Saturday, May 31

Future Crafter!

I caught KayLee outside on the back porch all set up on the lounger reading a PaperCrafts Magazine! HA HA! How cute is that?

Look at how she set up her own end table with a bucket turned upside down for her bottle of water! FUNNY!

Friday, May 30

Here's a SHOUT OUT to...

... MY HUBBY, Scott. I just want to post a quick message in case he DOES ever check out my blog someday.

He showed me today exactly how great of a hubby he is. I KNOW, I am the first to admit that at times (especially of late) he has really made me doubt his love for me. But, he changed all of that today. He showed me exactly how loving and giving and self-LESS he is and I am truly in awe of his affection for me. I honestly feel that I don't deserve someone like him. I never knew what people meant when they said that someone was too good for them, but NOW I KNOW.

Thank you, Honey, for being who you are.
I love you deeply, from the bottom of my heart!

And the winner IS....

Eli is the helper for the draw today since he is done with school and now enjoying summer vacation!! Thanks to everyone for the VOTES!!!!!!!! They are so appreciated!

I will send it out ASAP since I already have your addy!
I hope you enjoy it!!
((Next giveaway will be posted next week, since I am waiting on a bead shipment to make it!))

Wednesday, May 28


We had a busy day today! The kids had dental cleaning appointments and immunizations today. Poor KayLee had four shots, while the other three kids had just one each. And we managed to squeeze in a trip to the pet store AND a run to Dairy Queen for some cones and icecream sandwiches. Then we came home and played outside until I had to fix supper and do the evening routine.

I probably over did it with the running around, but yesterday was the absolute best I have felt in three weeks, so I kinda forgot to slow down a bit today. AND I can feel it. The stitches are not happy with me! HA HA! Oh, well! I am going to go to bed and get horizontal, so I shouldn't feel bad for long!

I am glad that I am getting a lot of the necessary things that need to be done over summer right away. Dental & Shots this week, 5 yr old / kindergarten check up for KayLee next week, stuff like that. This way I can really enjoy the summer and not have those things in the back of my mind to worry about!

Hope everyone is doing fine!

Prayer Request

If you are a regular on-looker to this blog, you know that I talk about Jewelry and PaperCrafts, but I also do share personal things regarding my children, activities, travels and everyday things. Well, today I am requesting prayers for one of my cyber-friends, Robbi. And without giving too much personal information, she had a death in her family and could probably use some prayers of comfort to get her through this most difficult time.

Love You, Robbi!


....... TWO more days till I draw for the KEYBLING Blog Candy! Vote today and tomorrow to make it worth the while! THANKS for your voting support!!!

Tuesday, May 27

Excited to Share!

I just blogged about this picture, but I just had to share the picture of these items for those who don't have time to click on all of those links. Southern Living at Home has the most beautiful items for the entire home. Bath, Kitchen, Study, inside AND OUTDOOR living, too! (and they have the MOST AWESOME cook books, too!) So, enjoy this picture, doesn't it look so summery? I can't wait to get ALL of these items in my home! HEEHEE ;o)

Have a good day!

Southern Living at Home

My mom and sister sell Southern Living at Home. IF you don't know what that "SCHTUFF" is, check out their online magazine : HERE! After I saw their MEGA KIT that you get when you join, I decided to do it! If you have ever been in my house, you will see that my decor is limited. I have never really invested into homey decorative items. You would think that being an artist and past kitchen designer that I would have this real elaborate house that reflects my personality... Wellllllll, Uh..... no. I am ashamed to say that is just one thing that I have never tried to tackle. But I have an excuse....

When Scott and I got married in 2001 and got pregnant right away, there was really no time, not to mention desire, to 'make a home'. I was so sick the first year of our marriage due to the pregnancy and then after Eli was born I was pregnant again 4 months later. So, knowing that we would have two little babies running around soon, I didn't really want to purchase items for our home in fear of them getting broken by the kids. Fast forward now to 2008, the kiddos are older and was less accident prone compared to 6 years ago, and knowing that I have always ALWAYS loved Southern Living at Home items because of their durability and HIGH END quality, I decided to pick up the MEGA KIT for just $199.00! (It is regularly $299.00, but it is $100.00 off till the end of May!!!) There is well over $750.oo of product in it! Some items I do already own, (believe it or not; since like I said my decor is LIMITED), but that is okay! I could use the same items in another area of the house!

