Wednesday, September 3


FIRST, a reminder that SHEETLOAD of CARDS has their new issue out! It was made available for download on Monday, Labor Day. HOWEVER.....

SECOND, I couldn't let you know about the new issue of SheetLoad of Cards, because I had NO internet service. I also had no cable either. YEP, ALLLLLLLLLLLLL DAY, on a holiday, I HAD NO TV! This normally wouldn't be a big deal, since I always find something else to do when the kids (or hubby with his Chicago Cubbies) take over the television. BUT, here I was all alone, at home, allowed to watch what I want, when I want, as loud as I want.... and I couldn't.


Apparently, because a few hunters were out 'hunting' and supposedly accidentally 'shot' the fiber optic cable line. Hmmmm.... HOW do you ACCIDENTALLY shoot a cable line that is hanging up in the air dangling from those tall "A" shaped towers? UH HUH. That's all I am sayin'.

PLEASE NOTE: I scheduled the tomato man post (below) on Sunday, so I would be sure to give you something to read in the morning before posting about SheetLoad's new issue. BUT, by the time the internet returned Scott had returned home with the kids and then I didn't have time to post.

THIRD, I have sickos in the house. Scott, my DH who NEVER gets sick, has actually been sick since last week. I am guessing he gave it to Eli, who stayed home from school. With a screaming 103 degree fever and shaking uncontrollably with chattering teeth, to boot, I decided to cancel his doctor appointment and take him immediately to the clinic just down the road. Ear infectionS, sinus infection, sore throat, coughing until gagging. YEAH, I guess you could say he was sick. So, I got to 'baby' my six year old all day. I love taking care of them when they are sick. I feel so wanted and they never complain about anything. They just lay there and let me hold them. AHHHH. I hope he returns to school tomorrow, otherwise we will be doing make-up work for HOURS on Thursday night or the weekend. OH, Josh is sick, too, with a slight head-cold, but nothing like Eli or Isaac's green nose. The only ones NOT sick in the house are KayLee and myself. I guess I should mention that Josh won't let me hold him anymore, though, when he's sick. Probably would be weird if I held my 18 year old because his head hurt anyway, don't ya think? HA HA!

FOURTH, we had the 'meet-the-teacher & see-your-kid's-room-night' last night. That is always fun until you find out that they want you to pay fees for this, volunteer for that... etc. I LOVE my children's teachers! They are ALL so wonderful and have all been teaching over 20 years EACH! So, I am very comfortable with their ability and admire their passion for teaching!

FIFTH, I have a ton of cards to show you! I took just a few sheets of cardstock and patterned papers and made between 10-20 different cards with each set! SO, I will try to take pictures of those tomorrow for ya. BUT, I do have to get my hair done tomorrow, which will be quite a task since I am getting it colored this time. WHAT color? Dunno. I LOVE the red, but wonder if I should do the blond just one more time. I can't get too crazy or I might scare away all of my jewelry class students from the get-go. Then again, people sometimes expect artists to look grunge-y or funky or have strange gypsy attire and purple strands of hair... so I guess I should be safe whatever I end up looking like, right? If I don a new 'do' that is funkier than the one in my profile, I will update you with a pic.

OK, that is enough for my updating. Stay tuned for some really cool cards and a few pieces of new artisan jewelry, too. Last weekend was VERY productive so I have quite a few new things for ya!


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Robb_eeie said...

Hey Copic Queen ~ I'm glad your back online. Ya the "hunter" story would have me wondering too! HA!
I just HAD to leave a comment about your hair~~I LOVE the red in your hair, but if you're wanting blonde back, why not do streaks with both?
When my hair was shorter, I always had my hair that way, and honestly, I can't tell you how many compliments I received on it, and I mean from total strangers [of course they were all woman too! ha].
So I say GO FOR IT! It's only hair and colour, and as long as you have healthy locks, you can always change it. And the two colours look great together :))