Tuesday, June 28


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Saturday, June 4

Gotta Have Bling! Special #4

Back to Business Bash!
Special #4

To read the write up on this
Rainbow Connection bracelet
(available at Gotta Have Bling! CLICK HERE

It was $68.00!  But until June 6th...
Special #4
is JUST $53.00!!!
(Shipping is $2.00 in the USA
I gotta pay for shipping supplies, you know!!)

After June 6th it will go back to $68.00
and shipping will be $3.50 in the USA, $6.00 elsewhere!

This 'Rainbow Connection' bracelet can be changed to an adjustable lobster-clasp, which is perfect for gift giving, since you may not know the 'EXACT' size to get your friend or relative!  If you know the approximate size we can change it to an adjustable clasp and it will give you a little more lee-way!  Please indicate in the paypal buttons below!

Don't forget about getting in on the blog candy!

Bracelet Style - Price
Adjustable Clasp Length Desired
Bar/toggle bracelet length:


It's the Back to Business BASH
here at
The CupCake KeyBling Blog Candy is valued at $27.00!
CLICK HERE to see how to enter!
More Specials soon!

Friday, June 3

Gotta Have Bling Special #3

Back to Business Bash!
Special #3

Back again??  YEP, it's me!  With another awesome STEAL!  For the next three days, this awesome Black and White Swirls bracelet (made of Sterling Silver, Swarovski crystals and Handmade glass beads) is just $48.00!  I got a special price on the lampwork beads and there's minimal sterling and Swarovski crystals, so it keeps the price VERY LOW!  Grab it while you can because I will not replicate this one, so once it is GONE it is GONE!  You won't find another one cheaper than this one either at Gotta Have Bling, that's almsot pocket change! HAHA!  Well, maybe not exactly pocket change, but it is by far the least expensive I have shared ever!

This one ranges in size from 7 1/2" to 8" but can be adjusted during the paypal process.  Just indicate in the drop down boxes!  Please email me prior to purchase if desired or comment on this post any questions and I will reply as soon as I can! 

Special #3 is
a jaw-dropping
(Shipping is also just $2.00 in the USA!
I gotta pay for shipping supplies, you know!!)

After June 6th, this one will be $60.00
and shipping will be $3.50 USA, elsewhere $6.00
Please ignore the loose wire in photograph,
this isn't crimped off until final size is established!

Don't forget about the BLOG CANDY below!

Bracelet Style - Price
Adjustable Clasp Length Desired
Bar/toggle bracelet length:

Gotta Have Bling Special #2

Back to Business Bash!
Special #2

Similar to the BLOG CANDY I am giving away, here's a gorgeous KeyBling featuring some soft sea-spray blue and ice-white glass beads!  CHUNKY Sterling Silver beads, gorgeous azore Swarovski crystals and some swirls and dots, too!  Lampwork beads by Krissy Beads.  This one is so sweet and perfect for a galpal or mother-in-law that you admire!  In case you haven't heard.... the reason why I love to give KeyBlings as gifts is because every time the recipient uses their keys, they think of the gift-giver! 

I just gave two of my children's teachers KeyBlings for thank you gifts at the end of the school year and they both just loved them!  They sparkle when they dangle in the ignition and when dripping out of their purse-pockets and they are fun to play with and admire when standing in line at the post office!  PLUS you don't need to worry about special sizing, like a bracelet!  I LOVE ME A GIFTY-KEYBLING! haha! 

(OH, in case you are wondering, YES, these are durable! I have dropped my keybling on marble floors at the dentist office, paved parking lots and even my cement driveway and not ONE of my beads chipped!  So, you can feel safe knowing you are purchasing a keybling that will last quite a while!)

Special #2
Seaspray with Ice KeyBling
Just $21.50!!
That's over 20% OFF and pretty much near my cost, actually...
(Shipping is also just $2.00 in the USA!
I gotta pay for shipping supplies, you know!)

After June 6th, this will be back to it's normal $27.00 price
and shipping will be $3.50 USA or $6.00 elsewhere

 Don't forget to check out the BLOG CANDY!

Gotta Have Bling SPECIAL #1

Back to Business Bash!
Special #1

The first special for today is this beautiful Turquoise and Silver Tiles lampwork bracelet! Made of ALL Sterling Silver, Genuine Swarovski Crystals and handmade lampwork beads by my personal lampworking friends!  You know I only will put my name on TOP quality beads and findings and that are durable to wear daily!  You can change the clasp to a bar/toggle type of clasp, but it will affect the price a small bit, about $4.00....

