can ship just about anywhere at ANYTIME!

Make it a SUPER DAY!

Friday, July 25


For those newbie readers I have of late...

Here is an update on my earring line! Do you ever have an outfit or dress that you just can't match jewelry to? AND sometimes you just need a splash of color? Not just gold or silver or diamonds? Well, these Ear dangles are the way to go! You take ONEEEEEEEEEEEEEE pair of hoops and slide off and on the dangles to match your outfit! This keeps your costs down (like reallyyyyy low... some are just $3.00 a pair!) and keeps your BLING FACTOR skyrocketing! HA HA!

These are so very cool, in my humble opinion! I LOVE these dangles! ALL constructed of Swarovski crystals, Swarovski pearls, sterling silver and lampworked beads! Only the best materials are incorporated into my jewelry line!

If you are wearing pink and brown, then slip those on for the day... YES, you can add MORE than one set to each hoop! I usually wear just one or THREE, as in the design world, odd-numbers of things look better than even-numbered things when clustered together. Follow?

SO... CLICK HERE and HERE to see past posts of these earring sets to learn more! If ya want a collection of your own, just email me your color choices and price range and I will let you know what I can do for you! Thanks for taking a peek at me today!

Have a GREAT Evening!

Custom KeyBling!

HI! I thought I would post an oldie, but goodie, A KEYBLING! Yes, please remember that I do make these sterling silver, Swarovski crystal and lampwork KeyBlings for you according to your wishes and demands!!!! Tell me your choice of colors and I will zap ya a jpeg of my current lampwork stash in those colors and YOU CHOOSE which ones you want to use in your custom-made KeyBling! {OR, I can simply choose for you, too!}

Prices range from $15.00 to $55.00 depending on your desire for the keyring itself to be sterling or not AND how much sterling or lampwork beads you request to be incorporated into the design. Email me and I will personally work with you to come up with something nothing less than SPECTACULAR! How's that!?


Thursday, July 24


AH, Swarovski!

Did you know that Swarovski makes the Best Crystals you can purchase? SO, that is the reason why I use ONLY Swarovski! NOT lesser quality Czech beads or Czech crystals! Swarovski crystals are colored glass crystals. Czech beads are clear crystals with a colored coating inside around the stringing hole, which can wear off. Czech beads also don't have that depth and sparkle like Swarovski crystals do.

Here is a wonderful little rainbow bracelet made entirely of sterling silver and Swarovski! I have made this type of bracelet for babies, young adults and adults, too! Price varies according to length, beginning at JUST $15.00! I have also made this variety style in just purples and another in grays (clear, silvery grays to black). I have nearly every color of crystal that Swarovski makes, (like 12 different purples, over 15 different blues, etc), so if you have a favorite color, and seem to wear it a lot, a simple blingy bracelet is sure to be the perfect accessory to your wardrobe!

You may also wish to incorporate a little dangle/charm at the clasp, too. I have one supplier that has EVERY charm imaginable! Like, how about Scissors for the crafter? An artist's pallet for the painter? A microphone for the singer? Ok, maybe not the microphone, but a musical note would be perfect! Coffee bean for the cappuccino connoisseur? Or a simple word, like Mom, Sister, Love, Hope, Brat? . . . . Adding a charm can be a very custom, yet, inexpensive touch to this style of bracelet!

Let me know if you want me to string one up for ya!



Again, for all of my NEWBIES that have just found my blog... Introducing ScissorBling! A simple AND very inexpensive BUT STYLISH way to I.D. your scissors!

I seriously hate going to scrappin' events where we all have the same scissors (usually those rubber ones by Stampin' UP!) and we borrow, or move them, and they get mixed up with someone else's older, duller pair!!!!!! YOU KNOW IT HAPPENS!

