Sunday, July 13

From the Garden

THISSSSSSSSSSSSSS is what happens when you go a week without checking on the garden. Before I left for TN this huge zucchini was about 6" long. ONE week later........ PERFECT for zucchini bread (cake)! The other two will be fried with beer batter, most likely.

WOWSERS! I had to put an average pen by them to give you an idea of the size of what I can grow from the garden!

I have had about two dozen cucumbers and two dozen radishes so far, too. The carrots are still growing, the watermelon and cantalope are getting there and those tomatoes and corn stalks should be ripe soon, too!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Tiffany Bauer said...

WOW!!!! I will take some of those cucumbers off your hands if you want!!! I LOVE THOSE!!!!