Wednesday, December 31

Please say a prayer...

... My mom is in the hospital for overnight observation. She had some 'weird' feelings from her face to her toes on the left side of her body, including her arm, which to me says heart problems or a mini-stroke. The blood work came out normal or at least inconclusive on the problem. She has an elevated blood pressure, but besides that, they aren't sure what is causing the odd-feeling symptoms.

What a way to spend New Years Eve, huh? Dad said they will just have to push off the shrimp cocktails and champagne for when she gets back home. AW!


Tuesday, December 30

Slowly but Surely...

... I am getting better! I actually ventured OUT today. It did help that the temperature was a cool 46degrees, instead of MINUS 5!! My voice is still pretty rough, but I am not as yucky-feeling in the ears and throat, so that is good!

I have been working on my craft room again today. Decluttering, organizing, re-vamping, if you will. I am VERY excited with how it has turned out so far. I KNOW that I create MORE things MORE OFTEN when I don't feel so overwhelmed with things out of place. Kind of a 'thing' with me, I guess you could say. I hope I can get it finished before the weekend at least; so I can enjoy the last weekend with the kids before school starts back up on Monday.

I will take new pictures when I get it done and will share with you all my "NEW SPACE". You might even find some neat organizational tips for your scrap-space when browsing the pictures! Well, at least I HOPE you do!

Have a great night!

Sunday, December 28

Back from Christmas!

I just returned from my hubby's family's Christmas. I am sick. Can you believe it? Well, at least they got me to shut up for once! I lost my voice on Friday late night/Saturday morning!


Josh and I went to Danville, IL, as usual. We always take a day during the Christmas trip to go shopping together and have lunch. It was fun! Although I couldn't sing to any of the 103.9 FM 1980's rock songs! I guess it is laryngitus, but not for sure. All I know is that I lost my voice, cough here and there and my phlegm is a "COLOR", not clear, so you know that means I am SICK!

I will touch base with ya'll when I get better!

Thursday, December 25

Merry Christmas! Part 2

Merry Christmas AFTERNOON! Well, a wonderful time was had by all. It took all of about 3.2 seconds for all of the presents to be unwrapped! AND it took about 3.2 HOURS to get them out of the boxes! LOL!!!!!! NAH, just kidding! We actually take turns opening presents so it took longer than 3.2 minutes, but it was difficult for everyone to contain their enthusiasm with each and everyone's gifts!

Even MINE! My hubby surprised me with some Eddie Bauer Giftcards and some Bath & Body Works Velvet Tuberose (MY ABSOLUTE FAVE!) and their new Black Amethyst lotions and potions! Thanks, Hubby!

Here are the kids hamming it up for the camera, they had to, or they didn't get to open presents! HAHA!

This is the evidence that proves Santa "WAS HERE"!!

Finally here is our tree lit up early this morning just waiting to be hoarded by excited children! I can't believe that the kids actually slept in on Christmas Morning! Who woulda thought??
Merry Christmas to all and to all a GOOD WEEKEND!!

Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas Eve Bash was a BLAST! I made sugar cookies, which the children (even 18 1/2 year old Josh) decorated. However, with the artist in me just dieing to get out, I had to keep 6 or so for me to decorate as well... can you spot mine??

THEN I had to make brownies. I wanted to make the butter pecan cake, but I was out-voted. Can anyone say Ghirardelli?? Yes, I made Ghirardelli brownies with a hot fudge topping! OH MY GOSH. Hubby and I SPLIT a 1/2!! of a brownie and had enough. So very rich, I could have fainted! AND the calories??? I might as well just slap those brownies on my thighs instead of ingesting them, because that is exactly where they are going! HAHA!!

I am waiting for the kids to wake up, hard to believe they are picking Christmas DAY to sleep in! I do hear Isaac squirming, and he is bound to wake everyone up, so I better scat! Santa came late last night and I bet the kids are about to break loose!

Back later with some 'unwrapping' pics!

Wednesday, December 24

Merry Christmas Eve!

Just a note checkin' in with everyone! I have managed a new recipe sliced almonds & cranberry cheese ball (with seasoned salt, green onion and pineapple in cream cheese, of course), homemade Mac and Cheese is in the oven and the barbecued porkchops are simmerin' away in the crockpot! Tomorrow is sugar glazed ham, a gouda scalloped potato casserole with granny apples in it (new one, too!) and sugar snap peas, along with a butter pecan cake with pecan/coconut glazing!!

