~ ~My REAL JOB! ~ ~

Here's a link (CLICK HERE) to my Scentsy Website!  I joined Scentsy on August 31st of 2011 and it has been blessing me ever since!  I have a SUPERB team and would love to share Scentsy with you, too!

You can see more about my Scentsy experience at my Scentsy Blog (CLICK HERE)!  I have been so busy with Scentsy that I don't blog as often as I would like to, but that's ok, because it means I am making money or supporting my team!!!!!!!

Pop on over and see me at YouGottaHaveScents.com!  And if you would like some information about joining my team, please call me to chat about it!  I will NOT force you to join, or beg, or plead with you either!  I will simply tell you the WHY-REASONS that you should join and let YOU DECIDE!

812.630.1570 - Call my cell anytime!  I would love to talk Scentsy to you! LOL!