Saturday, January 31

Hold onto your hats, PEOPLE!

Ok, so if my mom isn't totally freaking out right now by how much I look like her High School graduation picture, I would be surprised! My mom's graduation picture was very similar to this top photo of me with dark, long hair. I am waiting for her to call and tell me this!

SOOOOOOO, where did I find the most awesome place to give myself a total makeover??? TAAZ.COM - aren't these hilarious?? I have eight in all that I will share with you... Here's the most laughable in my opinion! This website is TOTALLY FREE! I know that there are some out there that actually charge you, but this one is FREEFREEFREE!

And, believe it or not, but these were done before I even realized that I could change my skin color, foundation, concealer and blush!! How do you like my blue eyes?? I always wondered what I would look like!

OH, and I think this longer blond hair looks like the older Madonna, blond wavy hair that she has. NOT that I look anywhere NEAR like Madonna, of course, but I think the hair is similar! This site is so cool, you can change your eyes, eyeshadow, lips, eyebrows, add horribly thick eyelashes! I didn't use the eyelashes at all, they looked like spider legs.

After you pick yourself up off the floor, tell me which one you like best! MORE coming tomorrow for your laughing pleasure! HAHA! It was so much fun! You should do it and hook me up with your photos of the new YOU!

Friday, January 30

Dyed Prima Flowers!

Good Morning Peeps!! I can not believe that it is FRIDAY! AND I haven't left my property since Monday! Can anyone say.... 'ACKKKKKKKKKKK!' ??? HAHA!

This card is for yesterdays 'Ways To Use it' challenge on SplitCoast. We were to use alcohol in some way, no, not the wine or whiskey kind, you sillies! Alcohol inks! SO, of course I whipped out some of my Primas (in cream, ivory and white) and saturated them with some Copic Sketch marker inks!

I used BV000, BV02, and BV04 to color the flower petals in different combinations. The deeper flowers were colored with the darker colors of Copics and were originally the cream paper flowers. The lighter flowers were originally white, and the medium ones were originally ivory and both were colored with the two lighter colors. SO, you can see how the base/original color effects the end result of the dyeing process! SO COOL!


Thursday, January 29

Thursday, just another snowday!!

Good THURSDAY Morn! Another busy child-crazy snowbound day today in Jasper, IN!! Here's a quick post that is based on yesterday's SPLITCOASTSTAMPERS sketch challenge. I guess I should mention that most of my cards that I post here, I also upload to MY GALLERY, so if you are wondering which stamp set this is, or which line of paper this is, you can always GO TO MY GALLERY and check it out. IF then, your question is still unanswered then please email me or leave a comment on the post and I will get back to you with either a return-email or I will post a comment on the same post and you just need to come back and check the comments for my answer! How's that?

Don't forget to comment on the Wednesday Winner post HERE to be entered to win the card posted... or if you are really nice to me and would rather choose this one, below, then maybe I will let you choose this one! Notice his glossy, bumpy shell?? AW!

Make it a SUPER DAY!

Wednesday, January 28

NEW Wednesday Winner!

GREAT AFTERNOON, My Peeps! Here's the NEW WEDNESDAY WINNER! This drawing will be next week February 3rd at NOON! Isn't this little turtle so cute?? Here's a perfect 'belated birthday' card to be given to anyone, even MALE! All blue and green, anyone would be glad to hear your apologies for forgetting their birthday in this one! HAHA!

All you need to do to be entered to win it is leave a comment here! What 'ABOUT?' you ask... well, you could make a suggestion on what you would like to see next as a Wednesday Winner, or give some constructive criticism on what you would like me to change about my blog or you can just say "HEY"!! Either way, a comment is a comment and gets you entered to win!

To double your chances, hook me up to your blog somehow, just mention it in one of your posts about my weekly give-away-Wednesday-Winners, and you will get another entry!! Congratulations to today's WW and GOOD LUCK to the rest of you for this one!




Storm 09 - PART TWO

NAH NEE NAH NEE BOO BOO! I TOLD YOU SO! The tree is coming down, BABY!! See below for the first picture of this tree!

My hubby just came in from shoveling and said that he actually watched this branch crunch and fall down! So seldom do we get to see nature at work!

Back later with the Wednesday Winner!

Storm 09

Here's the proof that we are officially snowed in! It was Scott's turn to shovel today! I had enough of yesterday's shoveling to last me through the remaining 11 months of 2009, hahaha!

