Wednesday, April 30


The Next Freebie is BookBling! Ok, this IS MINE, but I do have another one similar in style already made... I am just not ready to post it since I don't have time to take pictures right now as I have to get going to pick up Eli from school today...

My BookBlings are made of sterling silver, Swarovski crystals and fine lampwork beads! Note: the actual metal bookmark (that stays inside the binding of a book) is silver-plated, but the dangle is made of ALL sterling silver beads and sterling silver wire!

So, you have the basic idea of the next FREEBIE! BookBling! I will post the actual Freebie itself later today or by evening at latest! Start getting your votes in now! Oh, the next drawing will be on May 12th at 1pm eastern! THANK YOU AGAIN for the support and keeping me in the Top 3 and on the First Page!

Have a SUPAH Day!


Step by step, this is a tedious project! I left the pictures UNedited (yes, my camera is still on central time, I don't know how to fix it!)... so you can see the time frame of the pictures. You can tell that the drawing is totally honest and fair! I would never try to play favorites, even if I wanted to! So the first picture is of all of the papers with everyone's name on each entry they earned by voting!

You can see here, that I am having to pick out blank pieces of paper that I stupidly cut up at the end of the last sheet of paper... so that is why it took so long!

Here is the bowl with everyone's name; can you find yours?

I told Kaylee to stir up the votes really good!

Isaac had to help her mix them, too, of course!

I told KayLee to look at me while drawing... she can't read, so I don't know why I was so worried about her doing that. But it does make for a good picture!

And, here she is showing me the person! I JUST SCREAMED! She is one of my best friends! ((And to be honest, she didn't even have 1/2 of the votes some others did!)) I think I scared KayLee when I got up and ran screaming to the phone! I called Kelly to congratulate her before posting the pictures, that is why the timeframe is about 20 minutes after beginning the posting!

I also want to say a special 'THANKS' to Tiffany B! She had the most entries from voting everyday and also for telling others about my jewelry and posting some of my artisan items on her blog! I feel bad that she voted so loyally everyday, but still didn't win, but as I said before, the freebie-drawing is totally fair and of course, there will be another one coming up! Thank You, Tiffany... {Hey, maybe Kelly will let you wear it when you go to convention together in July! HUGS!}

The Entries have been Tallied...

I can't seriously not believe that I counted over 275 entries for the entire month of April!!! OF COURSE, a ton of those are from yesterday, since each vote after the new counter was re-set gave each person 10 entries! BUT, what I don't understand is why some people vote and see my ranking and then don't email me to get entered into the drawing! I guess some people just like to support without compensation! WOW, that is some serious "giving" there and a little bit of a lesson on being humble!

Ok, so the printer is printing out the names, I need to go cut up the papers into little squares and find the BIGGEST BOWL in the house! How exciting! I need to find the camera, too. UH, actually, I guess I need to find the bracelet, too! I am not sure where I put that thing, although I think I did put it in my jewelry box for safekeeping from the kids!

I will post ASAP!

Last Chance!

If you haven't voted in the last 24 hours, do so now! Email me my ranking and I will give you 10 entries for the Bracelet Drawing TODAY!! I have a couple of appointments this morning, but will draw after we have lunch and tally up the last votes! ENJOY YOUR DAY!

Tuesday, April 29

Me? Blue Hair?

Your Hair Should Be Blue

Wild, brilliant, and out of control.

You're a risk taker with an eye to the future.


They re-set the counter! NOW is my chance to get past that #2 ranking for that yet untouchable #1! HA HA! OK, so I am going to sweeten the deal... If you vote within the next 20 hours (TILL NOON WEDNESDAY) I will give you a wonderful added bonus of 10 entries into the drawing for the one-of-a-kind sterling and Swarovski crystal bracelet (pictured at top).

the drawing is tomorrow,
Wednesday at NOON!!

