Sunday, September 28

Clean & Simple's Blog Featured ME!!!

WOW, can you believe it? I have been featured at Clean and Simple! I emailed Natasha about the below posts that include THIS ONE HERE! I found this sketch to be so fast and simple, not to mention clean and uncluttered with layers, which of course I am known to do most of the time! SO, I emailed Natasha and told her that she could use it if she wanted, AND SHE DID! COOL HUH?

Clean and Simple is great because they get me to stop taking so much time on one card! Don't get me wrong, I do love my layering, pop-dotting, embellishing and ribbon-wrapping, but sometimes I just need something fast and simple, so I go to their site and see what their latest sketch is and try it. And, I will have you know that I am never disappointed! Check them out!

Robyn's Iris Card

My friend, Robyn, who lives in Canada, doesn't have a blog to showcase her talent, so I thought I would do it for her! Isn't this beautiful? I don't have all the details, so if there is anything you are wanting to know specifically about this card, please just leave a comment on this post and I am sure she will reply in the comments section with her answers!

As for me, I specifically LOVE the cut out sections and the gorgeous coloring and layering of the iris! WOWSERS! It is just beautiful!


Kiwi & Baby Pink KeyBling

What do you think of this KIWI Green and Baby Pink KeyBling?? Isn't it to die for? I just love it! A focal lampwork bead that has a beautifully swirled pink and white flower on top of a kiwi green 'pointed' pillow really set the mood for this arrangement. Two additional lampworked pink petaled flowers adorn either side, along with a strand of bold sterling beads with even MORE kiwi green and pink Swarovski Crystals! All STERLING SILVER, nothing plated! This is sure to be a life-long gift for that life-long friend that deserves only the best! $35.00 will make it yours! I will also include an oval or heart-shaped keyring to slide this large sterling silver (soldered-closed for strength and durability) ring onto.

Email me for additional questions or to make it yours! Email addy is at left in my profile, just be sure to take out the spaces between the words before you click send!

I have a bracelet and Robyn's card to show you, so check back!
EDITED TO ADD: SOLD!!!! Hope you enjoy it!

Four NEW Items!

Coming UP are four new artisan items!! I am finally getting the chance to post again after taking ill everyday after 2pm since Wednesday!! I am guessing allergies, but still not sure what is going on. All I know is that come 2pm, I am sicker than a dog!

Check back in a bit and all evening and tomorrow to see three new bracelets and a new KeyBling that are up for grabs! Plus I have a really wonderful card that I want to show off for my Robbi Friend in Canada! She emailed me a picture of a card that I just HAVE TO SHOW YOU!

Thursday, September 25

Josh's Senior Portraits

Senior Pictures sure have come a long way since I was a Senior in 1989. Nearly 20 years later, my son is graduating from High School (May 09) and having 'Senior Portraits' is a must. Around here in Jasper, folks put out an easy grand on their kids' photos.


Look at these! How can you NOT want to purchase them ALL??? If you know Josh, or not, let me tell you that he is the most shy 18 year old around. And for these natural smiles that I see all the time at home to be put into print makes my heart sing and my tears fall. I can hardly believe that he is as old as I was when I met and married his father. Although our marriage ended sooner than later, I have to say, that Josh is such a beautiful person, inside and out. I just wish he would let others see these smiles, grins and smirks more often.

Enjoy these pictures if you can avoid seeing the word PROOF across his forehead, chin and cheek. While I totally understand why they do that, I have to tell you, that L & L Photography didn't need to for me. I am more than willing to pay them for their time and talents of taking such beautiful pictures of my son and would never even think of trying to steal these images by scanning, copying and printing them out for myself.

ANYHOO, here's my Josh....

Sunday, September 21

Blog Candy!!

NOW that I have your attention... Check out Cammie's Blog for the BLOG CANDY OF THE CENTURY!!!! She has been overwhelmed with donations from numerous scrappin' companies to support her in bringing awareness to the Alzheimer's Foundation. You can read more in my EARLIER POSTS HERE and ALSO HERE how Cammie has been personally affected by this disease.

