Friday, February 6

ME? OVER-embellish!? HA!

Yesterday's SCS challenge was to over embellish.... Well, I am no Kathleen Paneitz or Sherry Wright (THEY know how to embellish-WELL!), but here's what I came up with! HA! My sentiment is sliding to the right... but since I couldn't use my stamp-a-majig, this is the best I could do! You can see the details if you CLICK HERE and check out my SCS gallery. Be sure to click on the picture to see all the lovely details!



JenMarie said...

Ooo...I LOVE this!! Fabulous!!

Kathleen said...

Aren't you sweet Nicole? This card is every bit as good as any I make. It's absolutely adorable ~ I love the pin & the little bird. Great job embellishing ~ I didn't know it was possible to over-embellish?!!! ;-)

Charlene Austin said...

Oh, you embellish goooood!! This is truly adorable!

Robb_eeie said...

I adore the pin element Nicole :) I'm presuming you made that with your stunning crystals right? Maybe [please] you [p.l.e.a.s.e] could do a tutorial [pretty please] as to how you made the pin? [pretty please with a cherry on top!] haaaa

I saw a package of pins while at Michaels last week, but they just had a plastic bead on the head of the pin and really looked "cheap", so I refused to buy them. But everyone knows, via the stamping-scrapping world, that pins are the neatest-newest embellishmnet.

Now you'll understand why I'm begging for a demo :) Love it!

KJ said...

This is sooooo flippin' CUTE, girl!!!! I just love this one so much!!