AND IN ADDITION to the MEGA KIT, they also offer an ENHANCEMENT KIT a couple times a year to help you have new items on hand for shows, but at majorly discounted prices. So, I picked it up as well! Over $260.00 of product for just $99.00!! I am going to have so much crap in the house I won't recognize it! HA HA!

SO, if you would like to share in the "decorating excitement", check out their ONLINE CATALOG and let me know if there is something you would like. You of course can also have your own show at my home or yours, however, I WILL NOT be pushing that idea on anyone, as that is NOT why I joined up with Southern Living; but I would be more than happy to pass along my discount with my first order (and maybe future ones, too!!!). There are really awesome hostess specials for MAY and JUNE, I am thinking of getting the grilling set for my hubby! So if you are interested in earning these products free, then let me know and I would be glad to get you going. ((Have a catalog party and collect orders, that is an easy way to do it!))

Anyhoo, I will be placing an order by the end of the week, so if you want to get in on some really fine, quality items, just give me a shout (or email me if you aren't local, addy in my profile) and I would be glad to get these wonderful items to you. Their items are a bit on the higher-price scale, but with my discount, it should help a bunch AND once you see and feel the quality, you will be glad you invested in some fine pieces for your home!

Well, the kids are up and ready for breakfast and their official FIRST day of SUMMER! I will check in on ya'll later!

Monday, May 26



Stamps, Paper, Scissors and DONKEY SMILES!

Check it out!

Secret Project

I worked all day on a project that I hope to debut sometime next week, at earliest. Is it jewelry? NO! Is it papercrafts? NO! Hmm... what else could it be?

In reality it may take a week or two because of my slow-moving ways these days! BUT at least summer is HERE and the kids are at home and JOSH (my lovely 18 year old!) can help me with the tough leg-work that my body can't endure right now. I love him! He is always so ready to help without complaint. That must come with age, as he was NOT like this when he was 14!

OK, so for the two that know about the project, keep quiet! Until then...

Sunday, May 25


WOWSERS! In celebration of my cyber-friend, Carla's 30,000 hits, she is offering up some awesome Blog Candy! Go check it out, HERE! She is adding MORE each day until she draws on the first of June! Congrats, Carla!

Last day of school 2008!

I just had to share these pictures of my kids from Friday, the LAST day of the school year. This is JOSH, now facing his Senior year of High School, hard to believe!

Wouldn't you look this happy if you were on the threshold of SUMMER? Eli wrapped up his first year of school with flying colors! NOW on to First grade!

AND, here is my little RAY of SUNSHINE! HA HA! KayLee woke up right after Eli and Josh left for school and I just had to take a picture of this LOOK! I mean, what is up with the hair? KayLee will be headed to Kindergarten next year, I can hardly believe that, too!

Then, there's Isaac. My biggest worry. How many girls do you estimate will be tracking him down once he hits school? What a beauty for a boy, huh?
OH, and I just want to say that I appreciate the emails from everyone inquiring about my recovery. I am still having some issues, so as long as I am pretty docile and not get up and down I do okay. I am able to sit and bead since everything is at arm's length (unlike my papercrafting, which involves getting up and down for stamps and paper, opening drawers for embellishments, ribbon, etc.) so I hope to get some more beading done later today. YES, I KNOW it is 4am! Like I said, still having recovery-issues! HA HA! Thanks again for all of the well-wishes and prayers, they are so appreciated!
Have a SUPAH day!

Saturday, May 24

Who's Getting...

... their own personal collection of earring dangles? Hmm...

If you are unfamiliar with my earring line, you should hear about this! I have taken the major expense out of having a pair of quality earrings! ONE pair of HOOPS! Yes, just invest into one pair of sterling silver hoops that fit your style { 3/4" hoops for the modest, and/or up to 1 1/2"+ for the bold! } and then switch out a pair of dangles to match your wardrobe. Slide on two or three coordinating colors to match a blouse or dressy ensemble OR wear just one single pair of dangles to fit your style or personality that day!

A set of these range from $3.00 to $13.00 (more or less) depending on the size of Swarovski crystals and amount of sterling silver that is incorporated into the design. If you are interested in getting your own EarBling dangle collection started, just email me (addy is in my profile at left) and I will set you up!

No good deed goes unnoticed with me, so I am lavishing a special someone next week with these purty things! Hope she likes them!

Wednesday, May 21

THE Next American Idol IS.....

