Wednesday, January 16

Still Recovering

Yesterday's screaming fiasco definitely put a damper on my mood! Still feelin' a little NON-creative. But I do have some orders that I NEED to fill ASAP and I have 3 bracelets that I need to put together to enter into a contest by Saturday. I hope to find my MOJO later tonight so check back tomorrow to see something new! Add me to your 'favorites' so you won't forget!

On a side note, did everyone see American Idol last night with the crazy veterinarian turned actress wanna-be? OH MY GOSH, I about died! What a looney! And I think Simon must be on some valium because he was actually nice, and even cordial, when Temptress (the 16 year old girl linebacker) had her breakdown and he went out to consol her with her family. Wow, he would almost be impressive, except that I bet he just stole some of Paula's drugs! HA HA HA! Ok, that was mean, and I, personally, have never heard of any proof of her having drugs on her or anything like that, but I did make a funny story with it though!! Sorry, I just couldn't resist!

Have to cut this post short. I have to get the kids fed and ready for church tonight. It is their weekly TGIW(ednesday) class night...


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