Here's a quick pic of two styles of ScissorBlings; Lanyard and Lobster Claw Clasp. Price depends upon the bead type. A honkin' Swarovski crystal is $5.00, a solid small lampwork bead is $7.00 and a larger and more decorated bead is $9.00. You can purchase ScissorBlings separately or in sets where they all match, it is up to you. Email me to request a color of crystal or to see a jpeg of my current lampwork stash that can be made into ScissorBlings! Email is in my profile AND at the top of my blog!

Come back tomorrow for another UPDATE on my offerings!!!

Wednesday, July 23

Personal UPDATE

HI ALL! YES, I have been MIA a lot this week!


I will fill ya in on Sunday Evening the reason why! (SNICKER SNICKER!) Those of you who know already ~ HUSH!

Until then, keep checking back for quickie posts! I have a lot of 'refresher' posts for you coming up, since I have had SO MANY new viewers and customers from Hawaii to California to the Atlantic northeast states this week and last week! I thought it would be helpful to my newbies to see all of my jewelry offerings, as well as GIFT offerings, too!

Please feel free to contact me if you need to by emailing me or commenting on any post! Just be sure that your profile lets me find your email when I search for you, OKIE DOKIE??


Tuesday, July 22


This was made by Lizzie Palmer. She's 15.

I would be doing a disservice to this country by viewing it and not passing it along for you to see for yourself.

PLEASE take the time to watch this video. THANKS!

Monday, July 21


WOWSERS!!!!!!!!! SheetLoad of Cards is offering yet ANOTHER chance to win some Blog Candy! Actually, not just ONE or TWO , but THREE chances to win!!!!!! IF you followed SheetLoad's July Sketch or July 15th's MINISKETCH, link up a picture of your card to their site and you will be entered to win!!!!!!!!

WOW! I wish I could play, but I can't since I kinda design for them... well, not yet, that is coming up on August 15th when I get to debut my own Mini-Issue!

Well, be sure to NOT miss out on these FOUR opportunities to win! See previous post for another way to win! The more you play the more it could pay!

Have a super afternoon and evening!


SheetLoad of Cards has some BLOGCANDY! It is even CHRISTMASSY!! Spread the word about SheetLoad on your blog telling everyone why you love them, leave a comment on their post and you are entered to win! It is THAT easy!

I love SheetLoad because of the great sketches and tips on how to stretch your supplies to the limit!

Thanks to Fiskars for the Fabulous Blog Candy Donation!


IF I am MIA for the next day or so, don't fret! I should return soon! I am having to focus on something else right now. BUT, I shall return with even MORE new and exciting creations for you, INCLUDING CARDS! Yeah, I know, kinda hard to believe, but it will happen! HA HA!

Have a Mah-valeous Monday, My Dears!!

Sunday, July 20

Visual DNA Test

My mom sent me an email with THIS LINK. It is pretty cool. You just read the description at top and pick a picture that reflects you. At the end it give you a summary about yourself.

MINE was pretty accurate! Take it for yourself and see if you agreed with their profile of YOU!

Thanks, MOM!


Hi Linda, I got your 2nd post. In order to use my email by copying, cutting and pasting, you need to take out the spaces in the email addy. I apologize that you aren't linking easily!

Also, you can see July 16th's post HERE, and view my update on the online store that I have under construction. No, I do not have a "Gallery" in which to view my artisan jewelry/gift items. (That is the next project though. I would like to post ALL of my past and current creations just to show what I have created since I began!) In the past, I have just usually posted items on this blog and everyone has emailed me to purchase via paypal or check, etc. Or I sell my wares at craft shows locally here in Southern Indiana

I hope you check back and try emailing again, I have never had a problem hooking up anyone before, so I bet you just didn't see the spaces in the email address. Try copying the one above in this post this time. I REALLY HOPE IT WORKS!

Thanks again for trying to hook up with me!

Saturday, July 19

CALLING DEBBYG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's a SHOUTOUT to DebbyG who left a comment on another post on HOW to subscribe to my updates. WELL, I use two ways to get updates from my other bloggers. However, I am not a blogger-guru, so you might ask around for other ways, too. BUT, these are the two ways I know of...