Well, I am attempting to win this awesome blog candy not just for myself, but so I can share it with others and start a Card-Ministry at my church! In order to be entered to win, I am 'required' to make a card to send or give to a person who cares for a person who has been affected with Alzheimer's. Well, I need to double check, but I think I have two people who do this as their profession, so once I confirm that, these are the cards that I am going to give to them. One is a man, one is a woman, so I will give the gal the purple one, of course!

Please pay-it-forward, even if you don't intend to play along and try to win this 'no trick, ALL TREAT' sack of blog-candy! Send a simple card to someone you know who takes care of an Alzheimer's patient. Their work is so difficult and they should be reminded more often how their work is so very much appreciated. All it takes is 10 minutes to grab a card, even if it isn't hand-made, write a simple "Thank YOU!" inside and pop it in the mail. All too often we 'converse' through email and forget exactly how special it is to receive a card in the mail that someone took the time to carefully pick out and send to us! Am I right?

Thank YOU, CAMMIE for bringing this disease to the forefront and allowing us to take a closer look at this disease through your eyes. I am POSITIVE that your Grandma Mamo is beaming with pride and has the biggest smile on her face!

The leaves are from SUP! Fall Whimsy set and the sentiment is from Thoroughly Thankful Set.

Here is just ONE of the many, many stamp sets that you can win if you decide to play along!

This is from the company Starving Artistamps, isn't this hilarious? I mean, look at the saggy boobs! HA HA HA!!!

This is a stamp set from a company I had never heard of, Flourishes, until just lately. I LOVE their variety of stamps! Isn't this set cool?!

I am sure you have heard of Verve Visual before, but I just saw some cards made with this birdy image and fell in love!

Please post this BLOG CANDY CHANCE on your blog or website!
Cammie and I would appreciate it!

Just Because I Care

The last in the series of Stamped Simplicity, at least for now!!!!!!! I LOVE these cards! I will be sure to make more so I can rid myself of some ribbon to make room for MORE of course!! HA HA!

The leafy image is stamped in Red Riding Hood red and the sentiment is in Chocolate Chip. The ribbon has a black, not brown, sheen, but I didn't want to use black for the sentiment. Just too stark in my opinion. SO, I softened it up with Chocolate Chip instead AND it still works fine!

RED and BROWN is the 'new pink and brown' from last year. The pink and brown color-combo could be seen just about everywhere! From furnishings to wardrobe those colors were inseparable! Well, "Goodbye PINK" and "Hello RED"! (NOT that I am happy about it, since PINK is my favorite all time color!) BUT the red is a nice fresh look for brown, so I guess it is okay! I am just waiting for pink and gray and pink and green to come back next summer. Remember those from the 80's?? Crap, I think I just outed-myself on my age!

The color choices are appropriate for the sentiment, I think. Soothing colors for someone who is sad due to divorce, receiving bad news, losing a job or just having a fight with their spouse! Unisex again with the LEAF-y (not floral) image and strong color choices!

If you would like some cards made up for gift-giving at Christmas, some birth announcements or Shower invitations, just email me for a quote! I am working on some birth announcements right now for a lampwork-friend of mine. I made her some as a gift when she had her baby last year, well she liked them so much she just ordered some for her best friend who was due yesterday! Still no word that she popped yet!

I will return later with something new!

Saturday, September 20

To YOU From Me

Similar ribbon in Pink and Cocoa as the 2nd card shown below in this series of "Stamped Simplicity" goes PERFECT with Stampin' UP!'s Pink Pirouette and Close to Cocoa Inks! Using the same stamp sets of 'Pocket Silhouettes' and the hostess stamp set 'Best Yet' as the second and third cards, I used these to come up with another 'any occasion' card. Just to say "Hi", "Thanks", "Happy Birthday" or whatever, this card will surely bring a smile!

The sentiment isn't showing up too well in this photo, but it is easily read in person. That's what you get from a cheapo-digital! One of these days I will invest in a new camera!

Last one coming tomorrow!

