Monday, February 9

Kids' Valentine Packets

For those of you who visit me on FACEBOOK, you would know that I made over 40 of these suckers yesterday. Took me over 6 hours to get them done. Yeah, I know. The things I do for my kids! HA!

Inside each packet is a personally signed Valentine (Scooby Doo for the boy recipients, Butterflies for the girls) and one of those packets of Lick'em Stix powder. {I am sure their parents are going to appreciate that!} I just took a bunch of my bazzill 12 x 12 textured cardstock and cut them down into 3 pieces of 4" x 9 1/2". Then from one end, I scored at 1 1/2" & 1 3/4" (for the flap) and then again at 6". I glued the sides together, stuck in the goodies and then used a 1/2" Ultra Strength THICK ZOT on the right corner (flap) for a guaranteed closure. I used ZOTS again to stick on the heart (heart image from the SUP! Always set) to hold the left side of the flap down. I then slid the tag under the heart and used another ZOT for awesome adhesive. Four zots for each pack is a lot, but I figured I had had these 250 ZOTS from two years ago, I might as well use them up! MAN, they don't say ULTRA STRENGTH for nothin' either, nearly took my skin off!

These were what the kids got, now I gotta work on the teacher's gifts! Better start today, there's only four days left! AGK!

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Tiffany Bauer said...

These are too stinkin' cute!!! And what a nice mom you are to make these for your kiddos to hand out!!

Kathleen said...

I wish you would have been my Mom! These are great Valentines Nicole!

KJ said...

These are adorable! You're such a good Mom!