FIRST: I use a blog-roll in my left hand column. Of course this requires you to have your own blog. Go to the layout tab and you will see the icon to "add blogroll". Everytime one of these bloggers in my 'blogroll' posts something new, it updates how long ago it was posted (even down to one minute ago). So, all I need to do is check my blog roll every day and I will see if they updated that day.

SECOND: At the end of my blog posts (scroll WAY down)... to the left of "OLDER POSTS" you will see the button to "Subscribe to Posts (Atom)". click on it, and then on the next new page click on the "subscribe" button. This SHOULD put me into your "FEEDS" that is also in the same place as your 'favorites' and 'history'. At least that is where it is on my internet explorer. Then you just have to go to your Feeds, see the Anderson Arts on there, click on it, (you might need to refresh now and then, because I do) and the newest posts should be posted in front of you.

I hope that helps you, DebbyG! And anyone else, too! IF YOU have another way to get updates on new posts, please post it on YOUR BLOG and then link us all up by posting a comment on this post along with your blog addy so we can check it out. THANKS for your interest, DebbyG!


This post is for Linda who left a comment this morning inquiring about my jewelry pieces... I do not have access to your blogger profile so I can't email you back! AHHHH! Ha Ha!

I hope you see this and email me so I can email you by return... anderson(dot)arts(at)insightbb(dot)com. Nicole

Thanks for the comment & compliment!

Friday, July 18

Southwestern UPDATE

Southwestern Beads are on RESERVE for Ms. F in ??, I don't know where she's from YET! HA HA! She found me through Marianne's blog! Thanks, Marianne! I may just have to send over a ScissorBling to say THANKS!


Leslie Fiest and her 1 2 3 4 VIDEOS!

I found this on another friend's blog.... Very catchy, I am singing it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And here's her Original Video with Song: I love the video artistically... FUN!

Simple with Style and FAST!

I always complain that it takes me too long to make a card to then SELL for profit. If I sold my cards for the amount to time it takes to make them somedays, they would be like $12.00!

Amy Rysavy has put together this beautiful card! I THINK I can do this! I am afraid of black, but this one is striking! Check out her blog, she has some great cards!


Thursday, July 17

So Flattered!

"THE" Marianne Walker, Product Specialist for Copic Markers has honored me with this award!!!!!!!!!! WOW, seriously flattered here!!! Her blog is: I like Markers, and has the best tips and techniques for established and inexperienced Copic-Colorists, like myself. Check out her blog, it will make you want to invest in those babies ASAP!

I LOVEEEEE Marianne's work, she is such a talented artist! She can sketch, draw, color, just about anything artistic! {AND she told me she used to play with a little glass now and then, too!} She is one of those naturals, you know??

Anyhoo, it is so nice to "feel the love" from such a talented individual as Marianne! I really hope to meet her someday soon!

So, I need to share the love with some of my favorites! So, here goes...

1. Tiffany - one of my friends and favorite SUP! downline... Ok, she's my only direct downline...
But she has one great blog of paper crafty ideas! Great Scrapbook pages, cards AND altered art.

2. Kelly - one of my favorite friends... (Tiffany's downline, too)...
She has a great blog, too. She takes some of the best pictures and knows how to incorporate them in a page that will knock your socks off!

3. JenMarie - I just love her AND her artwork!!!
I met her through another site (the next one) and put her in my faves right away. She is just a sweetie and soooooooo talented, too!

4. Allison - Allison's site is awesome! Full of ideas and challenges!
She posted my blog on her blog just one time and I found so many new customers (YO CINDEEE!) AND FRIENDS, like JenMarie! She updates on newbie bloggers and SCS artists daily.

5. Cambria Turnbow - Cami is the absolute best!
I love her blog and SHE is how I found Marianne's I like Markers blog! Cami is an established Copic-Colorist and makes the most beautiful cards!

