Thursday, January 31

The next Johnny Bench....

Could be feelin' better....

.... is an understatement. I have been ill and my lovely hubby stayed home today to take care of me and the kids. Since I have nothing NEW to post, I went through my old pics and found this picture above....

Did you know that a couple years ago I was commissioned to make a baby photo album for the famous baseball player, JOHNNY BENCH?? IF you don't know who he is, ask any MALE in your family! This is his son, Justin Palmer. Johnny re-married a (very much) younger woman, who gave him this gorgeous son. Hard to believe he will be 2 years old soon! Click to enlarge!

Wednesday, January 30

WHY can't we all just get along?

Working on Orders

Hey there! I have been busy working on orders for This Olde House, who sells my paper~crafts and jewelry. I thought I would make this for Karen's store. She is so good to me! I broke in the new ProvoCraft Cricut Expression last night making this. She loved it!!!

Monday, January 28



Check back later. I am re-vamping the bracelet below. Something about it just doesn't click with me, so I am re-doing it. I just emailed and pulled it out of judging since I didn't get confirmation on the entry yet, so I let them know that I was going to re-do it and enter it later today or tomorrow. It just looks empty by the clasp, so I am going to CHUNK it up with a different crystal layout. WISH ME LUCK! HA HA!

Sunday, January 27

Entry #4

Fourth and FINAL entry for the design contest! I hadn't planned on making a bracelet with just these four beads, but I figured I should do all I can to try to win! Doesn't this remind you of RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS??

Entry #1

I loooooove this bracelet! My two favorite colors, PINK and YELLOW!! are in this gorgeous blingy bracelet. And, you know, when you enter a contest for something like this, you can't hold back. SO, I put in tons of Swarovski on the toggle and in the bracelet, as well. You never know what judges are looking for. Maybe something fun and funky; maybe something timeless; maybe something with a new technical twist. So, this is what I came up with and love them even if they don't win! Click on the pictures to enlarge.

As of right now, these bracelets aren't for sale. Until I know the results of the competition, I will keep them safe and secure. Because if they DO WIN, I will take them to craft shows that I attend as a vendor, to display them along with awards. That makes your jewelry (both past, present and future work) worth even more money!!!

I am not sure when the judging takes place, but I hope they announce the winners before the next Art Show and The Crop for the Cure, so I can take them with me to show new customers. And, if I don't win, I will just have to wear them anyway! HA HA HA!!!!!!

I know lampwork (explanation at left) isn't for everyone. Not everyone likes the style, but for those who DO, I think I offer really beautiful and balanced handcrafted one-of-a-kind jewelry that they will cherish for a life-time.

Entry #2

A lot of you have seen me wear this funky bracelet before. It is really cool and has such beautiful organic~like colors that represent water, the sky, the earth! The copper gives it just the right touch! I love this one, it always gets noticed wherever I go!

Entry #3

Here is a picture re-take on the bracelet that I posted last night. I like these pictures better and these are the ones that I entered into the contest! I hope I win!!

Saturday, January 26


Awareness Bracelets in black and white ready for order! Obviously the toggles are missing, they are on order. BUT, believe me, they are going to be the PERFECT finishing touch to these gorgeous bracelets! When the toggles come in I will re-shoot these and show you the toggle detail.

I am going to make myself a black one for myself. Then again, maybe I will take BOTH! Anyone want one? These are $85.00 each, with $15.00 going to the Susan G Komen CROP FOR THE CURE for each one ordered!!! OR you can try to win them at the silent auctions on 3/1 and 3/15 in Evansville... see link below!

Lampwork Beauty Contest!

I want to win this design competition so bad! The gal who made these lampwork beads holds a contest for her customers every year. THIS year the grand prize is going to her studio and learning HOW to make lampwork beads for two days!!!! So, of course I want to win!! She does not do the judging herself, as that would be a conflict of interest for her. She has a company do the judging, so hopefully I will win something! Second and third places win FREE beads! So, I will take those as well. I will post the other bracelet that I am entering in the contest tomorrow, it isn't quite finished yet.

Comin' AT YA!

Quick post, as I am on a roll whippin' up the bracelets!

I FINISHED the Awareness Bracelets that will be in the Silent Auctions at the CROP for the CURE (link at left for you new readers today!) already this morning. I came downstairs to pick up the memory card for the camera so I can take pictures of them and figured I would update you about it since I was on the computer checking email!

I don't have the toggles that I have picked to use for the Awareness collection, so the bracelets will be posted without them, but I just can't wait to show you, they are AWESOME! I will be taking orders for these two special lampwork bracelets as well. I will not have these on hand to sell at the Crop because the beads are just too expensive for me to order in advance. SO, if you end up wanting one, let me know and I will let JEN, my lampwork artist~friend, know to light up the torch!

I will be back this afternoon to post the Awareness Lamp Bracelets (along with price) and also some other newbies that I am entering into a contest! I found the MOJO, so I am going to keep creating until I get wiped-out!

Have a SUPAH Saturday!

Friday, January 25

Breast Cancer Awareness Beads!

Here they are.... JUST IN TODAY donated by one of my lampwork friends! She donated these two sets for me to string up into bracelets to donate to the silent auctions at THE CROP FOR THE CURE on 3/1 and 3/15... (link at left) I will also be taking orders for these as well. When I get them both done I will post the final product and will take orders, with proceeds going to the fundraiser! Maybe I can win the grand prize for most money raised! I hope I have enough crystals on hand tomorrow to string these up and post by the end of the day tomorrow. SO CHECK BACK!

Miss C's Butter Cream Beads!

My newest Lampwork~Lover, Miss C bought this copper and cream bracelet earlier this week. I originally bought these lampwork beads because they remind me of my wedding cake. I had white on white buttercream wedding cakes that honestly looked just like these beads! My cake had some flowers, some leaves, some dots and some swirls! NOW, you ask "Then WHY would you part with them??" Well, I tell you. I don't wear cream much and I tend to wear white gold or sterling most of the time. SO, it didn't actually get picked to stay. NOW, IF noone had snatched it up after the next Art Show, then I had planned on taking it apart and stringing it into a keychain and a pair of earrings for myself.

