Sunday, February 1

Long/Short and/or Curly/Straight????

From short and straight to long and curly!! HAHAHAHAWWWWWWWWWWWW!

This TAAZ.COM site is soooo much fun! I do like my blue eyes, I have to say. Having green is fun, though, so I think I will keep'em! HEE! Maybe I should have tried the dread-locks hair design, now that would be a hoot!

Hook me up with your new look if you try it out, it really is so much fun! My hubby likes this top one and another shorter one I will show you later today! Gotta go get ready for Superbowl FUN! The cooking begins NOW!


Amy S said...

like the 1st one- no curls!

Charlene Austin said...

lol~~~these are great!! I do like you in short hair for sure and you look great as a blond~ :)

Mary said...

I love the beautiful highlighted curls on you. I also like the one that is long straight and dark brown. It brings out your pretty eyes. :) I will have to give that site a try looks like fun.