NEW Jewelry Item & Benefit Info

OK, so I didn't get to the jewelry item first! UGH! Friday night went fast! But, I DO have a new jewelry offering that I hope to post ASAP, I need to make it first, though! I NEEEEEED to shower first though, I went walking/running this morning and feel gross, so I will do that and then post the jewelry piece as soon as I can.

I am also wanting to let you "locals" know about a BENEFIT happening today at the Ferdinand Community Center. It is to help one of my friend's friends, Jamie and her medical bills. She has/had cancer and this benefit is to help offset some of those expenses. There are carnival games, face painting and train rides for the kids and the auction bidding starts at 2pm and suppers are beginning at 4pm. I will be there around 1pm, I am guessing, so I will post the new jewelry series item SOON!

a little SOMETHING for a little SOMEONE!

AHHHHHHHH ELEGANT EGGPLANT! I love this Stampin' UP! color! My favorite purple in the entire world! It is so rich! AND to make it EVEN BETTAH... THIS SUPAH GREAT floral image out of the Pocket Silhouettes! I LOVE THIS STAMP!!!!!!!!!! So dainty, so delicate, but it still packs a punch and is so fun to look at!

Gotta love the matching Kiwi-Kiss color sentiment, too! This plaid ribbon is just perfect for these two colors, don't ya think?! ME TOO! Ha Ha! I love this sentiment, too! You could put a monetary gift in here, or add this simple card to a gift for ANY occasion! Birthday OR BABY! It does say "a little someone" and the colors are unisex being a dark purple and a yellowy-green!


Friday, September 19

The Best is Yet to Be!

Using the Pocket Silhouettes set, I used this floral stamp in Baja Breeze (one of my WAY-FAVORITES!!!) across the middle and added the sentiment in Close to Cocoa to match this checkered and spotted ribbon from Michael's. This ribbon is wired, which is nice to curve any which way you want!

Simple YET Stylish! Gotta love it!

Another card tomorrow, BUT a jewelry piece coming first!

So Glad We're Friends

Good Afternoon! I was busy today making a batch of STAMPED SIMPLICITY cards to sell at THIS OLDE HOUSE, here in Jasper, Indiana. I thought that maybe if I made some simple cards, keeping the price lower, that I will be able to get rid of some ribbon AND make some easy money!!

This is the first of a series of five that I will share over the next couple of days. I used this flower (in pumpkin pie) from the hostess set 'Vases in Vogue' from the last catalog. All of the cards are using the new sentiments from one of the new catalog's hostess sets 'Best Yet'. This one is stamped in Chocolate Chip.

Each card uses TWO stamp colors that coordinate with the ribbon. I just stamped the floral images all in a row, added a sentiment in the lower right, and wrapped with a bow on the left for balance. I was able to make between 2 to 8 cards of each style/sentiment depending on the amount of ribbon I had on hand. Don't adjust the color on your monitor. These are made on natural colored cardstock as I am down to about 15 WHITE pre-folded cards right now! I thought I had a whole other box of white! Well, if I do, it is hiding! SO, I pulled out the off-white and got to work!

Isn't this ribbon AWESOME?? I wish I had more than the 3'!! AND, I am re-thinking selling this one because I love the final result! So much for making money, right? HA!

Back with another in a bit!

Lime & Royal KeyBling

Another striking KeyBling for the BOLD & BEAUTIFUL peeps out there!

Priced at a meager $32.00, this is a very affordable gift for yourself, your best friend or the teen babysitter who is getting her driver's license! OR, how about this? Because of the VIBRANT COLORS, this is just PERFECT for that gal that keeps losing her keys! She will be sure to find them more easily with this noticeable color combo! HA HA!

Sterling silver, Swarovski crystals in Lime and Capri Blue and FUN lampwork make this a OOAK (one-of-a-kind) Anderson Arts ORIGINAL! I love the square lime pillows of glass with the swirly sapphire blue flowers applied to them! Kind of retro-modern, in a way! Cool, huh? Email me for questions or to make it yours!


I am in the wire and lampwork mode,
so be sure to check out for more this weekend!
Maybe even TODAY!!!