What'cha all having this holiday?? I like to make things in advance so I don't have to stay in the kitchen for four hours straight on the big day! I have the makings for Raspberry Cider Hot Toddies (with raspberry liquer and some VSOP Cognac!! ANOTHER NEW RECIPE!) I just realized I need to make the cheesy biscuits yet and I noticed this morning that someone snuck the last of the Extra Creamy Vanilla ice cream out of the deep freeze, so I need to run to the store before they close! Gotta have me ice cream with me cake!!!! HA!

I hope everyone is having a blessed day! Back soon!

Tuesday, December 23

Giving up!

Ok, so I guess I am going to give up on posting something new today! There is just sooooooo much to do before Christmas Day! UGH!

So, consider this my Holiday Hiatus Notice and IFFFFF I do get a chance I will for sure post something. Of course, I don't know what there is I can post since everything I made over the past two days is secret.... shhhh! Can't tell, but maybe you will see something 'in person' soon!

If not, I will post something on Monday for sure, how's that?


Sunday, December 21

It's HIP to be SQUARE!

My first SQUARE CARD!! What'cha think??

I used Basic Grey's Archaic plaid paper for this one and SUP!'s Glad Tidings stamp image for the sentiment. A Quickutz flourish and Nestibilites Square scalloped dies give it that extra punch of softness! Blue bayou ribbon adds a great touch, too, I think! I used Blue Bayou, Soft Sky and Not Quite Navy for the cardstock choices on this one. I love blue right now for some reason!

Have a great night!

Saturday, December 20


Due to a change in company policy, I can NOW show you a NEW Stampin' UP! Promotion BEFORE it actually takes place on December 23rd!! WOOHOO STAMPIN' UP!

Here's yet another fabulous promo that Stampin' UP! is having beginning December 23rd!! Click on the PICTURE to see the flyer close up AND then contact your demonstrator immediately! I absolutely love this bundle! Of course, I have it early, being a demo myself, but, TRUST ME, you WANT this! The stamp set is AWESOME and the punch is wonderful! OH, and the PAPER??? OH MY GOSH! IT ROCKS!! You can see how I used this stamp set and punch AND paper set HERE (CLICK HERE)!

Don't forget about the free shipping (until Dec. 23rd) with a $70.00 order! OH, and a $20 purchase will give you 20% off any AND ALL stamp sets (there's NO LIMIT!) in the Fall-Winter Sampler Catalog! So, if you think about it, you can take advantage of all of these promos ON Dec. 23rd! Don't miss out of the RETIRING ITEMS, TOO! The Retiring Sets are available until January 18th, but you get an additional 10% off the retail amount Up and Until December 23rd, as well!!

Make it a STUPENDOUS SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 19

Winter Wonder-Gifts!

AHHHHHHHHHHH! The final shipments are posted, insured and on their way to TEXAS!!

I had to package and send two gifts for a customer who ordered them for relatives. This is what I came up with. I am sure glad that I bought these gift bags in bulk a long time ago! I LOVE stamping on them with the appropriate seasonal decor! I decided to do wintery snowflakes instead of the expected red and green of this time of year.

I attached the TO & FROM tag with a chunky staple, which then closed the bag shut. I tied each box with a different colored satin ribbon, although they weren't going to the same destination, I just HAD to make them different! HA! (THAT IS SO ME!)

Thanks AGAIN, Janette!

Thursday, December 18

Aw, Darn it, NO CARD!

Sorry for not having a paper-creation for you today! I spent the afternoon wrapping up some jewelry orders that I had from a few weeks back. Now on to finish packing and getting ready to ship tomorrow! WOOHOO!

{Thank You, Janette, for all of the orders! You are going to make some family members VERY happy!}

I will hopefully start crafting on a regular and STEADY schedule after the holidays!! I DO need a BREAK, let me tell ya! There's only so much that these carpal tunnel wrists can withstand! At this pace, I better whip out the wrist braces during the day (instead of just at night) to help keep them working!

Hope you're keepin' warm! I will see ya'll tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 17


I am donating this bottle of Prima Flowers to a special cause... Please check THIS POST HERE to see how you can win it along with many other stamping goodies!

Say a prayer for Francesca!

Love You Much!