6. SheetLoad of Cards - Allison is the rockin' crafter AND "CEO" of this one!
I am also a newbie sketch artist on this one, too, but haven't debuted yet. I love SheetLoad because it gives you a sketch and helps you stretch your supplies! You can make more and waste less all at once!

7. Mary Jo Albright - Mary Jo (whom I have never spoken to before) ROCKS art!
She is a winner of SUP! artisan award this year and I have always admired her from afar. Of course her work can be seen just about anywhere, so she's easy to admire! She has the same philosophy as me.... create to stay sane! Check out her site, she is MORE than talented!


Put on your SUNGLASSES and say HELLO to the final set of new lampwork! Lemon-lime colored glass on an almost royal-blue turquoise base shocks the eyes! These almost give me a happy-headache! HA HA! Being a smaller set of just five lampwork beads, this bracelet will have a lower price tag around $55.00 or less! Email me to request a first-dibs showing of this bracelet to make it yours before anyone else!

Check back tomorrow for another Card-Review!


Transparent lime beads with dots and sparkly swirls of light beige make these beads shine! Great for summer and perfect coordination with those hot neon greens that are so popular on the clothes racks right now!

If I can't get to this set right away, I will probably set it aside for next spring/summer's artisan line. It's not like lampwork ever goes out of style! Lampwork has been around for hundreds of years; all in different shapes and styles, depending on the lampwork artist making them. But, really, these beads are FOREVER. They are glass! Not plastic that will split, not cheapy metal that will dent and bend.

Albeit, diamonds are unbreakable, but these lampwork beads are made soooooooo strong! Just a few days ago, I dropped my KeyBling (keychain, for those newbie readers) in the parking lot at a grocery store. And, prior to this, I have dropped my lampwork on ceramic tile, the drive way, wood floors and more. NOT ONE lampwork bead has broken yet (KNOCK ON WOOD!)! I know of some lampwork artists that put their lampwork in their garden so that when they are tilling or just digging around in the dirt they get surprised with a bead every now and then. Isn't that fun (although still weird?)?

I am headed to the beading table yet again! Back later!

Last set of lampwork TONIGHT!
Check Back!


Slap me SILLY! Aren't these beads just SHOCKING??? Totally fabulous colors of peach with an almost coral-tone along with gold on a lavender/burgundy base make these beads get noticed! I can't wait to show off this set SOON in the online store!

If you are wondering, these prior and future bead sets ARE lampworked beads. There are a lot of designers out there that use glass beads and claim that they are handmade-lampworked beads, but really what they are selling are pressed glass beads made by machines! The prices I list on my artisan jewelry pieces are far more than reasonable. I enjoy beading and adore working with lampworked beads; however, in order to do that and keep things flowing in and out of the house I price my items as low as I can without going "under" financially.

For instance, this bead set averages $5.00 a bead. Glass-pressed beads, made by machine are anywhere between .10 to .50! YES, CENTS! But don't be fooled. There are a lot of designers that still charge outrageous amounts for their cheap beads! I have recently come across designers charging upwards and OVER five times the amount of their cost! Holy Crapola! I do understand that you need to upcharge a bit, so that you make a little money for your time, etc., but OVER 5 TIMES? If I did that, these beads (in a bracelet) would end up costing near $225.00 after adding for the sterling findings and Swarovski crystals!!!

And while I know of many online sites that DO charge these amounts for bracelets, which incorporate lampwork, I just can't do it. Almost seems like raping customer's pocket-books! I would rather keep the inventory moving so that I can keep designing and playing with my beads... so I price on the low end.

I welcome anyone to compare my jewelry line's quality to any other designer around. I know you will be able to see the difference not only in my workmanship but ALSO in my artisan-style and design-composition!

Back in a bit with another set!


I love these beads in lavender purple and two colors of turquoise. IF you can't tell from the picture, the second bead has an opaque swirl in aqua and the fourth and sixth beads have dots using the same opaque aqua glass. The lavender is soft and makes these beads look delicate as well as it helps POP the bead's shades of blue!