Teal Flowers KeyBling

Teal Flowers, Sparkly silver and Blue Zircon Swarovski crystals are sure to bring a SHOUT-OUT to your keys and purse! This one is not for the timid! You are sure to have people commenting on this keybling, so be ready!!!

Priced at just $32.00, this is a PERFECT gift for that someone that has EVERYTHING and is so hard to shop for! Do you know who I mean? The mother-in-law, babysitter, god-mother or teacher who means so much, but is so hard to buy for? Well, if you know that they love blues and greens, or especially TEAL!!!... this would be a perfect gift! And, remember, you are NOT chintzing out on quality! This is made of all sterling silver, the finest crystals in the world and QUALITY crafted, HAND-MADE GLASS BEADS!!

You may ask... 'HOW can you sell it so inexpensively then?'... Let me tell you. Sterling silver is not all that expensive. When you purchase at a department store or even a jewelry store, they have to pay for all those middle men to buy the materials, design it up, ship it, ADVERTISE AND SELL IT! Well, you get all that from Little Ole' ME! So, since I get wholesale pricing, and I only price it to get my cost back and a tiny bit for my time, I can pass these awesome prices to the public! Don't forget blogging is FREE, too! If I sold it through a website, that would raise the cost a bit. SO, until I get the store up, enjoy these lower prices NOW!!!

Thanks, JENNA!

Thursday, September 18

TWO KeyBlings Tomorrow!

I have two keyblings up for grabs! One is a fabulous teal blue and the other is a royal sapphire blue with lime green accents! You just GOTTA see these tomorrow! Don't forget!


I need to go get the kids at the bus stop, but will take some pics and post ASAP!

Tuesday, September 16

Hummingbirds on my Backporch Part 2!

A little more lengthy, just ignore the kids in this one... they were getting ready for bed! Oh, I guess I should mention WHY I am posting this. WELL, all this summer, all we had were two or three hummingbirds hanging around us. That is it. So, we are guessing that these are birds that are migrating south, maybe? And found the feeder to stock up on the sugar water to keep heading south? I don't know, but they sure have been fun to watch and BOY, will I miss hearing their squeeks and seeing their dive-bombing techniques to keep the uninvited at bay!

Hummingbirds on my Backporch!

OH, and that is not me talking in the background, nor my kids... Just the tv blaring!

NEW Mini-Issue at SheetLoad of Cards

Are you looking for some new card-sketch inspiration? SheetLoad of Cards has posted their new mini-issue for the month! AND what I absolutely LOVE about this sketch is that the card size fits a business envelope! AHHHHHHHH! JUST SO PERFECT for those monetary-gifts!

Check out this month's issue by ANN as she shows you how to make a batch of cards out of a limited number papers, or for this one, you can even use papers out of the scrap-bin!

CLICK HERE to see Ann's personal blog, as well! She is one talented gal!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Monday, September 15

Win some Luxury!

CLICK HERE to get a chance to win a $500.00 gift card or goodies of your choosing at Bath & Body Works! They are selecting a winner each week!

Sunday, September 14

Happy Birthday, MOM!

My mother's birthday is today! ANDDDDD, since she is all about the bling, I sent her some of course! BUT, it hasn't arrived yet! So, I am just going to post a picture of her BLINGY card! She hasn't seen this one yet either! So, when she DOES see it here on the blog, she will get her card from me on time! HA!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I colored Sassy Suzy with my Copic Markers (CLICK TO ENLARGE AND SEE DETAILS), I used some of the left over paper from the last Wild Asparagus set I used and posted for you all to see (scroll down....). I also used the same Martha Stewart Glitter and a BLINGY Rhinestone flower and a Prima flower sandwiched in between. A little stitched-baja breeze ribbon makes it feel like a present! AND, don't you just love the sentiment!? HA HA!!

I hope you enjoyed your day, Mom!
Call me when you get your package in the mail!

Damage by Mother Nature

Mother Nature must be PMS'ing or something! HA HA! Take a looksie outside my back door! I live next door to a park. You will see two trees totally twisted up and gone! Such a shame, too, these were beautiful shade tree that blocked a lot of the sun in the afternoon.