BUT, I am glad that Miss C has given it a new home. She has plans to wear this to a wedding next weekend with a new cream sweater she just bought from Cold Water Creek, so she is excited to put this ensemble together and put that bride to shame! HA HA! Well, she may not look as great as the bride (no one ever does!) but I imagine she will be the second best~dressed, if I know her! Maybe I can talk her into giving me a picture of herself from the wedding to post to show you! I'll ask her!

Miss C's EVITA Necklace!

My newest customer, Miss C, is going to the theatre this weekend to see EVITA for the first time! "Don't cry for me, Argentina!" You are going to love it! I know I did when I saw it! AND I was only 12!

She had the dress and earrings ready to go, but mentioned to me (upon measuring her to re-size her bracelets she bought at This Olde House) that she needed a necklace to go with them. So, I threw this together for her and after some size adjustments she got this baby "TO GO!" for the evening with EVITA! Woo HOO! Now the picture does not do the necklace justice, but you get the basic idea. Miss C just wanted a little blingy~bauble at the neckline to pull together her black dress that has some silver threading and her black drop earrings... I think this shiny sterling and black lampwork beaded necklace did the job PERFECTLY, and so did she!

Miss C's new CANDY!

Miss C's new eye candy is surely to turn heads! I had to resize this one for her... yet again I managed to go overboard with the beads and made it way toooooo long originally! She loved it when I returned it (with the proper size) and I threw some earrings at her to wear with it for a little added surprise! She is the newest Anderson Arts ADDICT I have now added to my family of wonderful customers! Thank you again for the business and the future orders as well! I am looking forward to serving you (and your friends, ha ha!) with custom jewelry "fixes"!

Things to come!

Here are some Awareness TEASERS for you.....

PICTURES coming this afternoon!!

I have some exciting pictures for you!

Thursday, January 24

Happy Birthday, Kris!

I just want to give a quick
"SHOUT OUT" to my sister, Kris!
Her birthday is today!!
I hope you had a wonderful day
celebrating the
BIG 3-9 !!


Man, the past 48 hours has almost wiped me out! Wednesday mornings I have three hours alone without children. I have a friend of the family (one of my mom's best friends until Mom moved away) watch the kids for me so I can clean, run errands, etc. Amazing how much more you can get done without children tagging along or asking you for something causing you to have to stop and start a project over and over. SO, I did the house cleaning all morning yesterday and then after lunch I tackled the bead table.

I designed five main Awareness jewelry pieces to sell at The Crop for the Cure in March. I needed to get each design down so I would know how much sterling, swarovski's, pearls, etc., to order today. I will have more items than these five, but these will be the main focus of my Awareness jewelry selection at the Crop. Of course, I will be taking custom orders as well and will donate the proceeds to the Cure, too!

And, even though Scott was gone for a bit with the kids last night, I didn't get much accomplished. I had to figure out the supplies order and that can take forever sometimes! AND, of course, I was totally distracted with American Idol. Aretha cracked me up. She KNEW she could sing! AHHH! FUNNY! Just like sometimes people think they can cook! THEN, I HAD to watch Moment Of Truth. Unless you lead a totally perfect, Christian-influenced life and have never given in to ANY type of temptation, I wouldn't suggest going on this show! I wonder how many people will lose relationships/marriages after being on THAT show!

That was yesterday...... TODAY was a teacher inservice day, which meant a start of school after a 2 1/2 hour delay. SO, my morning was crazy! I went to a great gal's work (Hey, Ms. CS!) to measure her wrist for her bracelets to be re-sized and upon talking to her I ended up with a necklace order and some future orders for her friends and daughter-in-laws! So, that was cool!

I also managed to snatch up a babysitter for my two little ones a few days a week. Business is just too good right now to keep putting off these orders! My apologies for STILL not having some orders finished yet, IF you are one of the gals who is STILL waiting!! I haven't yet received my bead order from December! BUT, I do know it was shipped either last Saturday or earlier this week! SO, hopefully I will be ringing your bell next week!

Well, that is all for now, if any of the pictures came out clear enough, I will post a picture of the necklace that I made today and the bracelet that is now sold and living in a new home! It was one of my personal favorites!

Tuesday, January 22

You know who you are....

Don't you think it is funny when you run into someone (you haven't seen in a long time) you realize how some things stay the same although years have passed? Certain things in my past I have made myself forget. You know what I mean; The normal things like terrible relationships, stupid arguments, dumb decisions.... And then there are certain things I just hope I never ever forget. The more obvious things like my daughter's first steps, my first kiss (even though it was gross... he was a bad kisser!) and the first kick I felt from my youngest child. I will never be able to re~live those moments. However, I sincerely hope I never forget some people that I have been blessed to have in my life. From my first art teacher, Mrs. Black, who inspired me to nurture my talent to my girlfriends I lean on in times of sadness or stress. But now and then, through years and distance, I come across a person who has remained in my heart as if time has stood still. You know who you are and you will never be forgotten!

Thank you for always making me laugh!

New Items Coming SOON!

Hey PEOPLE! I hope everyone is doing well this cold and wintery morning!

I just wanted to inform you all that I am still working undercover on my latest line of goodies. A couple of you out there already know about it because you inspired it with your original order over 2 weeks ago! THANKS TO A. and K. for your input on this idea! I will be compensating you, don't forget! Also, any referrals will get you some free items, too!! A couple of my out of town customers have also added to the excitement of this new line, so it looks to be a hit!!!

I am still kind of stuck on a DEBUT date, since my calendar is full and I have about 11 items on order from you all, but the Open House may be sooner than you think! SO, stay tuned! Gotta go get my daughter ready for PreSchool!


Monday, January 21

Some Exciting News!

I have just been given the approval to sell Breast Cancer AWARENESS Jewelry at Evansville, Indiana's SUSAN G KOMEN's CROP FOR THE CURE! I have a selection of jewelry that I will be showcasing along with taking orders of the two different lampwork-style bracelets that I am donating to the silent auction that takes place at each event!!

