Thursday, May 15

I need a break!

The last two days have been very busy... Eli had a kindergarten program and Isaac was horrible and I had to pick him up to remove him from the auditorium because he was screaming. Yes, I KNOW that I am not supposed to be lifting anything because of my surgery! What else was I to do?

Today KayLee had her graduation party for preschool. After that I had my hair dyed red, but it wasn't really the color I told her I wanted. It was REALLY dark, almost a burgundy, so she had to highlight it on top of that and all the while KayLee and Isaac were in the waiting room playing. (the original appt WAS SUPPOSED to take 40 minutes) I didn't get out for an hour and 40 minutes.

Thank goodness the kids were good. BUT while I was dying my hair, Josh called from school because his car was dead. I had to call my friend Amy to go get Eli and then had to run to get Josh after my hair was done, then had to take Josh to his hair appt, then had to go to the bank, then had to pick up Eli at Amy's then had to pick up Josh when he was done with his hair. THEN we went back to the highschool to get Eli's booster seat out of the car, then we had to go pick up the truck at the shop, then went home. AND on top of that, all morning I was busy finishing up gifts for the teachers, and thank-you notes for KayLee to give to her friends from the party last weekend. I printed out pictures of KayLee with each of her friends and mounted them on the front of each of their cards. Stupid me forgot to take pictures of them before I put them in her backpack.

HOW MUCH RESTING do you honestly think I got done today? So much for recovery-time! OH AND YES, this is the 2nd time I got my hair done this week. Tuesday I had it foiled with red and blond and well, the red didn't take. PLUS the fact that Scott was actually ok with me trying red finally, made me take him up on his suggestion right away so he wouldn't have time to change his mind. SO I had my entire head done in one color, then freaked out because the color wasn't the color I wanted in the magazine. SO, she remedied it with a highlight and now I LOVE it. I need to dye my eyebrows now, or at least lighten them. I have done that before, so I will just have to take care of that next weekend. NOT THIS ONE! UGH.
I am really sore and if I wasn't already on an antibiotic I would think I had an infection. I am going to call Dr. B if I don't get better by tomorrow after staying in bed for 12 hours. SO, that was my day. Lovely, huh? Well, at least the preschool running around is done until August 18th when Isaac begins his first year of it. Just six more days of school and Josh will be a senior and Eli a first-grader! It is so funny to think that next year I will have children ranging in grades from Preschool to High School. Then again, it is even FUNNIER to think that the following year I will have Isaac still in preschool and Josh as a freshman in college!!!!!!! HA HA! WAIT a minute! Does that mean I am getting old? OR ALREADY OLD? HA HA HA!

Blessings on your evening!
(I will post the teacher's keychains tomorrow! So, check back!)

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