OH, and get this... it is STILL snowing, and in by the afternoon we are supposed to have RAIN! YEP, just like yesterday.... Snow, Freezing Rain, more snow! I am not sure if we are supposed to get more snow overnight again tonight, but I wouldn't be surprised. Based on the pictures below, I DOUBT we will go to school tomorrow! I have seen the city come by with their plows just one time around 6:30am and that was about when the snow STARTED!

BELOW here is Farmer, uh, Shoveler Anderson...

You can see in the background our neighbor digging himself out! Their boy spent the night here last night and that went over really well. Once they fell asleep they were down for the night, very easy! Well, now Brian doesn't need to go to work until noon and Rachel is off, too, now. I told her we would just keep Zach, keeps my kids busy and happy at the same time!

Out back, behind our garage we have our first branch down. I doubt it will be the last. That tree is nearly splitting in half as I type!

And here, below, is Josh's car. You can't even tell where the road starts or stops across the street! See my old mailbox on the left? That is on the OTHER side of the road! Like I said, NO snow plow since 6am! Rachel (next door) called and said that her scanner was going off all morning about trees being down, people without electricity and nearly everything is closed!
MAYBE my hubby should have listened when I asked him to get more MILK last night! UGH!

I will be back later for the drawing of today's WEDNESDAY WINNER! I won't let this weather keep me from posting! Don't worry!!
Until then, STAY WARM!

Tuesday, January 27

Home again.....

The kids are home again... Depending where you walk on my property we have anywhere between 1/2" to 10" of snow (darn snowdrifts!).... I swear at this point Josh will NEVER graduate! UGH!!!!! Or at least we will be going to school in June! That would really suck!

I am still waiting for another 4 comments on my blog's Wednesday Winner post! Doesn't anyone want FREE STUFF anymore? I mean, there is no twist, you will receive it bubble wrapped and mailed to your doorstep! All you have to do is leave a comment! You can also post anonymously, check back on Wednesday, and if you win, just email me your snail mail addy and I will ship out right away! Even if you are a cardmaker, you can still use it for sketch-inspiration in the future, or just to get you out of a pinch when you need to send something out right away and don't have any of your own handy. This card looks perfect for a friend who might be struggling with some personal or professional issues. The black doesn't exactly say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" if you know what I mean! HA!

Well, let's have those comments people! I already have the next Wednesday Winner ready to post tomorrow at noon! SO!!!!!!!!!! Let's comment people! OH, and you could tell me what item you would like to see next time as a Wednesday Winner... Jewelry? Gift item? Altered art?

Gotta go get a snack made for the kids to munch on later!

Sunday, January 25

Blog Candy each Wednesday!

See info above to see details about my new feature, WEDNESDAY WINNERS!


Here's a card I whipped up Friday for the Splitcoast Stampers Challenge. The challenge was to use a black base. This is very hard for me since I find black a very intimidating color to incoporate into my designs. I LOVEEEEE this Baja Breeze blue color. I just bought a new bedroom comforter set that has this lighter blue color in it, so soothing and calming, isn't it?

Well, I wasn't sure if Baja Breeze would look all that great with black, but I went ahead and put it together anyways! Hmm... still unsure myself, how do you feel about these two colors together?

More artisan creations coming quick, so check back!

EDITED TO ADD 1-25: Leave a comment on this post to WIN this card! I will draw no later than Wednesday! It doesn't look 'Valentiney' but you could still use it for that day!


Saturday, January 24

HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY, KRIS!!!!!!!!!!

Today is my sister's 40th Birthday!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KRIS!!!! I made this card for my sister earlier last week to send along with her birthday present! I didn't match the card to the gift bag, nor did I use her favorite color, teal, in any of the handmade gifts. I SUCK don't I ???? Sorry, Krissi! I hope the gift makes up for my lack of teal in your card and gift bag, haha!

Enjoy your day, Sis! Make it a birthday to remember!!


Friday, January 23


Oldie but Goodie 3

Good MORNING!!!!!!!!!!! WOWWWWWWWW, can you seriously believe that it is FRIDAY!!!!!???

Here's another favorite from the bottom drawer archive! This acrylic stamp image is by Hero Arts I believe. Isn't it cute?? I like the stapled ribbon detailing and the mixture of patterned papers, What do you like about it?

Another 'oldie but goodie' coming soon for your inspiration-pleasure! If you use one of these sketches, be sure to hook me up so I can see what you did! THANKS!