I will draw between noon and 1pm, hopefully. (I have an appointment at 9am and then another at 10am, and then have to pick up the kids at Geri's and grab some Mickey D's if they behave themselves while at her house!) I will then have to tally the rest of the votes from the morning (while I am out) after lunch and then will pull some lucky winner's name! HOW EXCITING! Someone is going to walk away with a beautiful bracelet, which I would put a price tag of $75 or more on if selling it at the Hog House Gallery this weekend!

Spread the word, too! ANYONE who votes between NOW and noon tomorrow, even if they have never voted before, will get 10 entries into the drawing if they vote and email me my ranking! My email is at top! AND in my profile... but here it is anyway!

anderson.arts (at)

for 10 additional entries!!

Monday, April 28

MORE nameframes!

Here are some name frames that a couple people have ordered with Karen at This Olde House. She calls every now and then, with one or two, but this time had three and then added another one yet today! SO, I scrambled the BEYKE one together just a bit ago and now these are all polished up and ready for an afternoon delivery! I need to make another style for her to display as this is the only one she has up and to be honest, I am getting rather bored with the composition. I have something newly designed (at least in my mind!), so maybe I will go try to put it together and take it along with me when I deliver these. It is so funny, because Karen tells people that they can have ANY color combo, but everyone seems to order this sage/burgundy color scheme because that is what is on display! Sometimes I get an order for a neutral one (Lopez) and I just can't seem to NOT throw another color in it besides beige and black! I hope this one is neutral enough!

Have a great day!

For Anderson...

A lampwork artist~friend of mine had a baby back in October... with his name being Anderson (my last name, too, of course) I feel kind of like an Aunt to him... I made Jen some birth announcements when he was born and she so appreciated them. Well, I decided to surprise her with something simple for his room, which by the way, is done in Chocolate brown, baby blue and ivory, so she told me. So, before I ship this out later today I thought I would share it with you all. Click to enlarge the photo to see the fun glittery details in the flower and along the name at top. I hope she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it for little Anderson.

Sunday, April 27


The day just totally got away from me! Before I realized it, the sun was going down and Scott was corralling everyone (like cattle) to get ready to go to bed! I was busy pretty much all day finishing up some orders for This Olde House; which DOES have an 'E' in Olde, by the way! I think some of you have the impression that I don't know how to spell that word right, ha ha! Anyhoo, or Anywho.... I still have one more order to fill for Karen at TOH, and then will be on my way to making up some new items for the online store and Hog House Gallery next weekend! I was hoping to have the online store open by the end of April, but unless some miraculous event happens, it doesn't look possible. Oh, well, maybe this is God's way of telling me to slow down, I don't know!

Ok, so as for the freebie, I have a couple of people wanting a chance at a keychain (KeyBling), some ScissorBling or possibly a bookmark (BookBling)... anyone else have a suggestion? Anything BLINGY calling your name today? Let me know! The Bracelet drawing is on Wednesday and I would like to post the next freebie right away, so let me have it with your ideas and suggestions!

OH, I will post KayLee's bracelet tomorrow and a few other things, too. Like I said, the day passed me by so fast I forgot to take pictures! UGH, I hate it when that happens! Enjoy the rest of your evening and get some Z's for me!

Saturday, April 26

Weekend UPdate

Hey ALL! I hope this weekend has been pleasant for you all so far! I have a few things that I need to take some pictures of to post tomorrow since the good sun(light) has already gone for the day. So, I will for sure do that tomorrow and give you some newbies to look at! I also made my KayLee the cutest little bracelet that she just will NOT take off! So, I will see if she will pose for me and take a picture of that, too!

My allergies are still making me feel out-of-sorts right now, almost sick, literally because of the allergy meds I forced myself to take! I just can't win, can I? I haven't been creative-enough over the past 24 hours, considering that I am going to be at the Hog House next weekend, sharing my goodies for sale. I guess I will just have to work doubly hard tomorrow!

Now, what is it you suggest I have as the Freebie next time? I am up for suggestions and ideas, so if there is something you are just crazy-wanting to win, post it here and I will consider it!

Have a wonderful evening!

Thursday, April 24

Feelin' like....