Here's the one for today!! And then I am off to pay better attention to the kids! I started this when we were on a two-hour delay because of icy-conditions. WELLLLLLL, now they cancelled school, so I have all the kids PLUS ONE, the neighbor boy Zach is with us today! Needless to say, Eli is totally excited! Zach is like his best friend EVAH!

I got out the new Candy Lane paper with the new Love You Much stamp set and NEW triple heart punch and had at it! I love this ribbon, too! Red Riding Hood is such a great color Red, not too dark, not too bright, just PERFECT!

Have a SUPAH DUPAH DAY! Stay Warm!

Tuesday, December 16

Get outta here!

Holy crapola, another card! That's two days in a row. I think I might hurt myself if I keep making cards at this pace! HA HA! If I spent as much time exercising as I do being creative making cards and jewelry, I would be as thin as tissue paper!

Still lovin' that Baja Breeze color. Honey (my hubby) okay'd us painting our bedroom in this color, or at least just one accent wall... WOOHOO.

NOW if I could only talk HIM into doing the actual painting; as of right now, it's up to me to get'r done. That may be a while....

Click on the pic to see all the purty details.....

Have a SUPAH evening!

Monday, December 15

LOOK at what I won!

Some blog candy from Beverly at Precious Scraps!!!! Thanks so much, Beverly!

Getting into the Spirit!

Knock my socks off! I made a card! HA HA!

Back soon!

Wednesday, December 10

Bloggin' MIA

Hey ya'll! I will be posting just IF I CAN for the next five days or so. I have family coming in for an early Christmas visit this weekend, so I need to get moving.

It is a lot for me to handle by myself with the four kids at my feet in the evenings, so I better do it during the day. Plus, the whole cooking/cleaning for 8 people for 2 days may not sound like very much, but if I don't plan it out now, I will be constantly running to the store for this or that and the house will not be ready when they get here! I HATE THAT!

So, if I get a chance to post, I will, but until then....

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 9

SHOCK! A paper-related project!

I made this 15 x 8 name frame for my daughter. I love the new paper set by Stampin' UP! Candy Lane will be available later this month in a specially priced bundle with a new triple heart punch and a new Valentine Inspired-stamp set. I LOVE IT!

I used my Provocraft Cricut Expression to diecut the letters. I used the Plantin font cartridge for this one. I also used Chocolate Chip colored cardstock to accent the striped paper and shadow the letters. If you have any new babies in the family, this is a great Christmas gift! Or older babies, too (KayLee is five and loves this and can't wait to put it in her room)!

Enjoy your night!

Sunday, December 7

Guess I am not so original after all!
LogoThere are
people with my name in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?


Stick me with a thermometer like a turkey and call me DONE! Finally! The shows of 2008 are all wrapped up! I do LOVE the shows while I am doing them, but the getting ready, setting up and tearing down really sucks!

NOWWWWW, on to readying for Christmas! I don't even have a tree up yet and until that happens, it just won't feel like Christmas to me!

I am also excited to be able to play with paper a bit more now, too! Since the busy jewelry season has passed me by now with the shows being finished, I hope to make cards each week and really get my SplitCoast Stampers library a bit thicker than it is now. I DOOOO so enjoy their challenges each day!!

I really appreciate all of the return~customers that came to see me at the Depot this weekend! Don't forget that you can call or email me anytime for a custom order or special request! If you are still needing something worked up for a loved-one, a teacher, a babysitter or co-worker, please be sure to contact me right away! We can brainstorm together and figure out what is best for your recipient and I will get your order to you by the deadline you set!

I am accepting orders all the way up to December 21st, with ensured local delivery by the 23rd, as long as I have the supplies on hand that your order requires. If you would like to be sure that your order can be filled by the 23rd, (and check that I do have all the crystal colors, etc., that your order needs) please contact me as soon as possible!

Enjoy the rest of your evening!

Saturday, December 6


Sunday is the last time you will be able to see my goodies in person in Jasper, Indiana! I am at the Train Depot from noon to 4pm on Sunday! I have tons of new ScissorBling and BagBling, perfect for those items with zippers, be it purses or jackets or WHATEVER!

I had a TOTALLY FUN time today with a couple of young girls at the table next to me. AH, YOUTH! Jade and Cheyenne are both really great girls with SUPAH personalities, not to mention CUTE!!!!!! (Physically and mentally, too! Might just have to hook Josh up with one of them for Prom! HA!)