David Cook!
I loved him with ZZTOP!

Tuesday, May 20

Mrs. Small's KeyBling

My kindergartener, Eli, has just three more days of school left! I can hardly believe that this year has come to a close already! And to know that sweet little Eli is now going to first grade... it really chokes me up! So, for his wonderful teacher, Valerie Small, goes this beautiful one of a kind KeyBling! I want her to use it and remember Eli each and every day! If you knew Eli's personality you would understand why! He is such a sweet, quiet and loving boy; definitely one of the 'good' kids in the class. So, I am sure she will think of him fondly when she uses this keychain that was made JUST for her!

Thank You, Mrs. Small!
We will see you next year!
Maybe KayLee will have you, too!

Cards for Alisa and Mrs. Small

Here's the card to go with Eli's teacher's KeyBling above. These colors of Ruby Red, Pumpkin Pie and Soft Sky were inspired by Split Coast Stampers color challenge #166. I colored the rocketship with my newbie Copic markers and added some silver stickles for some sparkle in the nighttime sky! I thought that the rocketship would look silly in a light sky with stars shining, so I shaded it with a neutral toner #3. I hope Mrs. Small likes her card!

I made a matching one at the same time and gave it to a gal that works at my doctor's office. She is always so kind and understanding when I have to call and rearrange appointments or talk to the nurse AGAIN and AGAIN! She is ALWAYS so fun to talk to, too! She IS A BLAST!

Thanks, Alisa!

Geri's KeyBling

ONE day a week, for just three hours (from 8am to 11am) I have a wonderful gal that watches my KayLee and Isaac so I can get some house work or errand-running done. OR should I say 'had'? Tomorrow is her last day watching the kids. Next year KayLee will be in kindergarten and Isaac will be in preschool four days a week in the afternoon, so I won't be needing her anymore. She watched them off and on last school year just for a few months in the spring, too. I love Geri, she is such a wonderful person. I have known her since 1988 when I moved to Jasper, during my senior year of High School; so I guess you could say that she knows me rather well!

I thought it would be nice for her to have a keychain so that everyday when she goes to the store or comes home to unlock the door, she will think of the kids! Thank goodness they DO behave when they are there or else she just might not WANT to think about them! HA HA!

Thanks, Geri, for your wonderful patience with the kids! We love you!

Monday, May 19


HI there, everyone! If you are a newbie reader looking to win the gorgeous KeyBling (which is made of sterling silver, Swarovski crystals and fine lampwork glass beads) please read the directions at top on how to win!

Simply put, all you do is:
(1) click on the cute pink & green striped tent in left column....
(2) click on the long white bar on the next tab/screen that pops up....
(3) find my ranking #1, #2, or whatever....
and (4) email my ranking to!

Note: You do NOT need to leave a comment or "rate" me for your vote to count. JUST clicking on the tent and seeing me in the ranking/list IS a VOTE!

It is that simple!

IF the system hangs for more than 20 seconds, then the site is doing a tally-update at precisely that moment. SO, wait 5 minutes, and try again! You can vote every 24 hours for an entry to win the fab-U-lous KeyBling, just be sure to email me and let me know that you voted!

Thank YOU for voting!
Put me in your favorites so you remember
to vote every 24 hours!

You can win even MORE entries!

May 30th Blog Candy

I was just thinking that the Freebies I offer are really 'blog candy', too! So, if you want the Amber and Lime lampwork keychain really really bad, post about it on YOUR BLOG with the Title of "AVAILABLE BLOG CANDY!" at the top of your blog entry and you will get 10 additional entries into the drawing for May 30th!

Please be sure to leave a comment on this post (thus eliminating having to email me) that you posted and/or linked about Anderson Arts and the freebie sterling, lampwork and Swarovski keychain to your blog post and you will be eligible for the 10 extra entries !!

Thanks for spreading the word!


The best thing about COPIC markers are having flesh-tones to color in images that have skin! I am going to get more skin colors to be able to incorporate more shades of different caucasions (not to mention other ethnicities), we are not all WHITE, you know! Some of us are yellow-toned, some pink, some are lucky enough to TAN easy! But until then I will use what I have, which is this tone below. I colored the face twice to make it darker (like in a shadow of the background). I also colored the outside of the image in blue a few times until I got the desired shade of blue I was looking for to match the Prima flower.

