Monday, May 12

AND the WINNER is......

Can you see your name in the bowl??

KayLee and Isaac stirred the names up really good!

It was Isaac's turn to pick....

Here's a closer look!
LISA L from Georgia!!

I am so excited that Lisa won! She is a faithful, everyday voter!
And a special note of THANKS to my mom, sister and Robyn for voting nearly everday!

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Robb_eeie said...

{{ OH MY GOSH!!! }}
[[Jumping Up & Down]]

I saw my name in the "official" Contest Bowl ! LOL ! I'm was SOOOOO excited when I leaned forward into my computer screen, and peered deeply into the bowl. *wink* :0) Now can we please teach KayLee how to read all the ~~*R*~~ names in the batch =) ha

And stop worrying your pretty little head about the next *Freebie* ~~~ you take care of Yourself and we'll all still keep voting and Life will move on. When things are back to normal and you are feeling better, THEN you are "allowed" to worry about your Freebie, otherwise -->

((Yes, Mother is speaking now. *smile*))
I'm know we all miss your blogging and creations and pictures, but please ensure to get yourself better before you concern yourself with your blog.

You are truely missed :0) xxoo