Wednesday, February 11

Feb 11 Wednesday Winner of CellBling!!

This time youtube didn't give me errors! AND YES, I do realize that it looks like the same video since Isaac is wearing the exact same outfit as last week's video (I swear he picks out his own clothes!), but as you can see in the font of the winner's name, it is not the same drawing!!

Thanks to everyone for participating!! I really enjoyed hearing what everyone was doing for Valentines! Thanks for playing along! (Oh, watch the video of Isaac, he starts with his finger in his ear and ends it with his finger in his ear! HAHA! AND NO, he doesn't have an ear infection!)

I will post the next WEDNESDAY WINNER this afternoon!!


Mary said...

Congrats to Tiffany Buar again. Enjoy your lucky bling. My turn is going to be next Wednesday. :)

Cheri Howard said...

Congrats, Tiffany! =D

Tiffany Bauer said...

I still can't believe I won again this week!!! Thank you so much Nicole!!! You did make my day when you hand delivered my awesome beautiful new piece of Anderson Arts!!!!