Friday, May 2

Woman-Issues NO MORE!

Good evening everyone! My sincerest apologies for the lack of posts lately. I have been getting some extra cooking and cleaning done in anticipation for my upcoming surgery on Tuesday, in addition to suffering through what should (hopefully) be my last month of severe cramping! I was originally expecting to be back up and running by the end of the week, at latest, however, things have changed and I am having some additional procedures done; SO I will be on "down-time" for up to 6 weeks. So, if the posting suffers it will probably be because of that.

I am really glad that I invested in my wireless internet and new laptop computer NOW! I will be able to relax and take it easy in bed or on the couch while still surfing and emailing everyone what is going on. I may blog some, but I doubt there will be a lot of newbies coming up.

Blogger announced that they how have "scheduled blogging" where you can compose a post ahead of time and have it scheduled to post while you are away from the computer or be able to keep your blog running while on vacation, or out *SICK*, so I guess I could do that! IF I find enough time this weekend to make some newbies, I may just schedule some posts (with jewelry or paper-crafts) so they will keep you company until I physically return back to the normal, everyday posting.

I will make that my goal for the weekend! Please be patient if I don't return your email right away; I will confirm any orders or answer emails as soon as I am able, I PROMISE!!

Make it a SUPAH Saturday!

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