Tuesday, May 6

Back Home Finally!

Good Evening! I finally got home around 7pm. I was scheduled for surgery at 11:30am, but I didn't even get anesthesia and set-up until after 1:15pm. The two scheduled surgeries (before me) ran longer than expected, so getting me even started took awhile. I was back in my room around 4pm and released sometime around 6:30pm. We had to pick up my meds first before coming home.

I apologize for this being a NON-PERKY note, like my posts usually are. But, seriously, this has been a very difficult day for me.

Katrina, thank you so much for watching KayLee and Isaac today! AND a HUGE THANKS for keeping them longer than we originally thought you would have to. I am so grateful for you!

Thanks to all of my friends for their well-wishes and phonecalls (Amy). All of your positive thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated!

To my Honey, thanks for taking off the rest of the week to take care of the kids so I can recover with a worry-free head!

I have to say a HUGE Thank You to my minister, Steve Seitz. Steve came in around 10am and stayed until 4pm. Steve stayed with Scott until my doctor came out to announce that all was well. I LOVE YOU, STEVE!

And, finally a GINORMOUS SHOUT OUT to Chas, my surgical tech/RN friend (I hope I got the title right, if not correct me because I want you to get credit where credit is due!). She came in on her day off and even assisted in my surgery without pay! NOW that is friendship! Chas, you have no idea how much you being there (to watch my back!) meant to me. I sooooo owe you! Love Ya, Chas!

I will post when I am feeling better as this post took forever to compose. Darn pain killers make you move like pond water!



Robb_eeie said...

I'm so glad to hear you are home and resting :0) Now just take as much time as you need to rest, sleep, eat and regain you're strength. This isn't a race so please don't push yourself.

Hugs & Warm Wishes....

Tiffany said...

Glad to hear everything went well!!! I hope you are up and around soon!!!

JenMarie said...

Rest up and hope your back to 100% soon! God Bless!