I have their website on my list at left if you are interested in signing up to Crop all day to support Breast Cancer Research and Awareness! It costs just $30.00 to crop 12 hours from 9am to 9pm and they have door prizes donated and given away every hour on the hour to the scrappin' supporters! There are grand prizes given to the person who raises and donates the most amount of money, and also to other gals just for coming!

But of course the most important thing is raising AWARENESS and MONEY to FIND A CURE! The only time that I have personally experienced this disease is when I had an Aunt who died of breast cancer when I was just a little girl. She was very young and left behind three children at very young ages. Like I said, I was very young, but I do remember my cousin, Tiffany, very sad about her mother being gone and her telling me one time when I traveled to visit her how she missed her so much. This type of thing shouldn't happen to families, especially to young children.

I will be donating a portion of my sales (nearly all of my profits, minus a pinch to cover expenses) to this fundraiser, so anyone who purchases a piece of Awareness jewelry from me can also feel awesome knowing that they supported this important fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research!


Sunday, January 20

The MOM SONG & Don't Breathe

My sister finds the most hilarious things on the web...
The Mom Song, sung to William Tell Overture

Don't Breathe...

Saturday, January 19

Secretive WORK!

Hey all! Sorry, but I can't tell ya what I have been working on today. It is a secret! I have a fresh new idea coming out to you!! But I will be holding the secret until my OPEN HOUSE! YEP, that is right! If I can manage it, I will be hosting an Open House featuring my brand new artisan jewelry product that is sure to please most people! By this I mean, not EVERYONE wears jewelry! So, for those who do, you will be happy! HA HA!

I honestly can't believe that I hadn't thought of this earlier. I guess I hadn't been giving it that much thought! ANYWAY! I also have some awesome beads that I still haven't been able to get my hands on yet, but will force myself to tackle before the Open House. "WHEN" are you asking is the Open House? Well, I don't know yet. I need to check my hubby's travel schedule and look seriously at my free-time allowance to see what is realistically feasible. Now, I DO know that the Jasper Armory Arts and Crafts Spring Show is March 15th and March 16th, so if anything I will definitely showcase them there. But, I would really LOVE to have an Open House before then to say "THANKS" to my regular customers and FRIENDS who support my business! There is just so much going on before then!

From February 11th to March 19th, I am teaching 3 art classes to 3 year olds thru 5th grade three times a week! I do have a birthday coming up and there's Valentine's Day to celebrate as well! THEN there is The Crop for the Cure on March 1st that I have signed up for! I am going with 8 friends to this 12~hour Scrapping Day to benefit Breast Cancer, so I need to prepare myself for that event so that I don't have to take all of my stuff along in 4 bags! And then of course, there's preparing for the Spring Arts and Crafts Show for March 15/16!!

GEEZ! I think one of my goals (on a list at left) is to NOT over-commit myself! Guess I am failing that goal at this point and it is not even FEBRUARY YET! See, that is why I don't believe in 'resolutions'! Ha Ha Ha! Well, I will have to focus on cleaning that problem up after March 19th!

I will post a NEWBIE for you tomorrow... After working on my Secret New Item, I took Josh, my 17 1/2 yr old son, out to lunch and then had a nap! SO, I will get more accomplished tomorrow and give ya a looksie!

Blessings on your evening!

Friday, January 18

New Scrappin' TOOL! ~ Crop a Dile 2 ! ! !

Check out this blog link! It shows the new Honkin' CropADile 2!! It can set eyelets, snaps, etc at a deeper depth on your cardstock than the first one! Something told me not to buy that first one! Oh well! Check it out and tell me what you think!

I love Stampin' Kub's blog! Kurtis is 19, just turned 19 actually! His mom is a Stampin' UP! Demonstrator and he is on a few online and company design teams. WAY talented for being 19 and WAY confident in himself for being a male in a female-dominated industry! Check his blog out!

Have a SUPAH Day!

Thursday, January 17

Here they come!

Odds and ends from my favorite French lampwork artist, Marie. She is just divine! I asked her to throw together some extras if she had any she wanted to get rid of... NOW I can't exactly understand how she can part with them, but that is okay by me!!!! I am going to turn these into keychains, bookmarks and cell phone charms! If you see a few you want to put together in a keychain or something for yourself, let me know and I will hold them for you. There are a few extras here that go with some sets I already own, so I may be able to make some coordinating pendants now, too! Aren't these awesome beads? Click on the picture to enlarge and then look at the details of her dots, scrolls, swirls and flowers! They are so symetrical and balanced, she is amazingly talented!! She is what you call a PERFECTIONIST!!!!!!!

Winter Wonderland

This is the Winter Wonderland scene I woke up to this morning out of my bedroom window. Isn't it pretty? My whole morning is screwed up now, though. The schools were on a two-hour delay, so that pretty much messed up my schedule... oh well, at least the kids got their baths this morning so I don't have to worry about it tonight!

I didn't get too much done last night and with my morning messed up, my afternoon will be too, so if you want to check back for something new today, don't hold your breath! HA HA! BUT, you never know, I might surprise ya!

Wednesday, January 16

Still Recovering

Yesterday's screaming fiasco definitely put a damper on my mood! Still feelin' a little NON-creative. But I do have some orders that I NEED to fill ASAP and I have 3 bracelets that I need to put together to enter into a contest by Saturday. I hope to find my MOJO later tonight so check back tomorrow to see something new! Add me to your 'favorites' so you won't forget!

On a side note, did everyone see American Idol last night with the crazy veterinarian turned actress wanna-be? OH MY GOSH, I about died! What a looney! And I think Simon must be on some valium because he was actually nice, and even cordial, when Temptress (the 16 year old girl linebacker) had her breakdown and he went out to consol her with her family. Wow, he would almost be impressive, except that I bet he just stole some of Paula's drugs! HA HA HA! Ok, that was mean, and I, personally, have never heard of any proof of her having drugs on her or anything like that, but I did make a funny story with it though!! Sorry, I just couldn't resist!