.... CRAP! Yeah, it is THAT time of year again. Allergy season. It feels like the stray cat that I saw meandering through my backyard this morning jumped up on me and clawed my eyeballs raw. Yeah, I have it bad! I had to lay down this afternoon to close my eyes to relieve them from the air! I hate Spring ONLY for this one reason. Otherwise Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons; if God would just do something about those pollens, I would be okay and so entirely grateful!

So, besides feelin' like crapola, I have been tending to family and home things this week. I did a bit more cooking than I had been doing over the past 6 months on average, and I actually did bring myself to doing all of the laundry all week long. Dear Hubby was for sure happy about that! Ever since November when the jewelry kicked off with such high success (and orders!) Scott was the one doing the laundry all day every Saturday so I could work on orders. This is the first week I made myself put things aside and give Scott a bit less of a burden with detergent and the ironing board. Granted, Scott never complained, but I did feel a bit bad about it. So, I figured I would get back to the home-managing like I used to (or at least a little bit more like I used to) and give Scott a break.

I have three orders that I haven't finished yet, so I will do them tomorrow or tomorrow night, hopefully... Then it will be a Braveheart weekend! I love that movie! So, I plan to watch it at least once along with The Princess Bride, too. I love that movie, it is so funny!

Have a great day tomorrow
make this weekend SUPAH, too!

Monday, April 21

Calling Cindee Stacey!

This post is for Cindee!
My email is at left in my profile:

Please email me there and I would love to help you out with the scissorbling or anything else! I can't find an email addy in your profile, so please contact me at your convenience!

THANKS! Nicole

Sunday, April 20

Pictures Re-done!

I re-shot the Garden Lentils and Beach Floor bracelets, more sun was out! See the details of each of these beauties below!

Friday, April 18


Sorry for the lack of posts today. Being awakened by an earthquake before 6am to four frightened children (well, Josh being 18 next month handled it okay) slowed things down for me today! AND, not to mention that lovely "YEARLY" visit to the GYNO this morning. UGH, well at least I am going to take care of that monthly event as of MAY 6th! YEP, going under anesthesia and zappin' the uterus! Since I am DONE having children, there is no need (at least in my eyes AND my doctor's eyes) to keep going through worse and worse pain (not to mention mess) every month.

{Even if something happened to hubby (GOD FORBID) and I found a boytoy to remarry I would still NEVER EVER have another child. Albeit, I am only 37, but having children 20 years apart is not something to be desired in my eyes! HA HA!}

So, as I go head off to bed I am comforted knowing that I only have to go through this for one more month! YEA! And that more than likely I won't see another earthquake for at least another 5 years or so! I hope to play catch-up tomorrow with Today's SCS card challenge, as well as post some new jewelry items for your viewing pleasure! Check back tomorrow! Don't forget to put me in your favorites and vote everyday for this fabulous sterling silver and Swarovski crystal bracelet! Just 11 more days to vote!!!!!!!!!!

See you tomorrow!


All the kids woke up early today! Just after hubby and I woke up to an earthquake! Over 5.0 on the Richtor scale, we were rocking! I first thought that Scott was just trying to "wake" me up, but lo and behold the house was moving the bed, NOT Scott, ha ha ha!

We are all fine, just a little SHOOK UP, literally! Now we are getting ready for after-shocks, you just never know!

Be Safe!

Thursday, April 17

Acrylic Framed Wedding Card

SplitCoastStampers had a "ways to use it" challenge... challenging us to use anything ACRYLIC! I made this card with my cousin in mind, who is getting married this summer. I used Rose Red and Regal Rose and popped in a Prima.Inc Bella Fleur in the middle. I have been dabbling in the beads, too, I just don't have any pics ready for you. I will remedy that and post something sparkley soon!

You Make My Day Award!

Look at this cute little 'award' I got today from Tiffany! She emailed me to let me know that she enjoys reading my blog everyday! AH!!! Now, I am supposed to pick ten blogs! YIKES! I will share my favorite blogs, but it will be hard to narrow it down to 10!!