I have several stamp sets that I have been unable to use (or just not felt comfortable to use) since I didn't have a way to color the skin. But with that being remedied, a whole new world of stamps have been opened up to me! Click to enlarge this card so you can see the shading of skin on the arms and fingers!

{{{IF this image posts twice, it is because I tried posting it earlier and it got lost in blogger-land}}}

Honey Birthday Wishes!

I posted earlier about my hubby not checking out my blog, letting you know that I am safe on posting items for him, since he doesn't ever look at what I post. So, for YOUR viewing pleasure, here is his birthday card for this coming Friday. I just love the patterned paper, by Basic Grey! I love oranges and rust whether it is in cardstock, ribbon, home decor or clothing! And a splash of blue just makes it pop even more!

I love this little porcupine, it is soooo cute! And the idea of a delicate butterfly feeling safe around it just made me melt inside. Scott really stepped up to the plate during and after my surgery, even up to last night when I had to go to bed early. He never complained about making supper, or putting the kids to bed. And on that note, he left this morning saying a very sincere "I love You" after getting Josh and Eli up and ready for school for me so that I could sleep in as long as possible.

So, really, I AM very happy that he has chosen to share his life with me! He is such a great hubby and an even better Daddy! And you know anyone can be a dad, but it takes someone special to be a Daddy! Happy Birthday Early, Honey, even though you will probably NEVER read this! XOXOXOXOXO!!

By the way, I colored the porcupine image in three different colors of Copics, the butterfly with orange and yellow and outlined the entire image in a warm toner gray to ground the image. I LOVE coloring!

My first {MEAGER} attempts at COPICS!

Here are my first three attempts with my Copics from Friday night. Believe it or not, the images got worse, not better, with each card! I think I was just trying to do MORE with the Copics so that I could see what they could and couldn't do. And, apparently pushed my luck with each! HA HA! I do love the first and second card, but I think I over-loaded the third with gray, so it doesn't look as nice as the first two images.

This layout is also a Splitcoast challenge sketch from a week or two ago. I am going to upload them to my gallery there, too. I want to add to my gallery so I will have a way of viewing my cards all at once. Not just for myself, but for others, too. Since there is no way of having sections in blogger, where you can MAKE your own gallery of items, I will just have to upload them onto SplitCoast. {There is a link to my Gallery in the left hand column, if you didn't notice}

These are MY cards. I will keep them for myself, since I feel they are a little special, being my first few meager attempts at marker-drawing with Copics. That is why the sentiments may be smudged or the images a little smeared. I knew they would be for me to keep and since my main concern was learning to use the Copics, I didn't care if the wording wasn't perfect.

The patterned paper is by Basic Grey and the blue color is Bayou Blue by Stampin' UP!

More Flesh Tones!

I love having FLESH tones with the Copics. I think that is the best thing! I never wanted to use certain stamp sets because I couldn't color in the skin-tones on people! Well, that has been remedied, so I made this card this past weekend, as well. The patterned paper is by Basic Grey again. Gotta love the masculine-feel of the paper. I also colored the outside of the stamp's image in a blue Copic color. I layered a really light blue about three times until I came up with this shade to match the paper. Click to enlarge the picture so you can see the flesh-shading on the arms and fingers! YUM, I need more COPICS!

Thanks to a Special Someone

I made this card for someone I wanted to send a special thank you to. I colored in the bird and flower with my new Copic Markers that I love so much. This is simple, but it IS a one-of-a-kind which I tend NOT to send out to anyone. I usually hoard my originals. It gives me a way to look back and see my progression over time.

BUT, I had to send this out to a special someone who deserves an original! I hope they like it!

My Anniversary card!

Sometimes I hate knowing that my hubby doesn't check my blog. It gives me a sense of uncaring. BUT, then again, if he checked it I wouldn't be able to show you the card I made for him for our anniversary coming up. Well, not coming up SOON, as our anniversary is the 4th of July, not June, but since I had time this weekend to attack some past challenges on SplitCoast, I went ahead and made some cards I KNEW that HAD to be made eventually.

Being married on the 4th of July, I just HAD to use this stamp set by SUP! that I borrowed from my friend, Tiffany. It is made for the 4th of July; to celebrate that day. I didn't do red, white and blue, though as my hubby tends to not want to incorporate the holiday into OUR day (which I think is sweet!). So, I used this happy paper by Bo Bunny. It does have stars, (I hope he doesn't hate that!), but it still seems lovey dovey with the heart, I think. I will write a personal note inside of course, since there is no real sentiment on the front. You better just promise not to tell him it is on here for him to see! HA HA!