Have to cut this post short. I have to get the kids fed and ready for church tonight. It is their weekly TGIW(ednesday) class night...


Tuesday, January 15

Under the Weather....

NOT ME, my little one, Isaac. He isn't necessarily sick, just tired! So you could say he's not 'sick and tired' ! HA HA HA!! I think he woke up too soon this morning. Usually he wakes up when I wake up Eli to get ready for school. But this morning he slept through that and for a bit longer until KayLee came out of her room and slammed the door shut! Poor little guy, got up too soon. And I (not Isaac) am the one who suffered all day. He screamed, whined, cried, yelled and fought me and KayLee all day! I am pooped. I had intended on crafting this evening, but I am just too drained. SO, I am going to watch American Idol (can't miss that!!) and go to bed!

Hope all is well with you!!

Monday, January 14

Can it get any better?

I am so excited! Last week I was asked by the Jasper Community Arts Center (NOT the local college, I posted inaccurately earlier... sorry!) to teach an art class to pre-schoolers! I agreed to teach two classes, one in the morning and another on Tuesday evenings. Well, today I got another phonecall to teach Art for K-5th grade on Monday nights! WOOHOO!! I am so excited! I get to share my passion for art and creating with children! This is such a treat for me because I know that art isn't a very 'supported' subject at schools anymore. I don't blame it on the actual teachers, they just do what they are told, but I do feel that the educational system is failing our children by pulling art and phys ed from school curriculum when monies are tight.

SO, hopefully my enthusiasm will shine with these kids and I will spark the beginning of a fire in their hearts and souls for art. Some children have a natural artistic ability and they don't even know it because they haven't had the chance to challenge their artistic side. I hope I encourage these children to nurture their creative side and lead them to a new artistic path they didn't even know existed before!


Greeting Card GIFT-SETS

I made four sets of these cards for $4.00!! I found these little card sets that I bought a long time ago on clearance for $1.00 for 6 blank vanilla cards with envelopes. What an inexpensive gift to give to someone! I have a couple of people that I know I am sending a set to, TOO! And, of course, I am going to keep a set for myself! I like to send cards out weekly, just to say HELLO, THANKS or HAPPY BIRTHDAY, so my set will be gone by the end of the month, I am sure!

The Stampin' UP! stamp set is called Outlined for Fun and was $21.00 or so, and I can re-use it over and over.... that was a great investment!

Warm Wishes

'Warm Wishes' is another sentiment like 'Thinking of You'... You can use either sentiment for a variety of card-giving. I made this one uni-sex with Really Rust, Pumpkin Pie and Mustard Yellow inks by Stampin' UP! Perfect for a man or woman recipient, I think I know someone who will be getting this sent to them soon!


I love mixing and matching patterns... especially dots with plaid with floral with stripes! I tried to use an assortment of ribbons with these cards set so that they all had different patterns... I think I did pretty good! This 'THANKS' card can be sent to a man or woman with the colors in the ribbon, and dots aren't too feminine, either... NOW a floral pattern might have limited it to 'woman-giving', so I am glad that I finally chose a dotted ribbon!

Happy Birthday

Doesn't this one look so HAPPY!? I used orange and yellow with a dabble of red where the letters overlap. I have had this ribbon for over a year and finally found the perfect card for it! With these cards having no patterned paper, they really needed some pretty ribbons to pizzaz them up. I think they all look great! Well maybe except a couple of the Good Luck cards. I didn't have a good selection of green ribbon to choose from, so I need to make it a point to go shopping for some new greens AND of course order some new green ribbon from Stampin' UP! A poor excuse is better than no excuse, right? HEE HEE!


Believe it or not, out of 6 drawers of ribbon, I did not have a purple one just the right shade that made me happy for this card! GEEZ! I guess I need to go shopping, ha ha! SO, I managed to pull out the pink in the HELLO sentiment with this striped ribbon... Pretty!

I Love You

Just now posting this Pixie Pink and Ruby Red inked card, I realized I need to give out these card-sets soon! This one would be perfect for Valentine's Day for a Sweetie, Best Friend or Sister!

Good Luck

I began these sets with the Good Luck card. Each of these four cards are different. I was getting my feet wet with these, so I tried different color schemes, techniques... So, as you can tell this one is a little shabby! OH WELL! I used a green scheme for the Good Luck, I guess because four-leaf clovers are green...

I hope my recipients like these card sets. I know one set is going to my lampwork friend who is donating a set of her Pink Awareness glass beads for me to string up into a bracelet and donate to The Crop for the Cure in March. She's not a paper crafter, so she always likes getting my handmade papergifts!

Taking Pics NOW!

Check back in a little bit for the latest pictures of the card sets! They ended up just too cute!

Sunday, January 13

Today's Creations!

No pics as of yet, but I did manage to make a batch of 24 cards that are simple, yet pretty. I think I am going to give these as little gift sets, you will see what I mean tomorrow! Otherwise, all I did all afternoon and evening was mount my stamp sets that I received Friday... (See Friday's posts on 13 NEW Stamp Sets) I wasn't feeling especially creative today, so unfortunately that is all I got accomplished....

Don't forget to put me in your "FAVORITES" to check back on my pictures tomorrow! AND I plan on hitting the beads tomorrow, too, to make up a new lampwork concoction!

See you then!

2 Week Goal Check

After going over my list of goals on the left side-bar, I have to admit, that I am doing really well! The crockpot has been in use at least 2 times a week since posting that goal and I just offered to donate one of my bracelets to The Crop for the Cure, which is a Susan B Komen Breast Cancer Scrap Fundraiser being held in March in Evansville, IN. I went last year and had a blast and a bunch of friends and I have registered to go again, so I decided to donate a lampwork bracelet to that. That should also drum up some advertising, too! So, that is a plus!

