Sunday, February 1


Here's the rest! I figured I would post these before announcing another piece of news after a bit...

I like all of these, my favorites are the first and last. Which one do you think my hubby likes??? Believe it or not, but he likes the second wavy, punk one! However, he did say that I would have to cut the sides short so he can see my ears. For those of you local, you know he has a thing about seeing my ears. (weird!) I think I look a lot like my sister in the last one, this is kind of her hairstyle, chin length and wispy, isn't it cute? I know you all have favored the lighter change in my hair color to blond over the past few months, but still I love me in the bottom in RED! I JUST LIKE THAT!!

I think the third one is a little westerny-farm girl, naturalist, simple, but I would only be able to get that amount of hair if I had hair extensions put in. I seriously have thin hair. This top one is the most believable that I could actually achieve. Thin, flat hair. Yep, that's me! HA!

Check back later for a PAPER-ANNOUNCEMENT!

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Amy S said...

love the 1st one- I tried it last night -Carter was laughing so hard remind me to tell you what he is hilarious. I will show you mine later.