Sunday, May 18

Checkin' In...

Hiddy Ho Neighbor (as my Tim Allen-loving friend, Chas, would say) ! I apologize for not posting the Copics results yet. I hope everyone's weekend was exciting and fun at the same time!

I had a few errands to run today and then had some continuing issues from my surgery (that I had a couple of weeks ago) that put me back in bed by 7pm tonight. I didn't mean to fall asleep for five hours! I even slept in until 11am this morning! WOW, I didn't even feel sleepy, so waking up at midnight was quite a shock! NOW I am awake running around with COPICS on the brain! I just want to go play some more and I guess I might just have to if I can't get back to sleep again! UGH!

I made some really fun cards on Saturday using my Copics, and I have to say that I love having flesh-tones the most. I first reached for a stamp set that I haven't used ever in 2 years because it had a woman's image and before I didn't know what to do with the skin coloring! Well, let me tell you what... problem, no more! I gave her skin and some blush, too!

I have always loved to color, whether using crayons in coloring books with the kids, pencil colors, watercolor crayons or pastels with my SUP! stamps, coloring has always been a great form of relaxation for me. Copic-coloring has been extra fun! It is like 'adult-coloring' and to be able to use these and get nice-enough results that you feel proud to show on a card to send out to a friend or family makes me happy to invest in even MORE colors!

WELL, I am going to try to go back to bed and get more rest AND sleep. I don't know how successful I will be doing that since my brain is saying "stamp, Stamp, STAMP!!!" but I know I really need to keep resting and recovering with some extra down-time for a few more weeks until I can go full-strength. I will post goodies tomorrow, so check back!

Friday, May 16

I did it!

I played with the COPICS! I have GOOD things to show you, but no charged camera to help me out! I will show you my progression tomorrow as soon as I can! I WUV my COPICS! I am so super duper glad I invested in the sketch-style, too. You'll see why!


Christmas in July.. er... May!

LOOKIE at what Santa brought me! YEP! COPICS!!!!!!! Notice how nicely secure they were packaged; in layers upon layers of bubble-wrapped rows! AW! I guess this distributor knows how much we artists appreciate our tools and supplies! I had to take advantage of the price, nearly 40% off, but it was good for only 48 hours, so I zapped them an order!!! 40% OFF! Can't beat that with a stick, can ya? Click to enlarge the pictures so you can see all of the glorious colors! I hope to be able to sit and relax and play this evening, so if I do I will take some pics for you! ENJOY!

Now if my two wire racks would just come in!

The new RED hot ME!

This one's for my mom. She can click on my picture to enlarge it to see my new RED highlights! Ok, honest opinions, does anyone think I should go back to blond? I think it kinda suits me, since I am a little firey at times. I caught Scott eyeing me a few times last night. I know he likes it, but it takes some getting used to. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I think "hmm... I don't know".... What'cha think?

PreSchool Thank You's!

Howdy Neighbors! I wish I had taken more pictures of these two keychains! One of the kids must have played with the camera and changed my settings because nearly all the pictures were blurry! These two keychains were gifted to KayLee's two preschool teachers yesterday at her graduation party. Miss Donna and Miss Kiley really liked them and Kiley said she already hooked up her keys to it before we left! They were really great with KayLee and did help her work out some social skills since she was on the younger end of the scale for her class. Miss Donna and Miss Kiley will surely be missed! Everything (except the heart) is sterling! Everyone needs some KeyBling! To me, a keychain is just another piece of jewelry! And since you have your keys with you no matter where you go, you should have one that reflects you! If you want one, email me and I will see if I can help ya out. Prices range from $20.00 to $50.00, which uses a sterling keyring as well.


Thursday, May 15

Maybe my hair should be blue, not red!

Take this test!
You are Marge from The Simpsons. You may not share Marge's blue bouffant, but you do share her animated style of mothering. Sometimes the pressures of maintaining a happy home may push you toward the edge, but at the end of the day, you believe in your children wholeheartedly, even when they're being rather, um, spirited.

You encourage your kids' creativity and individuality, whether that means watching them perform the saxophone or helping them raise exotic lizards. You may sometimes say things that sound like old-fashioned parenting clich├ęs, but when it comes down to dealing with domestic disasters, you can be a pretty together, modern mama.