I have also been decluttering... just this morning I went through my makeup drawer and ditched a bunch of makeup that I don't really use anymore. You need to clean makeup out after 3-6months anyway to avoid bad bacteria and all. I also have managed to paper-craft some last week and I feel like I am not over-committing myself, as I had a couple of opportunities already to join in on some things and have controlled the urge to get too crazy~busy. In February, I have agreed to help teach the pre-school Sunday School class at church, so there is some good ol' volunteering I was hoping to do more of...

I have agreed to teach an Art Class at the local college for 6 weeks to preschoolers, so that is 'challenging myself artistically', another goal, too! NOW, the breadmaker has not seen the light of day for nearly 3 years since my last childbirth experience... AND I have managed to avoid the ironing board quite easily... Imagine that! HA HA! There hasn't been time enough to travel to family yet, and I don't honestly see that happening until after Spring, but then again, you never know.

Pampering myself is something I used to do weekly at my old house. We had this humongo garden tub that I used to take bubble baths in ONE time a week. I would crank up the radio, turn on the LOOOOOOUD venting fan and soak my stress away. Well, I can't do this anymore because we don't have a tub. Just a shower. So, I guess I need to find a new way to incorporate pampering in my weekly, if not, DAILY schedule. Maybe Mondays should be manicures, Tuesdays will be toes (pedicure), Wednesdays could be facial day, Thursdays would be an awesome NAP day, ha ha... Fri, Sat, Sun? Geez I am running out of ideas! Okay, maybe focus on reading to relax on Fridays, Saturdays could be a "shop for me" day where I go shopping for something I need. Whether it is new bras or just an icecream I have been craving. That sounds like it could work! And, of course Sundays would be Spiritual, and I could do a devotional or reference my bible. I don't do that nearly enough!

How are you doing so far with the goals you set for yourself this year?

Checkin' in with ya...

I had a super mucho fabuloso time yesterday at my downline's Customer Appreciation Day. See her at . I know she plans on posting some pictures if her satellite hook up allows. I am wearing a pink turtleneck and Tiffany is sitting on my left, if she posts the group picture, which I imagine she will. Tiffany gave away probably more than $500.00 in Stampin' UP! products to her ladies that hosted a party since July 1st when the new catalog came out. She is planning on doing this every 6 months after a new catalog is issued, to say "Thanks!" for all who helped her business grow with having a show in their home (or via book-party). She is hoping to be one of Stampin' UP!'s Rising Star Recipients this July and she also is 75% of the way to Hawaii in her sales, so YOU GO GIRL!

OH, and if you are wondering, NO, I am not an active demonstrator in the sense of doing shows in people's homes. Pretty much one of those hobbyists. I sell some cards and altered items using Stampin' UP! products, but mostly I sell my artisan jewelry as the main portion of my business. Which I am off now to tackle. I am not sure if I am up for bracelets, earrings, pendants or PAPERcrafting today, so I will see what hits me when I get to the HobbyRoom.

Check Back Later

Friday, January 11


... is a nice way to say "where the heck have ya been lately???" or "CALL ME, dang it!" HA HA! Bright and cheery with a happy little ladybug, I would call someone if this was sent to me! Paper by SEI, orange cardstock by Bazzill, Elements Ribbon I bought at JoAnn's and the stamp set is by Stampin' UP! but not available anymore. (At least I don't think it is! I guess I should research before posting them online for you all to look at!) I colored in the ladybug using my blender pens and craft inks in Pumpkin Pie and Mustard Yellow. Small and Large Tag Punches by Stampin' UP!; and I pop-dotted the tag to give the card some dimension. I need to send this to a couple of people I know...

Oh, and please notice that I always stamp a little something on my envelopes, too. This makes the recipient happy right away when they receive a card that is PURTY! You should try this, everyone always comments on the envelope because it is so unexpected! FUN FUN!

Time with Friends...

Unfortunately I am not a great photographer. So, you can't really see the clear 'raindrop' bubble on the inside of the flower at the bottom-right. OH WELL! Cloud 9 Designs have these pretty raindrop self-adhesive embellishments, they are great for adding dimension to a card. The sentiment if from a LEVEL 3 Hostess Set that Stampin' UP! gave all of their demonstrators for Christmas this year. I love this set! I used my blender pen and craft inks to color in the sentiment. I used Certainly Celery, Ruby Red and YoYo Yellow, I believe. The patterned paper is by Wild Asparagus, and the cardstock behind the sentiment is Certainly Celery. I topped it off with some Organza ribbon from Jo-Ann's; and although you can't see it, the sentiment and flower are both pop-dotted 3-D to give the card some personality and depth.

I think this would be a great Valentine card to give to a friend. Or just to say THANKS if someone buys you lunch, etc.

ALWAYS 'Thinking of You' ! !

'Thinking of You' cards are the best! You can use the for any occasion. Birthday, Anniversary, Get Well, Promotion, Sympathy. If you don't know what to say, use Thinking of You, because YOU ARE! Otherwise, you wouldn't be giving that person a card! HA HA!

Paper is SEI's Winnie's Walls, Stampin' UP! Stamp Set is True Friend, and I used Certainly Celery and a pinky orange Bazzill cardstock as well. The center of the flower is a rhinestone and the "Thinking of You" stamp is from a hostess stamp set, no longer available. OH, and I absolutely love my Ticket Corner Punch, the reverse corner rounder, in other words. I think this is so pretty, the color combo is HAPPY and Springy!


I believe the UPS man got the wrong impression! I was so happy to get this order from Stampin' UP! that I was smiling as I rannnnn to the brown truck to greet Mr. Handsome Delivery Man. This was NOT my normal delivery guy so I think when he gave me my package he was thinking that I was smiling at him! HA HA!

My normal delivery man KNOWS that I LOVE getting goodies from Stampin' UP! and expects to see me running to greet him, but this guy was a bit surprised... I could tell by the look on his face. He smiled back GLEE-FULLY (oops/yikers!) and said, "Have a wonderful day! I will see you soon!" Ok, maybe he knows something I don't because I don't have anything else on order! HA HA!

Here are the new stamp sets that were in the Mini-Spring Preview Brochure.

I ordered these retired stamp sets on New Years Eve at the last minute! SO GLAD I DID!