Make it a fabulous Friday!!

Thursday, January 22

Oldie but Goodie 2

Good evening, Peeps! Here's another 'oldie but goodie' from last year around Christmas. I sent this card to a couple from my church who was celebrating their anniversary, which was during the Christmas season. A little ribbon, a splash of paper-prima flowers, and a dash of buttons really spruce up the single layer of patterned paper, don't cha think?

Probably should have centered the 'sentiment' though... oh well, live and learn! Another 'oldie but goodie' coming up soon!

Enjoy your evening!

Oldie but Goodie!

Good Morning! I can't believe I have gotten so much done already today and it is only 10am! MAN, I LOVVVVVVE having the kids back on their regular schedule!

SO, I decided to go through some archived cards of mine and share some of my hoarded favorites here at the house still! Here's today's favorite!

I LOVE the little detail at the bottom with the folded corner and stickled button, which reveals a little 'possom!! AW-factor, right? HA! I don't think I will ever get sick of the Baroque Motif Swirl stamp-image either!

Back later for another oldie but goodie, right now I have to get the laundry out of the dryer before the clothes wrinkle!

Check Back!

Tuesday, January 20


I have some paper projects to show you today, IFFFFFFFFFF I get done all that I need to get done today and caught up from yesterday. Snow days, UGH (two hour delay today AGAIN!) .....

Sincerest thanks to those who added Debbie and Griffen to their prayer lists!

Debbie, my son's 1st grade teacher, had SUPERB results from her tests! She had the best EKG that the doctor's had seen in a long time and is in STAGE ZERO! She has a 99% survival rate because the cancer was caught so early! What was thought to have been cancer ended up being some calcified ducts or something, so that was not near as bad as what was expected to be found! She is still having a lumpectomy on the 27th (next Tuesday), so please keep praying for her to have a speedy recovery! My oldest, Josh (18 1/2), had Debbie as an english teacher (I think) when he was in middle school; she decided to head to teach at the elementary school and I am glad she did, she is one fantastic lady! She is very realistic about kids this age and understands how to work with each individual student to give them exactly what they need to understand the subject at hand! HUGS, DEBBIE!

Now on to Griffen!!!!!!!! That tough guy is at home already; using a walker at least for now, until he regains all his strength in his back and leg. AMAZING what prayer has done with this little boy! He will soon be nine years old and seriously came so close to death. This freak accident really woke me up to the fact how fragile life really is. IF that spike he fell on had been a pinch lower, it would have penetrated his liver and/or possibly his kidney! (And if you all don't know, we can't live without our liver!) One lucky fella! You can see pictures of him HERE! Stay Strong, Griffen!

I seriously feel that if we all hadn't prayed for these two people, that their results wouldn't be what they are today! GOD IS GOOD!


Monday, January 19

Manic Monday

Since my computer is on the fritz and I need to call my dad or the computer 'peeps' to figure out what is wrong, I won't be blogging much at least for today. Not to mention the fact that I will be busy anyways today since the kids don't have school due to a WHOLE 3-4" of snow!


So, here's a quote I had from earlier last week and forgot to share with you... Have a great day!

Happiness is not in the mere possession of money;
it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Sunday, January 18

Paper Update

Sorry for the lack of posts, Peeps, I have been working diligently on my SheetLoad of Cards submissions for February's Issue!!! It will be here before you know it!

I got some additional cards finished, as well, for some special people in my life, so I have been having fun in the process of working, gotta love that.... ENJOYING WORK RESPONSIBILITIES!

Back Soon!

Saturday, January 17

Positive Thoughts....

My friend's son was in a freak accident last night at a basketball game. He has had to have some surgery and a cat scan, but I don't know the results as of yet. Griffen was playing under the bleachers and fell onto his back onto something sharp (NOT good, if you can imagine).

He has been holding up well and has been very strong, but still, he needs our prayers. I think Griffen is in 5th grade or so. Please pray for Tiffany, too, I am sure she could use some comforting as well by now!

Speedy Recovery, Griffen!

Thursday, January 15

8x8 Recipe Card Swap

Fifteen women joined in on an 8x8 recipe Swap! Here's my recipe, click to enlarge to get a really awesome Slow-Cooker Roasted Chicken Recipe!! I have made this chicken recipe for company who was visiting and they really loved it! I make it often because even my kids like it AND they don't really like meat at all!

