Tuesday, January 20


I have some paper projects to show you today, IFFFFFFFFFF I get done all that I need to get done today and caught up from yesterday. Snow days, UGH (two hour delay today AGAIN!) .....

Sincerest thanks to those who added Debbie and Griffen to their prayer lists!

Debbie, my son's 1st grade teacher, had SUPERB results from her tests! She had the best EKG that the doctor's had seen in a long time and is in STAGE ZERO! She has a 99% survival rate because the cancer was caught so early! What was thought to have been cancer ended up being some calcified ducts or something, so that was not near as bad as what was expected to be found! She is still having a lumpectomy on the 27th (next Tuesday), so please keep praying for her to have a speedy recovery! My oldest, Josh (18 1/2), had Debbie as an english teacher (I think) when he was in middle school; she decided to head to teach at the elementary school and I am glad she did, she is one fantastic lady! She is very realistic about kids this age and understands how to work with each individual student to give them exactly what they need to understand the subject at hand! HUGS, DEBBIE!

Now on to Griffen!!!!!!!! That tough guy is at home already; using a walker at least for now, until he regains all his strength in his back and leg. AMAZING what prayer has done with this little boy! He will soon be nine years old and seriously came so close to death. This freak accident really woke me up to the fact how fragile life really is. IF that spike he fell on had been a pinch lower, it would have penetrated his liver and/or possibly his kidney! (And if you all don't know, we can't live without our liver!) One lucky fella! You can see pictures of him HERE! Stay Strong, Griffen!

I seriously feel that if we all hadn't prayed for these two people, that their results wouldn't be what they are today! GOD IS GOOD!



Amy S said...

AMEN!! Amy

Robb_eeie said...

I'm overjoyed to hear the outcome of both Debbie and Griffen's *scare*. The outcome sounds bright for both of them, and certainly by the sounds of it, they *DESERVE* it :)

LisaL said...

Fantastic news for both Debbie and Griffen. They are both soooo fortunate. Best wishes for a less scary future! -Lisa