Here is a new Level 2 Hostess stamp set on the right... and on the left is the Hostess Set I earned from this order.

I ordered the Well-Worn ABC set since I kept having to borrow it. AND I added on this cute and adorable stamp set to make cards with, Outlined for Fun. It IS still available, just not in the new Spring Catalog. It is on the dormant list, which makes no sense to me, but anyway, if you like it, you can still order it...

I will be mounting these babies tonight or tomorrow at my downline's Hostess Appreciation Day... Get ready to see some new cards with these, I love 'em!

Thursday, January 10

Makin' Cards

HELLO GANG! I am in the process of making some cards this evening. I just finished one set and am headed back up to the HR (hobbyroom) to make some more sets. ONE of my goals is to use EVERY stamp set that I haven't used yet, at least sometime this year. SO, I imagine that will keep me busy for a bit... You can check out the picture of my shelves of Stampin' UP! stamp sets in the posts from Jan. 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, whenever I managed to take pictures of my new craftspace. I will post pictures of the new cards either tonight or tomorrow.

Have a Blessed Evening!

Wednesday, January 9

Senility is kicking in.....

I forgot to take a picture of my recipe cards for the recipe swap! DUHH! So, you need to click on the below left link later this week at My Crafty World. I am sure that Tiffany will take pictures of everyone's recipe pages and will post them on her blog. I started them finally last night around 8pm.... I stayed up till 2am, and still only had 14 of the 23 done!

Well, I guess that isn't quite accurate, because I had the remaining 9 cards 85% of the way done. Geez, anyway... They are done! So, check Tiffany's blog later or when she posts them I will set ya up with a link to them, including mine. I did quite well considering I waited till the last minute to do them. I always say I work BEST under pressure!


Monday, January 7

Management Monday

I have made an executive decision. MONDAYS are going to be my management days. It always seems like I am wrapping up the weekend and scheduling the for the following 6 days every Monday morning, so I am going to make it official. Like every other Monday, today I menu planned for the next seven days, cleaned the house, did all the laundry (although I hardly ever put it away (hubby seems to pick up where I leave off every Monday night after putting the kids to bed), made an extra meal to just be able to warm up later instead of having to cook every night, I actually went to bed with Isaac until just AFTER he fell asleep so he would take a much needed nap AND then played with KayLee and her new baby, Jeanie. THEN I grocery shopped for the needed juice, diapers, fresh produce, meat and dairy for this week's menu and organized it all in the cabinets, with the help of Josh.

I managed to finish an order for two bracelets tonight that will be delivered tomorrow afternoon; so all I have left on my to-do list for this week is to start/finish my recipe cards for a recipe swap I am in with 22 other gals. Those need to be done by Wednesday, so I guess I know what is on my agenda tomorrow! I know what my side-dish recipe is, and I have an idea on my layout and design, I just have to see if I can put it all together without going insane before finishing all 23! I will post my recipe layout before sending them all out to be distributed, it should be pretty cute!

I hope you all had as constructive of a Monday as I did! I am going to go take a shower and crash so I can get up early and start in on the scrap-side of the hobbyroom ASAP!

Have a SUPAH evening!

Sunday, January 6

An Oldie but Goodie

I re-vamped this colorful bracelet this afternoon. These beads are gorgeous and perfect! No imperfections like bubbles or burned glass discolorations and with opaque (not see-through) glass this is difficult to accomplish. Long story, but if there is any factor that isn't "just right" the glass may become weak and actually get a stress line, discolor, burn, break or shatter altogether. Lampwork is truly an artform! The original design was a bit lengthy, so I set it aside two months ago and forgot about it. Lo and behold, I came across it in the hobbyroom "move" (see earlier posts from 12/31 and 1/1....) so I made it a point to get it finished so I can offer it again before sending it out to This Olde House on 9th & Newton Sts., here in Jasper, IN.

These beads are made by a well-known lampwork bead artist, so this one is a bit pricier than the last. BUT, her beads tend to actually "appreciate" in value and are almost like collectible jewelry when put in a quality piece. I can classify myself as such, since I do not use silver beads or silver wire that are/is "plated". Only sterling here and I also only use Swarovski crystals... NO czech beads here, so this bracelet will surely be worth the price and MORE someday!

I love how the focal bead has so many colors and I brought all of them out in a circular pattern... From orange to turquoise to purple to green, this bracelet is sure to shine on your wrist. It is a bit summery/springy, but I feel guilty keeping it hidden away in a box! And the colors are actually very rich, so you could wear it with a turtleneck sweater and some jeans any day of the week! $75.00 will put this one on your arm! It will fit an average 7 1/2 wrist perfectly, however, I will re-size at no charge if you need it a little smaller or larger, just let me know. $6.00 for priority shipping and insurance if you are outside Dubois County, IN.

The first to call or email (at left) gets it!

Coordinating Pendant for NeW BrAcELeT below!

This pendant turned out so perfect. Believe it or not, I made the entire pendant myself. I used some 21 gauge dead-soft sterling silver wire and bent, twisted, strung, coiled and straightened it until it came to be! Isn't it grand? I am getting pretty good at the wire-bending, I am actually surprised it came out as well as it did since I don't do pendants too often!

Light sapphire satin, indian red, jonquil yellow and peridot satin Swarovski's were used to add sparkle and to bring out the colors in the Winter-White hand-crafted lampwork focal bead. The same sterling bead caps were used on the pearls, as well as the same daisy sterling beads as in the coordinating bracelet posted earlier yesterday. See the following post below to see my similar pendant I fashioned for myself, too! I really love it!

My NEW Pendant!

Here is my present to myself. I hardly ever make something just for me. I usually just end up keeping something that I already had made. But this time, a lonely little bead called out to me... "Please! Don't put me back in the box! I will be all alone since all of my brothers and sisters have found themselves a new place to live!" HA HA! I used different sterling beadcaps on top of the three pearls than the first pendant; and I used more mellow crystal colors, since this bead didn't have any bright reds or yellows. I can wear it with everything! And... on that note...