Notice that our yellow slide is all twisted around, too! You can tell from what is LEFT of the tarp, it will need to be replaced next summer. Oh, yeah, and that IS our pool that has been blown into a tiny mound next to the park's fence.

You can see both trees in the park that fell down in the second picture. ((CLICK on the pictures to see them enlarged)).

The third picture is our shed being hit with a large broken-off branch. I am so happy that my beautiful trees didn't blow down, I would have cried!

The fourth picture is a closer up picture of the tree farthest down the park near the midway point of our lot. I guess it is good that only HALF of the tree fell down. Maybe the other half will survive. I guess we will see.

The final picture is of our apple tree. I hope the deer come tonight and eat up those apples! They are just too tart for me to eat, although I do catch my hungry kids attempting to eat those sour apples at times!

Thank GOODNESS we are all okay and the roof's shingles stayed on this time!

Blessings on your night and be sure to count them when you go to bed!

Tornado-LIKE Weather

I will be back in a bit with some pictures from my backyard. You are NOT going to believe the mess today's 'IKE-weather' did to us. Here we are in the MID-WEST, mind you! Well, I guess there were two fronts colliding in my backyard or something!

Totally twisted up two huge trees from their trunk at the base of the ground, branches fell from others and two or more tree tops broke off! CRAZY! All this and the tomatoes survived! HA HA! Those things just won't die! I am so sick of tomatoes, I can't even tell ya! HA HA!

Saturday, September 13

Is this for YOU?

Good evenin' Peeps! One of my friends ordered up this keybling for a friend of her's. She said her gal pal loves blues and greens... THINK WATERS, tropical, oceanic, swamp... NAH! HA HA! Just kiddin'!

SO, with this 'sea-inspiration', I tackled the bead-side of the room today and swirled up this beautiful KeyBling!! Well, Miss X said it was perfect! WOO HOO! Thank YOU for the order, Ms. X! {I can't use her name, or you might figure out who it is for!} I appreciate it!

If you would like me to whip up a keybling for you or one of your friends, let me know your color selection and I will make it for your review. IF you like it, then I can zap you a paypal invoice. IF you don't, I will make it available to the public and then try again! You are not committed to purchasing just by requesting! NUFF SAID! And, don't forget, I use only Swarovski crystals, (the best crystal you can purchase in the world, literally), nothing plated, ONLY sterling silver is used! AND of course, I use the best quality lampwork beads anywhere! If you don't know what lampwork is, look in the left-hand column for the "what is lampwork?" section!

Well, I gotta go! I have an order of 15 ScissorBlings to make up within the next 48 hours! Thank YOU, MS. Z for that order!!! Can't tell you who that is either! I love being sneaky!


Friday, September 12

Remember me?

Do you remember what I sound like? HA HA! Sorry about the lack of posts, but I have been trying to play catch up this week. Always seems like there's EVEN MORE when I get done with what I had on my list! UGH!!!!!!!!!

I had over 250 emails to go through yesterday in my business email, and finally got down to 12! WHEW! THEN I had nearly 100 in the other! Still only got through half, though. Oh, well.

I had to commit myself to NO computer time and NO fun to get inspired to get through the muck, but I managed somehow. WOOHOO!

I will post some goodies SOON!

Tuesday, September 9

KayLee's Strikin' a Pose!

I just have to share these cute pics of my KayLee! She had on this funky hat from Vacation Bible School and I just HAD to take some pictures. I swear she should model, I DIDN'T even tell her to pose, or anything. She came up with these by herself! HA HA HAAWWWW!

Have a great night!!

Monday, September 8

Whimsical Autumn Stamp Set

SEE PREVIOUS POST BELOW to read info on this totally SWEEEEET stamp set! After I posted that last entry, I realized I could have just posted a jpeg of the set, DUH! HA HA! This set is just in time for Autumn!

See Cammie's BLOG HERE!
You can see the cards she has made using these images! Just TOO CUTE!

