Friday, December 5

Fourth of Five New Beadsets!

I hope one of my newest and best customers, Cheryl, doesn't strangle me! She wanted a keybling with a rainbow-feel to it. And since I didn't have any lampwork to incorporate into it, I just used all Swarovski crystals and sterling beads. Well, Lo and Behold, what do we have here? A rainbow inspired set of beads. I just got my hands on these yesterday via Mr. Postman!

While these don't compose a true rainbow, I do love these shades together! I am seriously thinking of keeping this set for me, too. It would be able to go with just about ALL of the colors of my wardrobe! So, I could wear it all the time!! Guess we will determine that later.

Oh, this weekend's show hours are: Saturday from 9am to 4pm, and Sunday 12noon to 4pm!

ONE MORE coming up for those passionate about purple and teal!

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