Friday, January 4

Another Keeper for Me??

Here is a newbie from some beads I received back in November!! I cannot believe that I am finally getting to these sets of beads in JANUARY! I guess I was busy~busy in December, eh? When I first saw this toggle/clasp I knew that I was going to dangle some crystals like this from it. Turned out great! Then again, if you are not a "blingy" type of person you may not go for it, but I am telling you, I love it!

I think my husband hates it when I say, "Geez, I hope it doesn't sell so I get to keep it!", because seriously, I think I say it every cotton-pickin' time I make a new one. Plus, I think my compositions on the jewelry designs are getting better with each time, too. So, my confidence is building as I go.

Here is a picture of me wearing it as you should wear a bracelet normally. These round, flat beads, called LENTIL Beads, are my favorite type of lampwork beads. If you ever put on this bead-style like this you know why. They just HUG your wrist and feel so snuggly!

However, you know bracelets seem to turn around with the clasp on top, so when this happens it looks even better!

I bought these beads at a fairly decent price, so even with all of the Swarovski crystals and all of the hand~wrapped sterling dangles and high-end toggle, I can part with this one for just $68.00. Now, for you new on-lookers, you may think that sounds exuberant. But, if you look online and google these styles of bracelets, they seriously go for $125-$300. NO, I am not joking! Ok, stop, step back once... with this style and this QUALITY you will find them for no less than $125.00. Trust me, I have looked around and around and around until I was dizzy. There IS BAD lampwork out there. I will not waste ANY money on it, not even for bookmarks or keychains! Once you get familiar with lampwork, you will see that there is a "quality" you need to look for before purchasing.

If you ever have a question, please email me, I LOVE to explain to people why I love this style of jewelry! And, remember, all of my bracelets are on the highest-quality sterling wire you can purchase AND I DO take CUSTOM orders for anything! Even bracelets for newborns! Just let me know what I can do for you!

So, were you wondering... "why are you selling them so cheap?" ? Well, let me tell ya! Because I really want people to ENJOY wearing them! Most people are reluctant to spend top-dollar on something for themselves or especially for someone else as a gift; So, I want to get these babies into (or should I say ON TO) people's hands so they can see the quality for themselves. The compliments you get are amazing! And it just plain makes you feel "NOT PLAIN"! I love wearing them, they make me feel so special!

I really should sell my jewelry for a higher price because I have a lot of Swarovski and Sterling in stock that needs to get paid off (of the business credit card). But, I figure if I sell the jewelry at what I "should" they may not sell at all and I may end up losing money! And I simply can't afford that right now! SO, if there is any advice I have for you, it is to stock up now so you can get these highest quality artisan jewelry for the lowest price ever. Once I build up a customer base and have a pretty good regular flow of sales, I may raise the prices to be more appropriate for this style of jewelry, but for now, ENJOY!

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Oh Wow!!!! How beautiful!!!! :o) Hugs! Ash~