My friend, KJ, She is one awesome scrapper! Check out her blog, you will be glad you did!!!

Markie's Mom, Faith Hofrichter is my most favorite card-designer ever!

Stampin' Kub, Kurtis Amundson is 19 and a MALE in the Paper-World, he inspires me everyday!

Ashley's Creative Corner, is another great blogger! She shows fantastic tutorials!

Stampin' Therapy is one I check everyday, I love Jen's style of cards!

Cambria Turnbow is a great gal! I love her detailed posts on Stamp A Little Love Baby!

Cammie posts great cards and other personal tidbits, she just sparkles in her blog!

Me, My Stamps and I is a wonderful blog I LOVE to visit. I love the crisp designs!

Jen del Muro is a major favorite of mine, too! I feel like I know her since she posts personal stuff as well as artistic, crafty things!

Prairie Paper & Ink is a sweet blog that rarely uses Stampin' UP! So, it is refreshing to see what Amy does everyday!

NOW, as for an added EXTRA that is NOT paper related... check out my sister's blog! Kris is great at shopping and finding awesome deals! She also shares her insight on everyday things pertaining to home managing, cooking/recipes and parenting/child issues.


Wednesday, April 16

Before the BOYS arrived...

... the kitchen was semi-decorated with balloons and streamers... didn't last long! MAN, 6 year old boys have energy to burn! Happy 6th, ELI!

Behind the Scenes!

I sent Scott upstairs to see what the kids were doing before we started the games and eating cake... THIS is what he found! I told him I didn't want to see anymore evidence!

Eating Cake!

Eli blew out his Scooby Doo candles and enjoyed cake, neopolitan icecream and strawberry lemonade! It was awesome, or so I was told!!

Best Buds!

Eli (left) and Zach are best buds! Zach lives next door to us and loves coming over to play. Honestly, I love Zach! I feel so bad when I have to tell him that Eli can't come out to play because he is eating supper to get ready to go practice TBall or that he is getting ready to go to church.... Zach is the best; and if you ask me they look like brothers, not neighbors! LOOK at those mouths, eyes, shape of face... You would think that Scott had an affair with Rachel, Zach's mom! Not possible since Scott and I didn't know Rachel and her hubby till a couple of years ago, OR SO HE SAYS! HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!

Simon Says!

Eli's buds are all playing Simon Says with Scott leading! From left... Zach, Avery, Quentin, Ben and ELI!

Popping for Surprises!

We popped balloons (or at least tried!) Avery, with the red hair, found a STAR in his balloon! HE won a prize!

Getting Ready!

What is this ALL about? HA HA HA! KayLee saw me getting the camera ready for Eli's 6th birthday party. NO............ I never told her HOW to pose OR TO POSE!!!!!!! UGH! She is ready for Hollywood, I think!

Sketch Challenge!

Good evening! This is today's SCS Sketch Challenge! I am really enjoying these challenges that SplitCoastStampers posts! See my card below. I used Double Line Doodles and Doodle That stamp sets on Cameo Coral, So Saffron and Bashful Blue Paper. Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, April 15

SCS Color Challenge Tuesday!

SplitCoastStampers had a color-challenge! SO, I used the card that I posted earlier as inspiration, and threw together Groovy Guava, Blush Blossom and Going Grey to play along with today's challenge! I had not used this grey before and am glad I did try this color combo. I have fallen in love with it and the grey is softer to the eye than black is, so I think it turned out pretty nice!

Paper-Post for the day!

Good Afternoon, PEOPLE! I would say LADIES, but I have a couple male friends that check out my blog now and then so I am told! Here is a card that I fancied up last month for Tiffany's card-swap. Honestly, at first I didn't really like it, but I think it has grown on me. I am headed to the hobby room to make some more magic happen. I am waiting for my hubby to come home so we can finish up my part of the taxes. If we get them done quickly I will be headed to a friend's house for a party! I will need a party after all of that tax crap!! HA HA!

Monday, April 14

Double Pocket card!