If you are more inclined to wear cool colors, these beads will be perfect on your wrist when incorporated into a bracelet design. Let me know if you would like to see these right away!

Use the back button to check in on
another lampwork set in a bit!

Cute Image with COPICS!

Debbie Olson is so very talented! I had to post this card because I LOVE this image! Don't you just love the lips??? HA HA!

Debbie is a design team member for Copic, and her marker-coloring is superb! If you practice enough, those markers can do amazing things! Look at this!

I think I better go practice!

Wednesday, July 16


Cream beads with raku swirled glass in an etched style gives these beads a velvet-y finish! I am usually not too fond of etched beads since I love the sparkle and shine of glass. But these are some seriously gorgeous beads! Perfect for fall-attire, which is JUST around the corner!

I plan to smother these beads with strong Bali beads and Swarovski crystals in an assortment of brown, gray and black colors... Aren't these just DEEE-LISH? Makes me just want to pop'em in my mouth!

Have a GREAT NIGHT and check back tomorrow for the 4 remaining sets!


OK, so having three emails just today requesting the online store, I feel I should post an update. I have had the online store ready for over a week, MINUS pictures and descriptions. Policies for shipping, returns, custom orders, FAQ and stuff like that are ready to go.

I have quite a bit in inventory to post, so while I have quite a bit available, I still have a lot to do. Uploading the pictures (which, by the way, I have to re-take because of pixel and memory allotments) and writing up the descriptions for each item is very-time consuming (especially if you know how anal I am!). And being a full-time mom of four at home, all day... well, as you can imagine, it is very difficult to remain steadily busy at one project for any given length of time.

YES, I DO realize that my son is 18 and could be babysitting, but honestly I do not feel it proper for him to be doing my job as the parent. When KayLee dropped something on her toes earlier, I was the one who comforted her and hugged her. I wouldn't feel right having Josh do it or another person like a babysitter doing it. That is why I had kids, to do the parenting myself when able. When I am not able, then I do rely on friends and family, like Josh. But, unless something is life-threatening, my hubby and I are the ones who parent our kids.

Work comes second. well, actually third. God comes first, family second, work third. I know I could use a baby-sitter because doing so would allow me to get more done business-wise. But, I didn't intend on this business being full-time until 2011, so until then, I am keeping to that schedule. I think... no, I KNOW that I would regret putting my art before my kids, if I chose to do so.

AND, in as much as I do wish I could spend more time creating more artisan jewelry, gifts and paper-products, my kids are more important to me and their time with me is so precious. So for now, I am choosing to spend as much time with them as I can, while at the same time never putting my customers LAST. Sleep comes last! HA HA!

On those notes, business is booming, creativity is climbing and the online store will be opening as soon as I can make it happen. My hubby surprised me with an anniversary trip, so that is putting off the website by about a week; and I have been working with some people in the paper-world on future artistic avenues, BUT I expect to be up and running with stuff to show you soon.

So, there you go; a little more insight on the store. I apologize if you are upset that the store is not open yet. I do not wish to disappoint! I do LOVE creating and being a personal jewelry and gift designer for you, so if you need something, I WILL meet your deadlines! I have yet to NOT meet a deadline, you know!!!! But, really, I began this business as a form of creativity, as well as rejuvenation! So, I am not going to stress myself out and rush the store's opening until it is perfect for your viewing-pleasure!

Thank you for your patience and understanding!
It will be worth your while, I promise!


Does this not say SUMMER? WOWSERS! A ton of lampwork in ONE set that can be split into a bracelet with matching earrings, (or) two bracelets or a bracelet and a necklace! Where do you picture these beads on you? Hey, how about a bracelet and KeyBling?

These beads can be split up for a single purchase, as well. Email me to make it yours! I am headed to the beading table to work on a few orders!

Next set coming SOON!

Lampwork Galore!