I need a break!

The last two days have been very busy... Eli had a kindergarten program and Isaac was horrible and I had to pick him up to remove him from the auditorium because he was screaming. Yes, I KNOW that I am not supposed to be lifting anything because of my surgery! What else was I to do?

Today KayLee had her graduation party for preschool. After that I had my hair dyed red, but it wasn't really the color I told her I wanted. It was REALLY dark, almost a burgundy, so she had to highlight it on top of that and all the while KayLee and Isaac were in the waiting room playing. (the original appt WAS SUPPOSED to take 40 minutes) I didn't get out for an hour and 40 minutes.

Thank goodness the kids were good. BUT while I was dying my hair, Josh called from school because his car was dead. I had to call my friend Amy to go get Eli and then had to run to get Josh after my hair was done, then had to take Josh to his hair appt, then had to go to the bank, then had to pick up Eli at Amy's then had to pick up Josh when he was done with his hair. THEN we went back to the highschool to get Eli's booster seat out of the car, then we had to go pick up the truck at the shop, then went home. AND on top of that, all morning I was busy finishing up gifts for the teachers, and thank-you notes for KayLee to give to her friends from the party last weekend. I printed out pictures of KayLee with each of her friends and mounted them on the front of each of their cards. Stupid me forgot to take pictures of them before I put them in her backpack.

HOW MUCH RESTING do you honestly think I got done today? So much for recovery-time! OH AND YES, this is the 2nd time I got my hair done this week. Tuesday I had it foiled with red and blond and well, the red didn't take. PLUS the fact that Scott was actually ok with me trying red finally, made me take him up on his suggestion right away so he wouldn't have time to change his mind. SO I had my entire head done in one color, then freaked out because the color wasn't the color I wanted in the magazine. SO, she remedied it with a highlight and now I LOVE it. I need to dye my eyebrows now, or at least lighten them. I have done that before, so I will just have to take care of that next weekend. NOT THIS ONE! UGH.
I am really sore and if I wasn't already on an antibiotic I would think I had an infection. I am going to call Dr. B if I don't get better by tomorrow after staying in bed for 12 hours. SO, that was my day. Lovely, huh? Well, at least the preschool running around is done until August 18th when Isaac begins his first year of it. Just six more days of school and Josh will be a senior and Eli a first-grader! It is so funny to think that next year I will have children ranging in grades from Preschool to High School. Then again, it is even FUNNIER to think that the following year I will have Isaac still in preschool and Josh as a freshman in college!!!!!!! HA HA! WAIT a minute! Does that mean I am getting old? OR ALREADY OLD? HA HA HA!

Blessings on your evening!
(I will post the teacher's keychains tomorrow! So, check back!)

Wednesday, May 14

Freebie Posted!!!

OKAY PEOPLE! The next freebie is posted. I changed my mind from one thing to another to now this. I don't have time to pull together the other idea I had. SO, for now, this time, it will be another KeyBling! I will save the other idea for next time.

AND, after much thought and consideration, I got realistic on the amount of time I have to put towards tallying, drawing, posting, etc... And, since the next two weeks are a huge mess of little things piling up to do (dentist appts, immunization appts, school letting out, dr. appts, regular orders to fill, NEW and EXCITING adventures I committed to) I think that a 2 week drawing it will be. This just gives you more chances to win!

The picture doesn't do the keychain justice at all. This is honestly one of my personal favorites. I LOVE the color combo since it can be a year-round KeyBling with the lime and also with the mocca chocolate crystals. It is really beautiful! And, shoot, if ya win and don't like it, give it to someone for their birthday! HA HA!

OK, that is it! I am off to make some teacher's gifts for KayLee's teachers. Her last day of preschool is tomorrow! And I want to make sure they know we appreciate their hard work. Since teaching the preschool through 5th grade art classes, I KNOW how much work teachers put in behind the scenes on their own time! So, I just want to say THANKS!

Miss Donna
Miss Kiley,

Tuesday, May 13

Busy Day...

It was a very busy day today. First, my DH let me sleep until near 8am, which apparently my body must have needed because I didn't even hear HIM get up or ELI get up or JOSH get up! For that matter, even by then, he had Isaac fed and ready and KayLee was tooting around, too!!!!!! So, that tells me my body is still trying to recover from the surgery.

