Monday, May 19

My first {MEAGER} attempts at COPICS!

Here are my first three attempts with my Copics from Friday night. Believe it or not, the images got worse, not better, with each card! I think I was just trying to do MORE with the Copics so that I could see what they could and couldn't do. And, apparently pushed my luck with each! HA HA! I do love the first and second card, but I think I over-loaded the third with gray, so it doesn't look as nice as the first two images.

This layout is also a Splitcoast challenge sketch from a week or two ago. I am going to upload them to my gallery there, too. I want to add to my gallery so I will have a way of viewing my cards all at once. Not just for myself, but for others, too. Since there is no way of having sections in blogger, where you can MAKE your own gallery of items, I will just have to upload them onto SplitCoast. {There is a link to my Gallery in the left hand column, if you didn't notice}

These are MY cards. I will keep them for myself, since I feel they are a little special, being my first few meager attempts at marker-drawing with Copics. That is why the sentiments may be smudged or the images a little smeared. I knew they would be for me to keep and since my main concern was learning to use the Copics, I didn't care if the wording wasn't perfect.

The patterned paper is by Basic Grey and the blue color is Bayou Blue by Stampin' UP!


Ann said...

I think they look really awesome, Nicole!

KJ said...

I think they are cute!!