Wednesday, May 28


We had a busy day today! The kids had dental cleaning appointments and immunizations today. Poor KayLee had four shots, while the other three kids had just one each. And we managed to squeeze in a trip to the pet store AND a run to Dairy Queen for some cones and icecream sandwiches. Then we came home and played outside until I had to fix supper and do the evening routine.

I probably over did it with the running around, but yesterday was the absolute best I have felt in three weeks, so I kinda forgot to slow down a bit today. AND I can feel it. The stitches are not happy with me! HA HA! Oh, well! I am going to go to bed and get horizontal, so I shouldn't feel bad for long!

I am glad that I am getting a lot of the necessary things that need to be done over summer right away. Dental & Shots this week, 5 yr old / kindergarten check up for KayLee next week, stuff like that. This way I can really enjoy the summer and not have those things in the back of my mind to worry about!

Hope everyone is doing fine!


Robb_eeie said...

You have to be the most organized person in this Universe, especially when it comes to your precious children. The average parent puts off all the immunizations and check-ups until the very last moment, then they are cramming to get into their Dr.'s before the first day of school.
Good for you Nicole in ensuring your children are ready and prepared and most importantly ~ Healthy & Protected~ now they can ~Relax~, as well as you, knowing that the kids are all needled up and ready to enter their next stage in life.

BRAVO Nicole !! !!

KJ said...

Just make sure you take it easy, girl!