I have to correct myself! I commented to someone (who had referenced the bracelet below) in an email this morning that this set of beads could be worn year round because of the colors, BUT that I wouldn't wear just WHITE with them in the spring/summer. I just so happen to be wearing white today and, I put on the bracelet and matching pendant to see if they clashed and they didn't!! The beads are JUST white~enough to actually GO with WHITE! I guess this is what they call "winter-white", with just a light touch of vanilla. These babies can go with EVERYTHING! A regular staple in the accessory department, I would say!

Matching PENDANT...

... for the new bracelet (below) is done! BUT, my camera was dead, so after it charges I will be sure to post a picture of it and of MINE! I had ONE more of the spotted winter~white lamp beads left over, so I made myself a similar pendant that I can wear everyday, too!

So, now I have a little reward for trudging away at the hardwork of jewelry~making... Yeah, right, like I don't enjoy every stinkin' minute of it! HA HA! Check back this afternoon to see the pic!

Friday, January 4

Another Keeper for Me??

Here is a newbie from some beads I received back in November!! I cannot believe that I am finally getting to these sets of beads in JANUARY! I guess I was busy~busy in December, eh? When I first saw this toggle/clasp I knew that I was going to dangle some crystals like this from it. Turned out great! Then again, if you are not a "blingy" type of person you may not go for it, but I am telling you, I love it!

I think my husband hates it when I say, "Geez, I hope it doesn't sell so I get to keep it!", because seriously, I think I say it every cotton-pickin' time I make a new one. Plus, I think my compositions on the jewelry designs are getting better with each time, too. So, my confidence is building as I go.

Here is a picture of me wearing it as you should wear a bracelet normally. These round, flat beads, called LENTIL Beads, are my favorite type of lampwork beads. If you ever put on this bead-style like this you know why. They just HUG your wrist and feel so snuggly!

However, you know bracelets seem to turn around with the clasp on top, so when this happens it looks even better!

I bought these beads at a fairly decent price, so even with all of the Swarovski crystals and all of the hand~wrapped sterling dangles and high-end toggle, I can part with this one for just $68.00. Now, for you new on-lookers, you may think that sounds exuberant. But, if you look online and google these styles of bracelets, they seriously go for $125-$300. NO, I am not joking! Ok, stop, step back once... with this style and this QUALITY you will find them for no less than $125.00. Trust me, I have looked around and around and around until I was dizzy. There IS BAD lampwork out there. I will not waste ANY money on it, not even for bookmarks or keychains! Once you get familiar with lampwork, you will see that there is a "quality" you need to look for before purchasing.

If you ever have a question, please email me, I LOVE to explain to people why I love this style of jewelry! And, remember, all of my bracelets are on the highest-quality sterling wire you can purchase AND I DO take CUSTOM orders for anything! Even bracelets for newborns! Just let me know what I can do for you!

So, were you wondering... "why are you selling them so cheap?" ? Well, let me tell ya! Because I really want people to ENJOY wearing them! Most people are reluctant to spend top-dollar on something for themselves or especially for someone else as a gift; So, I want to get these babies into (or should I say ON TO) people's hands so they can see the quality for themselves. The compliments you get are amazing! And it just plain makes you feel "NOT PLAIN"! I love wearing them, they make me feel so special!

I really should sell my jewelry for a higher price because I have a lot of Swarovski and Sterling in stock that needs to get paid off (of the business credit card). But, I figure if I sell the jewelry at what I "should" they may not sell at all and I may end up losing money! And I simply can't afford that right now! SO, if there is any advice I have for you, it is to stock up now so you can get these highest quality artisan jewelry for the lowest price ever. Once I build up a customer base and have a pretty good regular flow of sales, I may raise the prices to be more appropriate for this style of jewelry, but for now, ENJOY!


I designed this purty thing about a year ago at our local scrap/bead store, but for some reason the crimp bead busted within a couple of days, so I put it aside and actually forgot about it. Well, while moving the crafty items upstairs to the new Hobby Room, I came across it. The design is actually different from before. The crystal sections were longer/larger and I only had two of the large crystal sections, instead of the four as it has now. I guess you could say that I have grown into the jewelry design and have found a sense of style. I didn't like it anymore once I really checked it out when I found it, so I re-vamped it and LOVE IT! The color combo before didn't look right once I left the store. The store's florescent lights didn't show the purple tone in the natural stones inside the store, so I didn't actually choose the right color for the smaller crystals. They were a light aquamarine and honestly didn't look so good in the sun. I guess that's why I pushed it off and didn't get it repaired right away. Well, it worked out alright in the end. I used a beautiful Sapphire SATIN, which gave it a purple-blue tone and it came out HOT! Do you like it, too?


I broke in the HR (hobby room) last night with my all time favorite movie, Braveheart. NOW, I am not fond of MEL and his behavior from the latest fiasco, but I do love this movie. EVERYTIME I watch it I walk away thinking, 'I CAN DO IT!' & 'If I put my mind to it, it will happen!' So, I guess you could say I find it to be a really inspiring movie. Not to mention the fact that I love the music. There's just something about bagpipes... or maybe it is just the thought of a man playing bagpipes while wearing a kilt... heh heh heh!

This one's for Kris...

... my sister. She called yesterday to talk and asked about how I store my ribbon. Here ya go! I have never stored my ribbon any other way. I have seen them on curtain extension rods, but I don't like that look of them hanging down loose. Something about it makes me feel like I need to clean it up! I guess you could say I don't like loose ends, literally! If you stack your spools then you have to deal with balancing them to get to the one you want, etc... AND, I have too many to put into cute little glass jars. This works for me because I can just leave the drawers open like this when I am making multiple cards and/or items so I see them all at once! Again, as posted 3 times before, if I don't SEE it out, I don't USE it!

Guess WHAT?

I am actually headed to work on a new bracelet! It has been so long since I have been allowed to just be creative! Don't get me wrong! I am LOVIN' the orders that I have been getting and am very grateful when someone buys a bracelet, even if it needs re-sizing! It is just so exciting and FUN FUN FUN when I get to sit around and PLAY! So, I am off to the HR (hobbyroom) for the afternoon, so check back for a new post and I will also place it in the above slideshow!