I used Blue Bayou, Soft Sky and Baja Breeze on this card. I used my computer to print the recipe on white cardstock and then used some Baja Breeze designer paper to give it some texture. White brads in assorted styles 'bling' it up a bit!


Tuesday, January 13

Another prayer request

I know most bloggers keep their blogging to their craft or career, but my blog has always been about family and friends, too. And, while I don't always publish ALL of the issues that my friends and family may be facing, sometimes I just feel the need to reach out for the power of prayer to go to work.

My son's teacher has been diagnosed with breast cancer and will be finding out on Thursday the extent of the cancer. She IS one tough lady, but still when I spoke to her this morning (BEFORE knowing about this diagnosis) I could tell something was wrong. So, even this morning, I could hear a difference in her voice. I almost sensed the fear coming from her, even just with her speaking about something totally off-topic (about my son). SO, I can tell you that it is really weighing heavily on her mind right now, as it should be.

I, too, a little while back, had to get a mammogram and a chest x-ray. From first-hand experience I can say that the 'not-knowing' is nearly almost as worse as the 'knowing'. At least when you 'know', you then know how to go forward, you know what you are dealing with.

With all this said, will you please put Debbie on your prayer chain at your church? Or at least say a prayer for her tonight, tomorrow and Thursday? Her appointment is Thursday afternoon, so until then, will you consider asking God to comfort her and ease her fears a bit? I would appreciate that and I am sure Debbie will, too.

Blessings to you all!

Monday, January 12

New Hobby Room

BEHOLDDDDDDD! The pictures you have been waiting for! Has it been one week or two? Seems like forever since I took on painting those dressers! If you want to see the STUDIO BEFORE CLICK HERE. It has been one year and 12 days since I last took pictures of the craft room. I have worked in this room for an entire year and know how to make it work FOR me instead of against me! HAHA!

Here are pictures of my PAPER-SIDE of the room! I will show the beading side later this week! I have some items to work on and some deadlines to meet first, so once I get those things done I will photo the beading side of the room.

First is a picture of my desk where I make cards and paper-craft. I have a beading table facing it, so I can always have two projects going on at once in case I get interrupted with a new bead order or better yet, a new paper or jewelry inspiration! You can see here the tall metal shelves are now covered with some satin curtains (to hide stamp sets!) and the shelves have 6 photo-storage boxes containing everything from Stickles, Nestibilites, Acrylic Stamps & blocks to Re-inkers, glitters and scrap ribbon! I have a total of 27 of these photo-storage boxes in my craft room! At top there is additional storage in some canvas lined wicker baskets. I have rub-ons, altered art items like clear paint buckets, glass coasters, etc in those.

And last, but not least is one of my wonderful new dressers with PULLS! I finally have something to grab on to now! WOOHOO!

You can also see the larger part of my paper storage here, too. At top is my HUGE 12x12 collection of Bazzill paper. Underneath that is my 12x12 patterned paper storage containers. Each collection of patterned paper is in a 12x12 clear bag to keep things organized and tidy. Under that is my 8 1/2 x 11 Stampin' Up! cardstock stash. In between those are some glass containers of buttons. I had to do that to accommodate the shelf brackets underneath.

And here is the final shelf by the door where you walk in. Behind my door is my ribbon storage unit. If you haven't seen that, CLICK HERE TO SEE IT and be awed! HAHA!
Here's a detailed shot of the photo boxes. Each one is labeled with the contents, or at least a general description of what is inside. When my hubby gets time he is going to make me some additional shelves for this section so that the top layer of boxes won't sit on the bottom ones, but rather on a new shelf above them.

Here's a close up of the paper storage, you get the idea!

See below for more detailed pictures of my storage ideas!

New Hobby Room Prima Storage

Here's a (pretty blurry) picture of what I am looking at when I am sitting at my desk while paper-crafting. Behind my beading desk, in the corner, are my Prima Storage Shelves! Can't have enough Prima, baby!

To the left of my Prima is my Mary Englebreit perpetual calendar (I think that is what they call it!) my sister gave me a few months ago. She knows how much I love Mary Englebreit stuff and just had to get this for me when she saw it! THANKS, KRIS!!

See below for more storage IDEAS!

New Hobby Room Detailed Storage Ideas

Here's the DETAILED info on the PAPER SIDE of the new Craft Room!