Josh had his SAT's for the second time today, he said that he did better this time, or at least he said it seemed easier than last time. It must have worked his brains because he had his lights out at 8:30pm when the little ones were going to bed! He is such a fine young man, he was happy to stay and help me wrap things up this afternoon at the show. Did I mention that he brought me a sandwich that he made himself? AND Scott hadn't even told him to do so? AWWWWWW! I love you, Josh! (What a sweetie!)

Anyhoo.... come out and see us tomorrow at the show! Train rides are from noon to 3pm! $3.00 a person for a 30 minute ride to no-where, but I am sure it will be fun! OH, and there are ceramics that can be painted by your youngsters, perfect gifts for grandparents and teachers! Handmade items ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gonna go for now! Have a great Sunday!

Friday, December 5

Fifth of Five New Beadsets!

YEAH! This is WHAT I am talkin' About!!!!!! I love love love loooooooove this set!!!!!! I bet my mom and sister and niece will too, since they love teal! These are rich and deep enough to go with winter attire and bold enough to go with summer ware, too! OH, SO PRETTY!

Come out and see me at the Jasper Train Depot Saturday and Sunday, if you are local! I would love to see ya!

Have a SUPAH DUPAH Weekend!

Fourth of Five New Beadsets!

I hope one of my newest and best customers, Cheryl, doesn't strangle me! She wanted a keybling with a rainbow-feel to it. And since I didn't have any lampwork to incorporate into it, I just used all Swarovski crystals and sterling beads. Well, Lo and Behold, what do we have here? A rainbow inspired set of beads. I just got my hands on these yesterday via Mr. Postman!

While these don't compose a true rainbow, I do love these shades together! I am seriously thinking of keeping this set for me, too. It would be able to go with just about ALL of the colors of my wardrobe! So, I could wear it all the time!! Guess we will determine that later.

Oh, this weekend's show hours are: Saturday from 9am to 4pm, and Sunday 12noon to 4pm!

ONE MORE coming up for those passionate about purple and teal!

Third of Five New Beadsets!

YUMMMMMMMY! Opague glass! I love the opaque-type of glass. I don't know, but for some reason I tend to be drawn to beads that are solid-looking. And these are NO exception! Seriously considering keeping these for ME! Don't cha just love the designs in them? The second to the left and the flower one just kill me! Let me know if ya wanna reserve the set for yourself or to be used as a gift for someone who you know LOVES black and pink together!

The other two tonight!

Second of Five New Beadsets!

Here is one of the smaller sets that I spoke of in the last post. I may take a bead from the previous set and stick it in this one. Then again, maybe not. When I get the beads loose I will see what they look like with each other and decide.

I do love this set a lot because of the use of the two tones of gray and the transparent and opaque pinks together. And that little touch of black really sets it off!

I will post the others later! I gotta go get ready for lunch!

First of Five New Beadsets!

Mornin' Peeps! I was awakened this morning with a sick-o in the house. Eli is at home again. He is coughin' up some honkin phlegm, so off to the doctors we go again. He is the one who gets sick the most. He has allergies, headaches, etc... Wish me luck that he gets well soon. I really don't want to have to worry about him at this weekend's show. I forgot all about mentioning that this week! I will get to that in a bit!

Anyhoo, here is the first of five NEW bead sets! I have three that involve the use of pink, gray and/or black and two others. I will be showing these throughout the day.

If you see a set that you would like to reserve and have made into a bracelet for yourself, just be the first to email me with your request! I might take a couple of beads from this set and combine it with one of the other smaller sets to make it a bit more even, but we will see!

This weekend's show is on Saturday and Sunday again, I believe it starts at 10am, but not sure! HAHA! I guess it doesn't matter to me since I will be there early to set up! But, to be on the safe side, I will say 10am, but it might actually be 9am. I think Saturday lasts until 5pm and Sunday is 11am to 4pm. I will double check the hours and confirm it in a future post. OH, WHERE??? do you ask? HA! I will be at the Jasper, Indiana Train Depot, over by the bridge and the old Jasper Cabinet Company. It is for artists only, no party-affiliated people will be there, like Stampin' UP!. I personally feel that Stampin' UP! should be a part of it, because you do need to be a bit creative and artistic to use their supplies! Or at least you can LEARN to be creative and artistic by using Stampin' UP! items!

Come out and see me and check out all of the other artists as well! It will be fun!

Check back for another bead set in a bit!

Thursday, December 4

Uh yeah...

