Friday, June 3

Gotta Have Bling Special #2

Back to Business Bash!
Special #2

Similar to the BLOG CANDY I am giving away, here's a gorgeous KeyBling featuring some soft sea-spray blue and ice-white glass beads!  CHUNKY Sterling Silver beads, gorgeous azore Swarovski crystals and some swirls and dots, too!  Lampwork beads by Krissy Beads.  This one is so sweet and perfect for a galpal or mother-in-law that you admire!  In case you haven't heard.... the reason why I love to give KeyBlings as gifts is because every time the recipient uses their keys, they think of the gift-giver! 

I just gave two of my children's teachers KeyBlings for thank you gifts at the end of the school year and they both just loved them!  They sparkle when they dangle in the ignition and when dripping out of their purse-pockets and they are fun to play with and admire when standing in line at the post office!  PLUS you don't need to worry about special sizing, like a bracelet!  I LOVE ME A GIFTY-KEYBLING! haha! 

(OH, in case you are wondering, YES, these are durable! I have dropped my keybling on marble floors at the dentist office, paved parking lots and even my cement driveway and not ONE of my beads chipped!  So, you can feel safe knowing you are purchasing a keybling that will last quite a while!)

Special #2
Seaspray with Ice KeyBling
Just $21.50!!
That's over 20% OFF and pretty much near my cost, actually...
(Shipping is also just $2.00 in the USA!
I gotta pay for shipping supplies, you know!)

After June 6th, this will be back to it's normal $27.00 price
and shipping will be $3.50 USA or $6.00 elsewhere

 Don't forget to check out the BLOG CANDY!

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