See here how I used the Velcro with sticky on the back side to attach curtains to cover all those messy looking stamp sets??? I love this! Covering the stamp sets keeps the room looking more clean and slick, which keeps my mind ALSO uncluttered and more inspired to work! When I know I will be busy using my stamp sets in and out a lot, I just pull back the satin curtains in little loops on the Velcro strip!

This is my PUNCH storage! My drawers were starting to really get HEAVY with all of those punches, and unless you have current cabinets with actual drawer glide-hardware (which I do not!), the weight of the punches can really tear up your drawer box! SO, about a year or so ago I saw on someone's blog (can't remember whose, sorry!) punch storage with the use of a simple towel rod! This towel rod is the cheap-o 24" rod at WalMart in the hardware section (NOT the curtain section!). I love these! Plus there is even just enough room to add one more at the bottom, hee hee!

These wonderful SEE-THROUGH desk-top containers are by Southern Living at Home (which I can sell to ya if you want some!). Then again, they may be discontinued, I would have to check... ANYHOO... I love these because I can see through all of the items inside to find what I want. It only takes a glance to find what it is I am looking for! I have my adhesives, scissors, ruler, sanding block, adhesive remover, pens, pencils, etc in these. You know the regular stuff you use all the time.

AND, of course I have to thank my hubby! I was going to hardware all 24 drawers of the two dressers and my 8 desk drawers but he did it for me! What a sweetie! Kiss, Kiss, Honey!

Let me know what you think of my updated room!

Sunday, January 11

Where's the bling???

I know, I know, it has been a SUPAH long time since I posted anything of sterling and Swarovski! For those inquiring, YES, I am still doing that! I just finished up the busy season of jewelry sales and needed a break from that craft!

I go in spurts, and NO I do NOT have ADD or ADHD or any "D"! HAHAHA! The jewelry seasons come and go with the Holidays of Valentines, Mother's Day and Christmas, of course, and then there are those occassions of birthday, anniversary and remembrance. I was emailed earlier this week by a wonderful friend who wanted to remember someone in her family who had just recently passed. So, I felt very honored that when she was going through this rough time that she thought of me and my jewelry as a way of remembering her loved one!

So, see... I babble in my beads behind the busy scenes of this blog. Sometimes I just don't post everything I am working on. One of my sister's friends ordered 7 family items for Christmas presents for her family members and friends, but I forgot to even take pictures of those! ACK! I will get back to regular paper and bead postings this week. I haven't been able to craft this week as my craft room is just astrew of art supplies since I am re-vamping the room decorative- and reorganization-wise!

Until then, please click on the left-side column's labels of bracelets, keybling, beads, etc., to see what items you are wishing to browse!

Hang in there with me, I will have something for you soon! I promise!

Saturday, January 10

Josh is going to STATE!

Josh got TWO first place awards for the two tests he took for Business Professionals of America! NOW he is on to STATE competition in INDY! WOOHOO! I am very happy that he decided to go into business at college, seems right up his alley! At first I wasn't too excited, thinking that business would be boring, but you know, just because it doesn't float my boat doesn't mean it won't float his, right???


Got a new Microwave comin'!

Ok, so did I ever tell ya that it sometimes pays to shop around???

My microwave fried itself this morning when my hubby was making his oatmeal. Long story short, I almost replaced it with an over-the-stove models that matched my stove from Sears. It was regularly $319, marked down to $303.

Well, I went to Home Depot and ended up getting the exact same thing, model number was the same!!, and guess what it was at Home Depot???


AND, I had two Home Depot gift cards, worth about $110! SO, I ended up writing a check for around $135.00! Can you believe that? AND it MATCHES my three year old stove, still!! GOTTA LOVE THAT, so can I tell ya how happy I am to get this??? Or can you tell by yourself already? SO, where the microwave used to be, I am going to put my cookbooks! SO exciting!

NOW, that I spent all day microwave shopping, I need to work on the craft room, MAYBE one of these days it will get done!

Enjoy the night!

What's your word?

Your Word is "Fearless"

You see life as your one chance to experience everything, and you just go for it!

You believe the biggest risk is being afraid and missing out on something amazing.

Sometimes your fearlessness means you're daring. You enjoy risky activities.

And sometimes your fearlessness means you're courageous. You're brave enough to do the right thing, even when it's scary.

Friday, January 9






h o b b y

r o o m....

will it ever end?

Bound and Determined

A little tip from me to you to simplify your life when painting...

