Tuesday, February 10


WOW, I have been bestowed this award (scroll down to see it) from Marianne Walker!! She has a fabulous blog that shows us COPIC MARKER fans how to use our markers in different ways, and in general, to get the best results we can!

Apparently, Marianne (who, I should mention, is employed by COPIC) has been given a ton of 'Blog Awards' in the past that she needed to pass along... well, instead, she designed, created and used her Copics to fashion up this NEW AWARD for her 'Best Commentators'! AND she chose me as one!! WOW, so flattered!

{{AND isn't this award she created just the CUTEST?? Maybe that is why she and a couple of gals got together to create their very own stamp-line, OUR CRAFT LOUNGE!}}

So, to be able to say that I have been awarded with this award from the person who created it, really is soooooooo cool!! So, now I have to forward it on to my best commentators! I love all of the feedback that everyone gives me! So, if your name isn't listed here, don't get upset! I do appreciate ALL of the comments each and every one! But there are some special peeps out there that just make me feel so special! SO! With that being said, check out the following:

1. 2 Guys A girl and a lab - my good friend Amy has a great blog about friends, family and faith - I just wish she would post some of her paper creations and scrapbook pages!! We have sons the same age so we relate to each other very well; and she's always leaving the most encouraging comments for me to read!

2. Robbi - my Canadian Friend, who will eventually get a blog up and running (HINT HINT, no pressure though!!) to show off her fabulous creations always leaves such kind comments! She is also a great friend who supports me often with uplifting advice AND the most hilarious emails ever!! xoxo!!

3. Kathleen Paneitz - she is a wonderful artist (published in tons of mags, too!) and a cyber friend that I have gotten to know over the past year or so. She is so inspiring to me in so many ways! She has a fabulous garden that I envy, she has such a keen eye with her camera it will shock you, and she of course is one of my favorite paper-crafters EVAH! I love getting comments from Kathleen because I admire her talent so very much!!

4. My Crafty World - Tiffany is a local friend and a true blogger, always supporting me with steady comments mostly each day. She is a SUP! demo and has a great blog with not only cards, but scrapbook layouts and other projects, as well! She is a faithful jewelry/gift supporter of mine as well, so I appreciate her bunches!

5. Scrap Happy! - Kelly is a lonnnnnnng-time friend of mine, known that chick FOREVAH!! She is an amazing scrapbooker!! Don't get me wrong, her cards are great, too, but her flair with the 12 x 12's is AMAZING!!!!! Kelly's commenting has slacked off a bit since she has picked up more working hours, but when she does leave a comment, I get a big head!

Now, if you want to forward it, just snag the award and post it on your own blog! OH, and I will break a rule and say that any commentator on my blog can forward it, so we call all feel the love!

Thanks to all of those who take time out to comment!
And "THANKS AGAIN" to Marianne for this award! I appreciate it!!


marianne walker said...

Perfect! THis is exactly what the award is intended for- to help those who comment know that they are appreciated. Have a great day!

Kathleen said...

You definitely deserved that award Nicole. You leave the best comments! Thank you again for all those super sweet compliments and for bestowing the award on me. You are such an upbeat, positive person, it's a pleasure to pop over and see what you're up to!

KJ said...

Awwwww!! Thanks, Nicole!! You are so sweet!