Support Alzheimer's Research

My friend, Carolyn King (also goes by Cammie), has designed a stamp set for Gina K. Designs. Her grandmother just recently passed on and had been afflicted with Alzheimers for years before her death. SO, in conjunction with Gina K., Cammie is offering this so totally cute stamp set with all proceeds going to the Alzheimer's Association! This stamp set is NOT acrylic, it is deeply etched quality rubber with attached cling vinyl, ready to be used on acrylic blocks.

Cammie also has a friend that has stepped up to the plate and has volunteered to donate $1.00 for every stamp set that is ordered in September! WOW! I wish I could do something like that! My bank account couldn't handle that! HA!

So, please check out her stamp set, it is really so cute!
AND it's for a great cause!


I am feelin' the LOVE!

Thanks, Tiffany, for honoring me with this award! I love YOUR BLOG, TOO!

Here's the rules: (1) Recipient can add/post this award to their blog. (2) The recipient is supposed to link up the person who gave the award to them. {Thanks, Tiffany!}(3) The recipient is supposed to nominate 7 other bloggers to pass along the award to. (4) And finally, the recipient needs to leave a comment on their chosen bloggers' sites so they know YOU LOVE THEIR BLOG!

Here are my 7 of my favorites, although you can see my Blog Roll at left to see them ALL!
7. Marianne Walker (Copic Chick!!!)
8. Kelly - Tiffany gave her the award at the same time as me, but I went ahead and added her because she has some awesome talent! So, check her out too!

More Wild Asparagus - 3

Finally, the last two cards! Well, the first one on top, here, is similar to the sage green 'Thinking of You' card in the previous post back a few. I changed it up with an elegant eggplant background and used a felt scalloped ribbon to top. It's all about scallops right now, isn't it?

The second card is a different layout for me. I am not sure I really like it, but I guess it works! I do love the butterflies stamped on it, though. OH, all flowers are by Prima, forgot to mention that!

My hubby (who usually says nothing) really liked this one. I think it is because of the picot style ribbon. He grew up on a house that was a bit more 'country' in style, and this ribbon is used a lot in country crafts like his mom has in her house. So, I guess it reminded him of home. Aw!

I was able to make two of the Celebrate card from this set of papers and just one of the top card. All in all, I got 8 cards so far, so that is not bad!

More Wild Asparagus - 2

Martha Stewart glitter makes this birthday card extra special!! AND baja breeze has quickly become my all-time favorite SUP! color!!! This glitter matches perfectly, so you gotta love that! This is the only card that I made so far with the sage-y blue plaid paper from this set.

I guess I just loved this lilac floral paper with the elegant eggplant and lilac bazzill cardstock I had in the original set and didn't put them all together. This was the last piece of floral lilac paper I had from the original 12" x 12" paper! I used the entire sheet!

Check back for two more in a bit!

More Wild Asparagus - 1

WOW, did that weekend go by FAST or WHAT? At least there are only five more days until the next one, right? It isn't like we have to wait for 14 more days until the next weekend, could you imagine that? We are so lucky! HA HA!

From Saturday's post of this paper set, here are two of the five card-layouts that I got finished. (The others will be later today!) This top one is one of my two favorites, so I had to post it first! I love this scallop punch by Martha Stewart. If you haven't heard, Martha's stuff is available at Wal-Mart and I believe it is cheaper than the prices were at Michael's! WOOHOO! If not, oh well, I love this punch anyway! HA! I made two cards of this sketch, by the way.

The center sentiment is by SUP! and I used their new punch to make this shape; although I am excited that Spellbinders came out with this same shape for their nestibilities, too! I just have to get my hands on them!

The lower card is yet another 'any occasion' card, using the 'Thinking of You' sentiment. I do LOVE this stamp image by SUP! with the little thought bubble with a heart in it. SO SWEET! And, I made three of this sketch out my papers. I love stretching my paper!

I was able to make 8 cards so far with this set, and have enough paper to make another 3-4, so I may try to do that today, we'll see. BUT, I will have the rest of the cards posted today, so check back soon!