Monday, May 5

2 minute egg Surprise

Ok, so get this.... in anticipation of my surgery tomorrow, I think... 'Well, maybe I should get all the meals in that I can in case the surgery keeps me in bed not feeling like wanting to eat.' So, you know stock up on some energy, fat storage, etc..... So, I go and make TWO two-minute eggs. For those of you who don't know what that is, you take an egg or two, but them in a pan of 2" of boiling water, let them boil for two minutes and you're done. You crack open the shell, remove the contents and eat on or with toast. (OR in fancy places eat out of the half-egg-shell poised so perfectly on one of those cute egg~stands.)

My daughter, KayLee who is nearly 5, comes in the kitchen and sees the uncracked egg. Thinking that this is NOT going to be 'her thing' I let her see it cracked with the contents spilled and messy. Hmm.... She doesn't seem bothered. Ok, so I will let her TASTE it, that will surely guarantee my ability to eat BOTH eggs on both pieces of my bread. Hmm.... she smiles. And says, "Mommy, I LIKE IT!", UNBELIEVABLE! So, I scarf mine down, fix her up with her own plate of MY second egg. She eats the egg with a spoon, followed by a bite of buttered toast. She eats the first piece of bread while I take pictures. And once she finishes her first piece of toast she wants MORE toast to finish sopping up the eggs on the plate. So, she takes the third piece of toast that I made for Isaac! How's that for a surprise? I never would have thought that ANY child would like a 2 minute egg! HA HA!

Have a good day!

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