Saturday, January 31

Hold onto your hats, PEOPLE!

Ok, so if my mom isn't totally freaking out right now by how much I look like her High School graduation picture, I would be surprised! My mom's graduation picture was very similar to this top photo of me with dark, long hair. I am waiting for her to call and tell me this!

SOOOOOOO, where did I find the most awesome place to give myself a total makeover??? TAAZ.COM - aren't these hilarious?? I have eight in all that I will share with you... Here's the most laughable in my opinion! This website is TOTALLY FREE! I know that there are some out there that actually charge you, but this one is FREEFREEFREE!

And, believe it or not, but these were done before I even realized that I could change my skin color, foundation, concealer and blush!! How do you like my blue eyes?? I always wondered what I would look like!

OH, and I think this longer blond hair looks like the older Madonna, blond wavy hair that she has. NOT that I look anywhere NEAR like Madonna, of course, but I think the hair is similar! This site is so cool, you can change your eyes, eyeshadow, lips, eyebrows, add horribly thick eyelashes! I didn't use the eyelashes at all, they looked like spider legs.

After you pick yourself up off the floor, tell me which one you like best! MORE coming tomorrow for your laughing pleasure! HAHA! It was so much fun! You should do it and hook me up with your photos of the new YOU!

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Amy S said...

OMG- holy Cow!! THAT IS CRAZY!!! IM on it!! ha -um probably the blonde!! :) Ill send you mind IF I can figure it out!! what an entertaining sat night ha