Tons of new lampwork to show you later today! Check back to see some of the most beautiful color-combos EVER (at least in my opinion)!!!!

ALSO, the Spring Flowers set shown HERE is on hold for Ms. K in Florida. She really loves the Summer set she already has that I made her into an illusion bracelet. So, if you see another one, reserve it in your name before anyone else does and then you regret keeping it for yourself!

Back soon!

WHOOOO's there?

Nichole Heady has the cutest project up on her blog. It's a cute little Knock Knock booklet featuring her new owl stamp set. TOO CUTE! She has even provided the knock-knock jokes, AND on a template, too for easy printing out! SHE ROCKS!!

She has some great tips on how to make the owl's feet (slot punch) and the tiny little orange backing circles behind the small brads. I LOVE that detail, so perfect! Don't you love the owl's brad-eyes? Another wonderful detail!

LOVE is in the DETAILS, I always say!

Tuesday, July 15

SheetLoad of Cards' MINI ISSUE

I told you last month that I would be designing for SheetLoad of Cards... Well TODAY is the first mini-issue!!! Normally, SheetLoad just has ONE sketch, on the first of the month. Well, now Alicia has TWO sketches a month, the second being on the 15th of the month!

MY first issue is to appear on August 15th; I switch months with Ann and Alicia also uses the 15th as a time to showcase other artists, as well. TODAY is Ann's first issue, so go take a look! If you end up making a batch of cards from the sketch, link it to this post so I can see yours!

I will post mine later this week, so check back!

Monday, July 14

HAVE to share this with ya....

My sister found this HILARIOUS BLOG and I just HAVE to share it with you! June is like the funniest person ever; next to me, of course... HA HA!


Own your own Craft Business?

I found a website yesterday that I feel a few people (who check my blog everyday) will find helpful as well as intriguing. Barbara Brabec is an accomplished author and speaker. She explains how to be successful when having a work-at-home business, primarily those in the arts and crafts field.

She has quite a few reports available on her website, including THIS ONE about networking. I emailed her yesterday to let her know I was going to post this Networking PDF file on my blog and she has personally emailed me in return with a couple of very helpful ideas! I know that you can get phone support and possibly other support through email; whether this is at a cost, I am not sure. However, her website is awesome and has a lot of helpful suggestions and tips!

She's in my favorites already!

2 Sketches 4 You challenge!

OK, does anyone besides me think this is a CRAZY SKETCH?? 2 Sketches 4 You came up with it for this week's sketch challenge. If you play you have the chance to win some AWESOME blog candy!! This one looks like a real challenge for me, so I just might have to play! Check it out, they have some of the best sketches, true challenges!

Have a GREAT DAY, if you can,
It IS MONDAY, you know! UGH!

Sunday, July 13

From the Garden

THISSSSSSSSSSSSSS is what happens when you go a week without checking on the garden. Before I left for TN this huge zucchini was about 6" long. ONE week later........ PERFECT for zucchini bread (cake)! The other two will be fried with beer batter, most likely.

WOWSERS! I had to put an average pen by them to give you an idea of the size of what I can grow from the garden!

I have had about two dozen cucumbers and two dozen radishes so far, too. The carrots are still growing, the watermelon and cantalope are getting there and those tomatoes and corn stalks should be ripe soon, too!!!!!!!!!!

Wine Lovers WATCH OUT!

OKAY, seriously, I won't care if NO ONE wants to purchase this bracelet once it is strung up! This will be a great addition to the jewelry box that already holds my 'strawberry, lime Margarita bracelet'!

Did you notice the grapes that are embellished on the smaller beads on either side of the center lentil?! Too CUTE! Isn't this just to DIE FOR? Obviously, if you are not a 'Vino-Lover' this is not for you, but I don't mind a nice Cabernet with my steak now and then when I go out to a fancy restaurant! These lampwork beads are in soothing colors of mushroom-taupe and an almost brown burgundy. Along with a splash of golden yellow and some ivory swirls, this set just POPS! Email me to reserve it before someone else does! (addy in profile)

Enjoy your evening!