I forgot to take pictures of the new beads... Uh, yeah.... duh.

I was so busy today cleaning, decluttering, cooking... I made two slabs of barbecued ribs this afternoon to just have on hand to warm up or use as leftovers over the weekend, and then I cooked a garlic and herb pork tenderloin for supper tonight. I made a double batch of crescent rolls, a huge bowl of steamed veggies and then put them along side some applesauce and cottage cheese for supper. I was stuck at home with the car in the shop. They were getting it ready for the winter months, checking fluids, checking the idle, oil change, rotating tires.... So, I couldn't go anywhere! But at least I got a lot of homey things done!

See ya'll tomorrow!

Wind = Energy

I forgot to post these from my Chicago-trip this past July. If you have never seen a wind turbine in person, look at these pictures that I took while traveling north to Chicago. These are about an hour northwest of Lafayette, Indiana. Aren't they honkin' huge? These weren't moving yet, they were just being built and hadn't been 'turned on' to make energy yet. Guess where the energy is going from these? Believe it or not, PENNSYLVANIA!! No, not Indiana, not Ohio, no where near where they are 'planted' so-to-speak. At least the farmers get rent from the company who owns these. That hopefully will help the shrinking farming community up north!

I have new beads for you to see later! Gotta take some pics! If you like Pink & Black or Teal & Purple, these are perfect for ya!
Check back!

Monday, December 1

SheetLoad Card Details part TWO

I guess I should have mentioned in the last post that you can CLICK on the pictures to seem them in DETAIL, hence the whole reason I am posting these here!

I know you can see these in the SheetLoad of Card's issue, but you can't see them all zoomed up close in the e-zine! So, here ya go, click and snoop at your pleasure! This card below is another card that is featured in SheetLoad's December issue. It is on the second to last page or so, where the list of samples are posted by various artists. Hope you try the sketch!

Stamps: Paper Pretties (The Nativity); Patterned Papers: Basic Grey (Figgy Pudding); Cardstock: Stampin’ UP! (Winter White, Soft Sky, Mellow Moss); Ink: Brilliance (Coffee Bean), Copic (Sketch markers), Stampin’ UP! (Close to Cocoa); Satin Stitched two-sided Ribbon: Michael’s; Punches: Stampin’ UP (long scallop); Circular Cut: Creative Memories (Circle cutting template & blade); Exact-o knife: Stampin’ UP!


SheetLoad Card Details part ONE

Here are some close-up, detailed shots for those curious about my card. I used Copic (alcohol based) markers to color in the images of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. I also used a hologram-embossing powder to make the snowflake sparkle a bit like a "star" would in the sky above the newborn "King"!

I used my Copic markers to color the white paper below and around the images to make it look like 'stable hay' of-sorts, and then cut the paper into jagged hay or straw shapes around the bottom. If you don't have Copic markers, seriously, you DO NOT KNOW what you are missing! I LOVE THEM! They may have cost me about $500-600, but they really are considered an investment for any artist... (at least that is what I tell my hubby! HA HA!)

Stamps: Paper Pretties (The Nativity) & Stampin’ UP! (Snowflake from Snow Swirled); Patterned Papers: Basic Grey (Dasher); Cardstock: Stampin’ UP! (Winter White, Chocolate Chip, Blue Bayou); Ink: Brilliance (Coffee Bean), Copic (Sketch markers), Stampin’ UP! (Not Quite Navy); Grosgrain Ribbon: Stampin’ UP!; Punches: Stampin’ UP (long scallop), Marvey (square scallop); Rhinestone: Martha Stewart; Embossing powder: Stampin’ UP! (hologram highlights); Circular Cut: Creative Memories (Circle cutting template & blade); Exact-o knife: Stampin’ UP!, Dimensional Sticky Dots: Paper Studio

I will post details of my second card in a bit!

SheetLoad of Cards DECEMBER ISSUE!

And here is my cover-debut! YEPPERS, the Four (more like five) Hour card made the cover of December's SheetLoad of Card's Issue! WOOHOO!

{Note: It is very nice to see that all of those hours did amount to something, after all!! HA HA!}

Alicia really pulled together a great issue for December! Especially given the fact that she had to work through AND around Thanksgiving to get this one ready for today! WAY TO GO, ALICIA!

Click on over to SheetLoad and see how to make a big batch of cards quickly and efficiently with a great sketch, a detailed list of supplies and little~to~NO paper waste!