Here is today's Split Coast Stamper's challenge, a double pocket card. The front pocket holds a gift card and the back pocket is where I can put a sentiment to the recipient! These pocket cards are so easy and still measure 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" ! Try one and you will be addicted! I think I am going to go make a couple more! YEP, it is THAT easy!

I made this one with my son, Josh, in mind, who will be 18 (years, not months!) next month. Yep a gift card so he can get that special thing he has been wanting! And since he has so many things he wants at WalMart, I guess he can begin the dreaming AND the count down to May 10th immediately!

EDIT: OH, by the way, this uses ONE double sided 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper! AND requires only one cut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, Now you are hooked, huh?

Sunday, April 13


OH GEEZ! Scott and I are just finally feeling some signs of recovering from Eli's birthday party this afternoon! I haven't had a chance to even look at the pictures from the party yet, but all I know is that it was a total BLAST! OH MY, we had so much fun!

I will post the pics tomorrow for those family members of ours that are hundreds of miles away and couldn't celebrate with us. See you tomorrow!

Saturday, April 12

For Eli...

Happy 6th Birthday, ELI!

NEW Designer Paper!

New Designer Paper by Stampin' UP! coming this July in their new catalog! Some patterns are familiar, but others are new! ENJOY!

It's Official!

I have been accepted as an Artist/Vendor at the Hog House Gallery in Huntingburg, Indiana! This little place is soooooooo sweet! I am so majorly excited I can hardly stand it! Beginning the first Saturday in May I will be featuring my artisan jewelry and other crafts there! I will be selling my "now available" items as well as taking custom orders from individuals as well! If I can't be there, the wonderful owners/operators Allan & Carolyn Rummel and Maryla Scarpa (and I believe her hubby as well) will sell my items for me! WOO HOO! You can come in and browse the other artist's wares while eating some homemade icecream and hearing some musicians play some tunes!

Just 7 minutes from Jasper, the Hog House is VERY easy to find and makes you feel right at home out in the country-side. I saw some guinea hens running around outside along the hillside! So, mark it in your calendar NOW to come and see me that weekend to shop for your mom, sister, grandma AND yourself for Mother's Day!

Friday, April 11


I joined back last July, but only just today decided to join in on the fun and start trying their challenges each week. I won't necessarily do them each and every day, but I think I am going to try! I do so enjoy playing with paper! Don't get me wrong, I totally LOVE my beads and crystals... but there is just something exciting about creating 'something' out of 'nothing' with paper, too!

Here is the challenge of the day: Creating your own patterned paper! I made the floral/geometric paper, as well as the plaid paper! See my GALLERY HERE, for other cards, which you have probably seen, but may want to view again! I am going to try to update it bi-weekly or more. I have found that paper-crafting gives me a different type of enjoyment than jewelry-making; it's kind of like the way we love each of our children or siblings the same, but in a different way! My card gallery is posted permanently in the left column as well, so check it out whenever you would like!



As mentioned in my post from Wednesday... I sold a lot of scissorblings at Tiffany's cropnight. These are nice to have on your scissors so noone mistakes your NEW scissors for their old ones! I make all of the blings different, so that they will be unmistakably YOURS. If you want one, let me know (email at left). They range from $5.00 to $9.00 depending on the crystals, sterling or lampwork beads involved. IF you want a matching set, as Tiffany requested, I can do that as well! She ordered 6 for all of her scissors and to be used to ID her cropping tote or whatever. You can punch a hole in your business card and slide it on the clasp to then attach to your suitcase, purse or anything you want to have your name/info on!

This is the PERFECT gift for those CraftyGals who have everything already! I will post the ones I have remaining in inventory later! CHECK BACK! Put me in your favorites to remember!

Thursday, April 10

Did you vote?

We are 1/3 of the way through the month! Get your votes in and make them count! Be sure to email me my ranking so you get an entry to win this month's fabulous bracelet! Post an entry on your blog or website with a picture of your scissor~bling or some info about my blog and you will get 10 more entries!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nighty Night!