Here I am with this "ISSUE".... paint stuck on the paint tray from the last painting, even after soaking OVERNIGHT! UGH! My hubby suggested that I use a Wal-Mart bag, slip the tray into the bag and use the bag as sort of a shield to the stuck on paint.

Hmm... this got me thinking... I figured that the Wal-Mart bag would slide all around with this foam brush (that hardly rolls anyway!). So, I rememebered that I had that CLINGY/STICKY Glad Wrap, the type that is supposed to stick tight to your dishes... Well, I whipped it out, stuck on a sheet and it worked PERFECTLY!! The little nubbins didn't even work their way through the plastic wrap either, WOOHOO!

Now, I don't know if regular plastic wrap would work this well, but this Press N Seal type was wonderful for re-claiming this paint-stuck-on paint tray! OH, and guess what, I just found 1,000 uses for the Press N Seal cling wrap, just click on the link above! AND my paint-liner idea was listed already! GO FIGURE!

Have a great day!

My insightful six year old...

So, over Christmas break, my Eli and KayLee stayed for the week at their Aunt Jodi's house. This is my hubby's sister, who is a FANTASTIC person all around. She is very giving, very understanding, just generally very soft spoken. You know, the person that you wish you were more like?

Well, ever since we came home from Aunt Jodi's house, Eli had been acting very, I dunno, spiteful. I couldn't put my finger on it. I couldn't figure out exactly what the deal was with him.

Until last night.

After yet another, shall we say, MOUTHY episode, I took him aside and spoke with him. I began telling him that I noticed a change in him since staying at Aunt Jodi's house. I told him that I could tell something was bothering him and that he was acting out in different ways, including inappropriately talking-back and being short tempered. I asked him why. NO response.

I asked him if he liked being at Aunt Jodi's house. He said yes. I asked him if he liked it there because of the toys. He said no. I asked him if he liked it there because of the food (she's a great cook!). He said no. I asked him if he liked it there because there was less arguing. He said yes. BINGO!

I asked him if he knew WHY that was. He shook his head no.

I then asked him what he did there. He said that he played toys, went out with Uncle Danny and picked up sticks on their property..... I stopped him and said, "No, what I mean is, HOW did you act there?" Looking up at me with a SMIRK he said, "I listened....." So, I said, "OH, so you listened at Aunt Jodi's? So, when she asked you to stop, you stopped? And when she asked you to do something, you did it?" He shook his head yes, albeit reluctantly, with an embarrassed smirk on his face.

I just looked at him with raised eyebrows and said, "WELL???"

It took him a few seconds to come up with this...

"So if I quit being bad, will you?"

HAHAHA! I just about died! But, I guess that is how a kid sees it, right? When he argues he is told he is misbehaving and being bad. So when I argue back he is seeing me as being 'bad', too!

Funny thing is that this morning when we were getting ready for school, he didn't want to find his gloves, etc, he wanted to do something HE wanted to do. So, I touched his shoulder and just looked at him with the same raised-eyebrow-look... He promptly quit what he was doing and went to collect his things for school.

Just before walking out the door to head to school, he said, "YOU WERE GOOD TODAY, MOMMY!" And I said, "So, were you, Eli, so were you!". He reached around my legs and gave me a hug, finally realizing that he is the one who can control the way he is treated by others; simply by changing his OWN actions and behavior. I guess we could all use a little reminder of that lesson.... "Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you".

My insightful Eli....

Ain't he a cute 'wittle fella?

Thursday, January 8

Feelin' the burn...

Not sure if it is from all of the painting, sanding, brushing, rolling, wiping (got some on the floor, haha), but my back and arms are killing me! But, with that being said, it could be my pilates workout, too! YEAH, I have done pilates years ago, but did it again today, WOWSERS, I am feelin' HEALTHY!

ANYHOO... here's an ALMOST finished storage dresser from the paper-side of my craft room/studio/hobby room, hideaway-from-the-hubby-and-kids-spot... it still needs another coat of paint and to be hardwared with my brushed stainless hardware I got last SUMMER! Gonna whip out the drill tomorrow to put the pulls on!

I am still pondering whether or not I should glaze this with some gray color to match the silver bookshelves. I think it would make it more interesting with the glaze in the grooves and all. What do you think?

Have a great night!

Wednesday, January 7



Talk about chaos.....

I am actually nearly done, which these pictures do not reflect in any way whatsoever! LOL!

I gotta go keep pluggin' away... Just thought you would like to see what's goin' on!