EarBling dangles are what I have in mind for these smaller-sized lampwork beads. Check HERE to see what I mean by 'dangles' if you aren't familiar with my artisan line of jewelry. These are smaller in size than the lampwork that I usually incorporate into my bracelet designs; so they are PERFECT for EARRINGS! I guess I have my work cut out for me here for additions to the online-store's inventory!

If ya see something you just gotta have, remember that you can email me (addy in profile) for quotes or questions on how to make it yours!

Check back for a lampwork set that WINE LOVERS will just DIE FOR!

Crazy Daisies!

Delicate white and yellow daisies, scattered all over two-tones polka-dotted blue lentil beads make this a fun set to put on with jeans and a white t-shirt! I love to wear happy lampwork-jewelry like this! I feel they reflect the lighter-side of my personality! The daisies are on BOTH sides of the beads, so if the beads are swirling around your wrist, they will show the flowers no matter which side is shown. You may not think that is a big deal, but a lot of lampworkers just embellish one-side of the beads to save on glass and money. But, you don't have to worry with this set!

Check back for a collection of smaller lampwork beads that are PERFECT for EarBling Dangles!

Saturday, July 12

Summer Lampwork FUN!

Do you know anyone who is a ladybug collector? This top lampwork set is sure to please that lover of ladybugs! The cute clean, white flowers (lentil shape) with those tiny bugs are so perfectly sculpted, too! Transparent green, leaf-embellished lampwork really makes this set say 'SUMMER'!

Or how about someone who lives and dies by Strawberry-ANYTHING??

{I wish these were raspberries, that is my personal favorite. Raspberry gum, Raspberry body products, Raspberry cheesecake, Raspberry ANYTHING!} Well, if you know someone like me, but who just LOOOOOOOOOOVES strawberries, the bottom set would be PERFECT for them all strung up in a bracelet. I am also willing to break up the set and throw two or three of the strawberries into a KeyBling, so that is an option for a less-expensive gift to give.

I am eager to get these ready for the online store, which should be opening before the end of July! Perfect summery artisan jewelry to offer during the grand opening, don't ya think?

Check back tomorrow for even MORE LAMPWORK VIEWING! (and a possible paper-item, as well!)

Flowers for (almost) all seasons!

Lampwork OVERLOAD! I told ya a bunch of lampwork would be available soon! LOOKY at these gorgeous sets.... Appropriately named Spring, Summer and Fall Flowers! I made an illusion bracelet for Ms. K in Florida before, but these will be whipped up in a different style this time, so that Ms. K's is still a one-of-a-kind!

If any of these sets tickles your fancy, let me know and I will string it up for your review before committing to the purchase. I get more done when I have an agenda on hand, so if you just want to see one of these sets (or all of the sets) designed up, I can do that! If you also want to highlight a particular color the set, I will just use more Swarovski crystals in that color!

Email me if you would like one strung up! (addy in my profile)

Back more later with even MORE LAMPWORK!!

Southwestern Lampwork

Lampwork IS NOW AVAILABLE! This flashy set in gorgeous southwestern colors of turquoise, barn red and ivory is YUM-MY!!! All smooth lampwork beads fashioned in swirls, dots and some stripes. I MUST make this set a priority at the beading table! I honestly can not wait to see this one on someone's wrist! {Maybe MINE! You know it is always so hard for me to make a bracelet and sell it! UGH, the TORTURE!}

If you would like to "reserve" this one for yourself and have me string it up for your approval before purchase, just email me. This set all strung up in a bracelet can be anywhere between $55 to $75, depending on the amount of sterling silver you want incorporated into the design. If you want to stay on the less-expensive end, I will just use more crystals and less silver. If you happen to be a SILVER-FREAK, then I can use some larger Bali beads and chunk it up for you! Help me design this set to make it reflect your style!

Back later with more postings of new LAMPWORK sets available!