Second, I ordered some COPICs today! I found a really awesome sale, so I took advantage of it and ordered away. I also ordered some wire-stands for the markers to stand in. HOW MANY did I order, you ask? Well, let's just put it this way... I had to order TWO of the wire-stands that hold 72 markers EACH... Yeah, I know. I am bad.

Third, after taking KayLee to preschool I went to get my hair colored and cut. Well, that took over an hour and a half. By the time I got home it was almost time to get KayLee picked up, but first I had to go swap the truck (with Isaac in toe) for the van at the shop. I had dust-buildup in my brakes, so they had to be cleaned up. SO, I did that and then went to pick up KayLee. We went to the bank, went back to pay my hairdresser CASH for doing my hair today and to pre-pay for Josh's and KayLee's haircuts on Thursday... $85.00 poorer today.

Fourth, I got home and FINALLY went through the list of MP3Players that Josh has been wanting for his birthday. I know, his birthday was Saturday, but he has been very understanding and kind about it since I had surgery earlier that week and was pretty much on drugs and bed-ridden until yesterday. He and I looked online and narrowed it down to one. I was about to order when the dentist called and said I missed KayLee's and Eli's appointments this afternoon. I apologized profusely since they just called MONDAY, yes, yesterday to remind me. I blame it on the drugs even though I didn't have any today! HA HA! Scott came home, asked Josh to mow the grass, the MP3Player didn't get ordered, but Scott took over the kids and supper and...

Fifth, I went to bed to lay down horizontal to relieve myself of the stress on my pelvis. I slept THROUGH IDOL!!!!!! ACK!!!!! But, I did enjoy watching Robin Williams on Law & Order SVU with hubby. THEN, after that was over, I did manage to get on here and post the many reasons WHY the next freebie wasn't posted today!

Tomorrow should be a better day. I have some teacher-gifts to make for KayLee's preschool teachers since Thursday is her last day (wiping tears away....) of preschool. BUT, that will put me into the craft room tomorrow, so I should be able to post the freebie by the end of the day tomorrow. Eli has his 2nd tball game tomorrow night, and since I missed the first one on Monday due to exhaustion and NEEDING to lay down, I PROMISED to go to the next one tomorrow. But, seriously as the hours go by, I do find it easier to get through them compared to just hours before... so I am on the up-swing. I should be emailing everyone back by the end of the week! Thanks again for being so patient with this recovery-timeframe; I know it took longer than expected, and I apologize for that. I just didn't know that was going to happen! But don't worry, you can now say...


Monday, May 12

All's well!

Ok, so the dr. appointment took too long and then I forgot to drop something off at This Olde House... SO this means I had to go back out and do some extra running around. I have been on my feet wayyyyyy too much and seriously MUST lay down. My pelvis feels like it is breaking in half, so after a much needed rest I will post the next freebie that is up for grabs. I changed my mind on what I was going to post, so the timeframe of the drawing may change as well. I need to think on it and decide later after I find a clear-brain to use. Right now everything is just all fuzzy.

Thanks again for all of the well-wishes and emails. {A special THANKS to JenMarie for the lovely card, too!} I still haven't emailed everyone concerning jewelry requests and/or personal questions, so for now just know that I am on the upswing (according to my doctor this afternoon)and will return to regular blogging and returning emails soon. Thanks so much for being supportive during this time of recovery. Seriously this surgery/repair has been a lot more difficult than expected, so I sincerely appreciate your kindness and patience!

Check back later for the Freebie!

Next Freebie on the way!

Quick post here... I will post the next Freebie after awhile. I have a Dr. appointment at 2pm to make sure all is well from my surgery from Tuesday. Since I am not recovering according to the norm, they want to have a looksie at me. Yeah, lovely. I will get the next Freebie posted ASAP! Get your votes in NOW as this drawing will be next week, NOT next MONTH! THANKS!

AND the WINNER is......

Can you see your name in the bowl??

KayLee and Isaac stirred the names up really good!

It was Isaac's turn to pick....

Here's a closer look!
LISA L from Georgia!!

I am so excited that Lisa won! She is a faithful, everyday voter!
And a special note of THANKS to my mom, sister and Robyn for voting nearly everday!

Sunday, May 11

Happy Mother's Day

... to my mom! Of course, I had to include my dad in this picture because without him, too, my mom wouldn't have become a mom! DUH! So, Happy Mother's Day, MOM! I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing day with Dad catering to your every whim! I love you!

Happy Birthday...

