Friday, January 25

Miss C's EVITA Necklace!

My newest customer, Miss C, is going to the theatre this weekend to see EVITA for the first time! "Don't cry for me, Argentina!" You are going to love it! I know I did when I saw it! AND I was only 12!

She had the dress and earrings ready to go, but mentioned to me (upon measuring her to re-size her bracelets she bought at This Olde House) that she needed a necklace to go with them. So, I threw this together for her and after some size adjustments she got this baby "TO GO!" for the evening with EVITA! Woo HOO! Now the picture does not do the necklace justice, but you get the basic idea. Miss C just wanted a little blingy~bauble at the neckline to pull together her black dress that has some silver threading and her black drop earrings... I think this shiny sterling and black lampwork beaded necklace did the job PERFECTLY, and so did she!

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