Wilz Fundraiser

This keychain is up for grabs if you purchase a raffle ticket or two for the WILZ fundraiser! This couple has been plagued by cancer and their extended family is holding this fundraiser to help offset the medical expenses, as well as daily expenses since they have both lost their jobs while fighting this awful disease.

Please support Tom & Sharon Wilz on Saturday, April 19th, 2008 from 11 am - 2 pm at The Jasper Moose Lodge, Jasper, Indiana. Contact me if you are interested in helping this couple by purchasing some raffle tickets... there are many wonderful items that have been donated to help them raise money with this raffle/auction! I will get the tickets for you in your name, even if you are states or countries away!!!!!!!

Advice from Dr. Seuss...

Be who you are and say what you feel
those who mind don't matter
those who matter don't mind.”
~ Dr. Seuss ~

Wednesday, April 9

Evening Update!

Tonight was the most fun evening ever out with the girls... well, actually last week's dinner out with the girls was a blast, too! But tonight was SUPAH FUN! We listened to American Idol's entertainment in the background as some gals scrapped and some like myself went through some Pampered Chef catalogs for the newest cooking gear. I got my honey a microwave rice cooker, as he loves long grain rice! This is supposed to make the most perfect rice and faster than the conventional-stove top-45-minute-way!

I came home later than I should have, as Eli's "special day" to celebrate his birthday is tomorrow and cookies needed to be made. However, my honey tackled the cookie tins and made a double batch of sugar cookies for me while I was gone! NOW I don't have to stay up late, or start baking first thing in the morning to get them done! HOW sweet is that? Of course they aren't the same way I was going to make them, but WHO CARES???? Now I have the morning open to getting some other orders done! Thank YOU, Honey!

Karen, owner of This Olde House, called this afternoon and left a message while I was out. She has three more orders for me to fill, so I will need to call her back in the morning to get the details on those... I know she will be excited to hear that I have some new greeting cards for her store, too! YEA! I feel like I am making some headway!

I also sold a lot of scissor-blings tonight at Tiffany's scrapnight! These are so nice to have when you are in a group of girls like ours! We all have the same scissors by Stampin' UP! (of course) and it is so easy to get them mixed up and take the wrong pair home. NOW that may not seem like too bad of a thing, but when you are like me and just bought brand new sharp scissors, you don't really want to accidentally trade them with someone else's old dull pair! Once the online store is up and running I will keep those in stock as they are the perfect gift for any crafter, whether they scrap, sew, bead or crochet! We all gotta have scissors, so why not I.D. them with their own special bling?

OKIE DOKIE PEOPLE! That is all I have for tonight! I am going to bed to catch some ZZZZZZZ's!

See ya'll tomorrow! CIAO!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 8

YEP, he's THREE!!!

I got it, Isaac, I got it!
Either way, YOU ARE THREE! HA HA HA!

OH MY.....

..... this has been a day! That lovely Vtech toy that my hubby and I got Isaac is not at all for ages 3-6, more like 36! I was having trouble figuring it out at first. Some things about it I don't like AT ALL! But, that is neither here nor there.... Isaac KNOWS he is three and keeps showing me his three fingers, which is toooo cute... I will show you a picture of that in a minute.

I wrapped up some orders for delivery tomorrow and am headed to Tiffany's for a scrapnight with the gals. Of course, NOT before our afternoon photoshoot which had to be rescheduled from Saturday. Since Isaac got strep throat, the photography gal(s?) were VERY kind to let me reschedule the kids for tomorrow afternoon AND AT THEIR STUDIO!!!!!!!! Woo HOOO! So, I am hoping for those pics to come out really well with the kids in their Easter outfits and all!
Well, blessings to you all!
I will be back tomorrow to show you something new!
I am going to bed, I am POOPED!


The Bermuda Incentive Trip for Stampin' UP! is happening right now for those who achieved it with their sales and recruiting! I just found some of their new stamp sets AND the new selection of IN COLOR that will be showcased in the next catalog! ENJOY!!