... to KayLee, who turned 5 on Friday!!
... to Josh, who turned 18 on Saturday!!
I love you both so much
and am very proud to
call you MINE!

I had to edit this post to show my mom that she did good with her presents for KayLee. KayLee LOVED dressing her Jeanie in her birthday outfit. Puppy, pink Kitty and bunny all enjoyed a slice of the 'play birthday cake' that Jeanie's birthday outfit came with. Thanks, Grammy!

Thursday, May 8


Thanks, Kris for sending me this cute little pic!
It surely brightened my day!

Wednesday, May 7

Still not up to par

Quickie Post. Not up to par like I thought I would be at this point. The ablation was a breeze, but the other, not so much. I am having issues, so I will get back to emailing each of you soon.

Blessings on your evening!

Tuesday, May 6

Back Home Finally!

Good Evening! I finally got home around 7pm. I was scheduled for surgery at 11:30am, but I didn't even get anesthesia and set-up until after 1:15pm. The two scheduled surgeries (before me) ran longer than expected, so getting me even started took awhile. I was back in my room around 4pm and released sometime around 6:30pm. We had to pick up my meds first before coming home.

I apologize for this being a NON-PERKY note, like my posts usually are. But, seriously, this has been a very difficult day for me.

Katrina, thank you so much for watching KayLee and Isaac today! AND a HUGE THANKS for keeping them longer than we originally thought you would have to. I am so grateful for you!

Thanks to all of my friends for their well-wishes and phonecalls (Amy). All of your positive thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated!

To my Honey, thanks for taking off the rest of the week to take care of the kids so I can recover with a worry-free head!

I have to say a HUGE Thank You to my minister, Steve Seitz. Steve came in around 10am and stayed until 4pm. Steve stayed with Scott until my doctor came out to announce that all was well. I LOVE YOU, STEVE!

And, finally a GINORMOUS SHOUT OUT to Chas, my surgical tech/RN friend (I hope I got the title right, if not correct me because I want you to get credit where credit is due!). She came in on her day off and even assisted in my surgery without pay! NOW that is friendship! Chas, you have no idea how much you being there (to watch my back!) meant to me. I sooooo owe you! Love Ya, Chas!

I will post when I am feeling better as this post took forever to compose. Darn pain killers make you move like pond water!


Monday, May 5

On Medical Leave

Okay, People, I am officially going to remove myself from blogging, at least for ONE WHOLE DAY!!!! HA HA!
I shall return ASAP! Send positive thoughts and prayers my way!

2 minute egg Surprise

Ok, so get this.... in anticipation of my surgery tomorrow, I think... 'Well, maybe I should get all the meals in that I can in case the surgery keeps me in bed not feeling like wanting to eat.' So, you know stock up on some energy, fat storage, etc..... So, I go and make TWO two-minute eggs. For those of you who don't know what that is, you take an egg or two, but them in a pan of 2" of boiling water, let them boil for two minutes and you're done. You crack open the shell, remove the contents and eat on or with toast. (OR in fancy places eat out of the half-egg-shell poised so perfectly on one of those cute egg~stands.)

My daughter, KayLee who is nearly 5, comes in the kitchen and sees the uncracked egg. Thinking that this is NOT going to be 'her thing' I let her see it cracked with the contents spilled and messy. Hmm.... She doesn't seem bothered. Ok, so I will let her TASTE it, that will surely guarantee my ability to eat BOTH eggs on both pieces of my bread. Hmm.... she smiles. And says, "Mommy, I LIKE IT!", UNBELIEVABLE! So, I scarf mine down, fix her up with her own plate of MY second egg. She eats the egg with a spoon, followed by a bite of buttered toast. She eats the first piece of bread while I take pictures. And once she finishes her first piece of toast she wants MORE toast to finish sopping up the eggs on the plate. So, she takes the third piece of toast that I made for Isaac! How's that for a surprise? I never would have thought that ANY child would like a 2 minute egg! HA HA!

Have a good day!

Sunday, May 4

Second call for CINDEE!!!

Ms. Cindee found me through another blogger, Allison, who posted me as a new SCS participant a few weeks ago. As soon as she saw the ScissorBling and the Margarita bracelet, she KNEW she just had to have StrawberryBling for her scissors and cellphone! Well, here ya go, Ms. Cindee!!! I hope you love them as much as I do! I had to control myself from putting these babies in my mouth! YUMMERS!