Enjoy the beautiful sunny day, even if it is COLD! Cheers!

Thursday, January 3

Caught UP!

I am all caught up on the pending orders... WHEW! I will post some new lampwork bracelets over the weekend and will keep them in-house for a week or so and then take them out to This Olde House for Karen to sell to the public! So, if you see something you like, get it ASAP, as I have to raise my prices at This Olde House for Karen to sell, so I can still get the same amount of money I need after she takes her commission!

Just so you know... I have some Easter Bunny lampwork beads for pendants and coordinating bracelets coming. I am going to tackle the "newbie beads" I posted back in November AND I just bought some new beads today that I am going to use to try to win a contest! IF I win I get to go to the lampwork designer's studio in California to learn how to use a torch and glass stringers to make my own lampwork beads!!! WOO HOO!


I was chatting...

...on the phone earlier with Ms. Valerie. (See earlier post on Friday the 28th of December) She is such a gem! She didn't mind that I hadn't sent her bracelets yet, even though she bought them on Christmas EVE!! I know, I know! But, Karen (owner of This Olde House) thought I was on vacation until Friday the 28th, so I didn't know I was supposed to re-size anything until then!

Then the snowball effect happened with moving my hobby room, bedroom and the kids' bedrooms all around. (OH, and of course, I shouldn't say that I am done yet, since the basement is totally trashed still where the craft area used to be) So, I finally called Ms. Valerie to get her address to send her the bracelets (she's in Missouri) she bought last week, and she was so nice about me delaying her jewels.

The reason I am blogging this is because it got me thinking that we could all learn a thing or two about patience, even me. I never ever rush through a checkout line or get impatient at CVS when I need to pick up medicine. The employee can only go as fast as their ability or register allows! BUT, now and then, I do catch myself getting all crazy about something trivial. So, unless your hair is on fire or you are profusely bleeding, step back and put yourself "in check". See if your impatience is really justified for what is happening around you! Yes, that person could probably move a bit faster. And, yes, he probably should know how to count back change without looking at the register's screen, but you know what? Slow down! Life will still be there when you get to your car to unload your groceries. You will get to the same destination eventually! Drive slower and enjoy the scenery instead of focusing on road-rage with the person in front of you who is driving like an idiot!

Thank You, Ms. Valerie, for having such patience and being so kind! Good things come to those who wait! So, I will be sure to drop in a little extra goody for you in your package! ENJOY!

SO, I am adding that to my list of goals in the left-side bar.... On my honor, I will TRY TO... ...Be Patient!

Dishcloths...FOR YOU???

I made these dishcloths a few days back... sending them out today. They are for someone in my family who doesn't have any yet and I think everyone needs cotton crocheted dishcloths. They are so durable and will never ever die! I say this because when I was pregnant with KayLee (5 years ago) I was "nesting", as they say, and made a batch of the suckers. They still look great! I loved these HOT colors when I saw them and just had to make them for "this" person. I LOVE surprising people! Hee Hee!

I have never claimed to be an expert crochet-er... I don't like following patterns, I make it up as I go. I don't think these turned out that bad for "no pattern" and "little experience". I hope 'she' likes them! They will match her HOT kitchen utensils! NOW do you know who it is??

If you need some for a shower gift or small (blue or pink) ones for a new baby, let me know! I LOVE making them... they come together so fast... And, you know me, instant gratification type of person here, so that makes me HAPPY when I can get a sense of accomplishment in a short period of time!

Wednesday, January 2

Just thought of something...

OK, I have to admit something I just now realized. Tell me how some days I don't even have time to pick my nose, and then other days I can totally re-vamp my house and move around 4 total rooms within 48 hours, literally! When this got started it was about 8:30pm on New Year's Eve. I was done just after the kids went to bed, which was seriously 8:30pm tonight, at latest! I finally got the camera out to take pictures and then had to wait to post things because of my lovey hubby using the computer.

Amazing what you can accomplish when you put your mind (and actions) to it! Thank You, Honey, for agreeing to switching rooms, tearing down and re-assembling your weight set, moving the new heavy ass latex bed, all the solid wood dressers, cutting the beading desk table-top down smaller, moving cabinets around, tearing down and re-assembling MY desk, building and hanging my PRIMA shelves, and re-organizing KayLee's and Eli/Isaac's rooms after we decided to move their rooms around, too! Which meant, YES I NOTICED, you washed all of their bedsheets, remade their beds, vacuumed the entire upstairs, dusted, re-organized dresser drawers for the boys, decluttered toys and managed to teach them how to play with the new VSMILE Mat Game that Santa brought them for Christmas. All of that AND you mangaged to wash and fold and put away all the laundry, you made all the meals for the kids, you cleaned up our room, washed and replaced our sheets, cleaned the kitchen, did the dishes and still had time to stop whenever I needed you. I know that you are supporting my new business and realize the happiness it brings me. And that makes me love you even more than ever! I didn't know that was even possible!

And, last but not least, THANK YOU, Josh. Without you, I would be even more sore than I already am! What are we talkin' about?! (inside joke there...) For doing every single thing I asked without ONE argument, without one begrudging sigh, without one whiney "MOM!"! For climbing those stairs probably 100 times yesterday, for bringing up every single stamp set, for bringing up all the shelves, all the drawers, every embellishment box and more. BUT mostly for being my cheerleader and keeping me going with humor; introducing fresh ideas on designing and reorganizing; and keeping me on-the-level when I wanted to save yet another crafty-thing I really didn't need. Who're we talkin' about?! (inside joke again...) You were always there when I needed you and didn't complain one time that you would rather be playing PS2 or your new computer game. I love you as much as a mom can love a wonderful, thoughtful, loving son. You ARE the best!

Before & ALMOST Pictures...

My old bedroom... Future Hobby Room!
Empty and bare... BUT NOT FOR LONG!

In progress, as of yesterday evening... This is all that was done!