I originally had planned to use these beads for my son's High School graduation party-outfit, but then didn't have time to put it together to wear! SNIFF!!!!!!!  I am so excited to see it come together so nicely, though! 

This will fit 7 1/4" to almost 8" at various links in the link/clasp, which is nice for those of you who gain water during the summer like me! HAHA!  If you need it larger, just indicate the size you need in the paypal info box and I will adjust prior to shipping!  Please email me anytime to ask questions prior to purchase!  I have just ONE of these right now, but can make more, there just will be a 2-3 week leadtime on those.... oh, THE PRICE????

Today's Special #1
is just a tad more than MY cost....
Just $66.00!!
(Shipping is also just $2.00 in the USA!
I gotta pay for packaging supplies, you know!)

After June 6th, this will be $78.00
and shipping will be $3.50 USA or $6.00 elsewhere
Please ignore the loose wire in the photograph,
this isn't crimped off until final size is established!

Bracelet Style - Price
Adjustable Clasp Length Desired
Bar/toggle bracelet length:



It's the Back to Business BASH

And what is a BASH without BLOGCANDY???
I know... BORING! HAHA!

EEEeeeek!!!  Isn't this just so EXCITING!?  This is YOUR CHANCE to win a one-of-a-kind, Gotta Have Bling-artisan item for FREE, just for spreading the word about the come-back of Gotta Have Bling!!!!!  Easy Peasy! AND what is up for grabs?  Well........

Here's your chance to get this awesome KEYBLING, as I call them, better known as a Key Chain!  This cupcake KeyBling is made entirely of Sterling Silver, Genuine Swarovski crystals and handmade lampwork beads, these by Kristine Dery of Krissy Beads!  Simply slide the sterling silver ring on your current keyring, or I can provide you with one so you can 'gift' this to someone special; I will even to ship it to them for you if you win it and would like to share it with a friend or family member! 
The CupCake KeyBling is valued at $27.00!


There are many ways to enter, thus giving you MANY opportunities to have your name being drawn!

FIRST, you can share the Gotta Have Bling Back to Business Bash via:

(1) your BLOG
(2) your Facebook
(3) your Twitter
(4) your email address book; be sure to CC: ME at {anderson(dot)arts(at)insightbb(dot)com}!

Each time you share Gotta Have Bling by doing one of the four options above, you will get FIVE entries to enter to win the blog candy!  Can you do all four?  SURE!  Be sure you comment over at GOTTA HAVE BLING (not here on GottaHavePaper!)!

BLOG CANDY DRAWING WILL BE in ONE WEEK, Friday 10th at noontime!  So, what are you waiting for?  Get moving and Thank You (in advance) for sharing Gotta Have Bling with your friends and family!  OH, and as you see, this is just the first Blog Candy!  There will be a few more over the next week or so, so be sure to check back in for Blog Candy Updates and check in on the special Three-Day-Specials!!


Back to Business BASH at Gotta Have Bling!

YEP, as promised, it's here!!!
Back to Business Bash

I am so thankful for being able to re-connect with old friends and customers, to return to the art of beading AND for the ability to share my love for Sterling Silver and of course, BLING!  Please join me for the next THREE DAYS for some totally awesome STEALS, special suprises and even some (MULTIPLE!!) BLOG CANDIES to Gotta Have Bling! !!!!!

Within the hour, I will be posting
{and some past items, too!}
at the
you will ever see at

At just DOLLARS over MY COST, you will find some awesome deals on beautiful, one-of-a-kind artisan jewelry and gift items!  I mean, these are going to be some crazy-LOW prices, SO GET READY! 

And just a head's up for you, but you may want to check in HOURLY, because every so often I plan to have a "Special in 16" Event, which means, IF you catch it, you will have 16 minutes to choose something Special at 50% OFF!!! Now, that IS special, right??  Be sure to follow instructions that follow when I post it!  Because with just 16 minutes, you don't have any time to lose to get something dirt-cheap and below cost!

Ok, Ladies, there you go!  The RETURN of Gotta Have Bling!  I can't wait to get started and I am sure you can't either, so let's do it! 

Hugs all around, Nicole xo