Sunday, April 1

What have I been up to? --------------------> TWO NEW COMPANIES!!!

So, I have had a lot of readers emailing me and asking me if I am still alive and crafting! LOL!  Well, YES, I am!  I don't get to craft as often as I like, but that was the situation I knew was coming when all of my kids would be in school fulltime, during the day!

And with the onset of fulltime-first grade for my youngest this past fall, I took on a new business in direct sales with Scentsy!  I started my adventure on August 31st and have successfully achieved their goals they put in front of you in your first 70 days!  (Only 2% of consultants can say they have done this, so I am pretty proud of myself!)... anyhoo... if you want to read my story, you can read it on my website.  I haven't updated it in awhile, so just know that my team now consists of 9 or 10 gals now in four different states and my home smells just delicious!!  If you don't know what Scentsy is, basically they are a safe-alternative to candles!  Your home can smell yummy 24/7 and with the safety of NO FLAME!  These wax-warmers work with light bulbs, so there's no fear of fire!  Awesome, right?

You can see the Warmer of the Month and the description of the Scent of the Month HERE at my website!  The warmer is perfect for those Mother's Day gifts and the scent, Cerise, is just light and sweet-smelling, like Cherry Blossoms in France!!  Plus, the best thing is that the specials each month have a 10% off Sale to them!  So take advantage of these beautiful items for your mom today!  (or if you want to really impress your mother-in-law, trust me, THIS WILL do it!

If you are looking for a side-income, then let me hook you up with trying out Scentsy without committing to the $99 joining fee!  Email me to learn how to do that, it's FREE and easy to try it, you will see!!!

WHAT is the 2nd company, you ask???

Well, in February, I joined another BRAND-SPANKING NEW direct sales company, called Jamberry Nails!  I love the opportunity that exists with Jamberry, it's about as ground floor as you can get and the company has doubled from 1K consultants to 2K consultants in the almost 8 weeks I have been a part of it! WOWSERS, right?  What I love about these, is that they are for any type of nail!  Even SHORT AND STUBBY ONES like mine!!!! 

What makes Jamberry awesome is that they are heat-activated, vinyl nail shields that last FOREVER!!  I mean, like 2-3 weeks on your fingers and 4+ weeks on your toes!  You heat them with a hair dryer to apply them with a water-tight and water-resistant seal and then you have to heat them again to remove them!  They are top-notch, quality stuff, let me tell ya!!  Here are some samples....

To see how they apply, go to my blog and watch the video: HERE!  They really are awesome and the hottest trend in fashion!!  Be the first on your block to wear them and the FIRST in your CITY to sell them!  I had sick children for over a week and Spring Break with them home after that and still managed to make a good amount of money, so that should say something to ya!!  Read up on the company's opportunities and exciting latest nails on my blog today!  if you want to try a sample, just email me, they are free!!

If you are interested in selling Jamberry Nails, join my already growing team, be sure to see 'nailapparel' when you join, that's me!!  It's a great company, as is Scentsy!  Both are very moral and ethical and full of lovely ladies that want you to grow!  NO back-stabbing and things of the sort on my team or amongst my fellow teamies of my upline directors!  We are a good bunch!!

Let me know if you want more info on Scentsy or Jamberry Nails!  They are both just fabulous companies and I love being a part of both of them!  I work while the kids are in school and around their baseball practices and games, around doctor appointments and stuff of the sort.  It's awesome to still be a mom and work and make money!  I put my family first and make money in the process, it's wonderful!  Let me know if you want the same!  Nicole xo 812.630.1570 xo

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