Tuesday, January 6

Another boring post...

... I know, I know, NO PICTURES yet again! I have been too busy re-furbing some furniture to do any paper or bead-crafting! OH, and YES, if you were wondering, I DID manage another powerful day of getting things accomplished! From cooking another awesome meal (plus a home made mac-n-cheese from scratch using real noodles and real cheddar chese and milk!), cleaning the house and even lavishing myself with some personal time (sanding/painting furniture IS something I do CHOOSE to tackle! LOL!) I got tons done yet again.

OH, and I guess I should mention I even exercised again, I know, SHOCK SHOCK, I can't believe it myself! Now, it is almost a challenge to see how far (mileage wise) I can go in the first 30 minutes! So, I almost can't wait to do it again; very competitive, even if it is me vs. me! HAHA!

As soon as I get done with the furniture, I will retake pictures of my hobby room and post them for ya!


Monday, January 5

WHEW! Back to the daily grind!

Well, I did really great today! I have set myself some daily goals (beginning today) and managed to meet them all, at least so far! These are NOT resolutions, but rather changes in my daily schedule to help me manage my business and personal and family affairs more appropriately. This includes eating healthier, managing the home (including cooking, shopping, cleaning) in a more efficient way, creating for fun and for work AND taking better care of myself physically AND mentally.

I kept to my new schedule, even incorporating time for myself, which involved cleaning ALL of the tarnish off of my sterling silver jewelry! I know this doesn't sound like such great 'personal' time, but really, I enjoy appreciating my jewelry with a new found sparkle and shine! NO gold-looking tarnished jewelry in MY jewelry box anymore!

NOTE: (If you are a past/current customer, please email me if you want to know how I cleaned 21 bracelets, 10 rings, 20+ pairs of earrings/dangles and a watch in less than ONE HOUR; AND I did it without harming my lamp work beads, Swarovski crystals and/or pearls!!)

I also made an awesome meal tonight, (including a chef salad, honey Dijon turkey breast tenderloin and a fabulous vegetable and potato medley), menu planned and shopped for the entire week, washed and folded all of the laundry, cleaned the kitchen, tidied up the entire house, changed the furnace's air filter, AND even walked on the treadmill!!! I KNOW!! Can you believe it? I still have an hour to go, according to my schedule. I need to domesticate (so I call it) and put away the laundry, and double check the kitchen sink so that I have all of the dishes ready to wash in the dishwasher before I go to bed; but besides that, I AM DONE!

I found that I honestly got more done today than usual, because I put myself on a time-limit with each task. Whether it was 'domesticating', exercising, or ME-TIME, when I kept myself to my allotted time-frame I really did try to get more done before the next project was to start!

Are you all changing anything about yourself to make 2009 even BETTER than last year?


Sunday, January 4

SheetLoad of Cards JANUARY ISSUE!!

SheetLoad of Cards' NEW JANUARY ISSUE is ready for download!! See my samples (below) in the issue for details of papers, inks, etc that I used!

I used the January sketch for an 8x8 recipe card!

Here's two cards using the sketch and this adorable Prehistoric Stamp Set by C.C. Designs! I LOVE IT!

Thanks for the well-wishes on getting better. They must have worked, because I am better, but not before passing along my nasty cold to my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and others! Ooops!
I have been out of town, so when I get done unpacking and washing clothes...
I will be back!

Thursday, January 1

A better picture for you!

I took another picture just a bit ago to try to capture how pretty this really turned out! And, HEY, if they don't like it, I will just KEEP IT! HA HA!

OH, and good news, Mom is home from the hospital. She's on blood pressure meds and hopefully that is all that it is! Welcome home, Mom!

Have a great day!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year EVERYONE!! WOOHOO! Can you believe we are finished with yet ANOTHER YEAR????

I couldn't figure out what to get my hubby's grandparents for Christmas! Then, all of a sudden, I thought, DUH, NAMEFRAME!!! I almost want to keep it, given the fact that it is my name, too and all, ha ha ha!! BUT, I am sure that they will appreciate it, too!

Grandma, (whom I adopted right after I met her!), loves my craftiness. She LOVES getting a sack of my cards to send out to friends and family for birthdays and well-wishes, etc. SO, I am pretty sure that she will like this as well, at least I hope she does!

Sorry for the bleak picture, it was the best I could do given the fact that I didn't have any natural light from outside to use!

I hope you have a SUPAH 2009!