Thursday, December 4

Wind = Energy

I forgot to post these from my Chicago-trip this past July. If you have never seen a wind turbine in person, look at these pictures that I took while traveling north to Chicago. These are about an hour northwest of Lafayette, Indiana. Aren't they honkin' huge? These weren't moving yet, they were just being built and hadn't been 'turned on' to make energy yet. Guess where the energy is going from these? Believe it or not, PENNSYLVANIA!! No, not Indiana, not Ohio, no where near where they are 'planted' so-to-speak. At least the farmers get rent from the company who owns these. That hopefully will help the shrinking farming community up north!

I have new beads for you to see later! Gotta take some pics! If you like Pink & Black or Teal & Purple, these are perfect for ya!
Check back!

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Alyssa said...

Ha! You don't realize just how big these things are!! They are built less than a mile from my house and just one blade is like 3 car lengths long! :o)