Wednesday, January 2

Final Results

I am ready to ROLLLL! Here are the final results from the Hobby Room MOVE Remodel! Beginning from the main door (adjacent-left to the french doors with shabby curtains) you will find my hubby's work out gym. I am happy to say that we are sharing this room. Otherwise he would be working out in the garage (unheated)... and that is no place for a man to work out (his passion...) when he is willing to give up his bedroom in which his artist-wife wants to create (aka PLAY/WORK, too!).
To the right of the gym set is a window and the start of the Craft area. This is the beading side of the room. The desk with the lighter top is for jewelry-making. You will find four (yes, four) bead storage bags. On the back wall is a bag of sterling silver beads and findings, like earring studs and silver head-pins to make dangly earrings. The other purple bag in the corner has less-expensive beads that I use for making Spine Twine Bookmarks and use for playing when I want to practice a technique before moving onto the Swarovski crystals. On the desk you will see two more bags full of Swarovski Crystals and Swarovski Pearls and Copper beads.
On the dresser along the wall, you will see paper holders PACKED with 12x12 patterned papers for paper-crafting. Above is, obviously, the PRIMA paper flower collection. Embarrassing as it is, I LOVE my PRIMA! I figured putting the patterned paper and PRIMA flowers here together was a wise decision. That way when I go to pick out some paper for card-making, I will go ahead and pick out some flowers for the paper to go with!

The dresser (behind the desk) is mainly storage for paper-crafting... White cardstock, envelopes for cards I make, frames for altering, a drawer with just chipboard, a drawer with Cricut supplies... etc. Cricut is in the other desk's lower cabinet beneath the work surface...

Here is the inside of the beading area. Notice my Christmas gift my wonderful hubby lavished me with, my DVD player! He actually gave me a dual set, but I left the other one hanging in the van for trips. Then all I have to do is unplug this one and put it back in the van for traveling. But, until then I get to watch Grease, Braveheart and Princess Bride to my heart's content! WOO FREAKIN HOO!

NO, it is not a mistake that the beading side is higher. It is meant to be higher so I don't have to bend over as much to see those itsy bitsy beads! You would be amazed to find that two inches makes a HUGE difference while beading/jewelry making. I can rest my shoulders, neck and arms a lot more and my back won't hurt as bad. YEA!

This is the paper-crafting desk. It is bigger in depth than the other side, see above picture. I find that having a deeper desk is nice so that I can keep all of my art supplies nearby at arm's length... BUT not ON the project I am working on. This desk is 5ft by 2 1/2 ft. The beading side is 5ft by 2ft. And, notice I can turn my DVD player in this direction to keep watching Mel, Olivia or John... hee hee...

Behind me, while stamping or card-making, I have my STASH! TONS of Stampin' UP! stamp sets, tons of 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock to make cards and the dresser is full of embellishments, paper punches, ribbons and adhesives.
I know it looks a bit cramped, but seriously I don't mind at all. I really want to be able to get everything I need without having to keep getting up, that wastes time! I am so SUPAH glad that my chair is on casters!

You might have already noticed my novels at top. I love reading books. I don't really have the time right now, so I am collecting my favorite author's novels now, so that when I do have more time to read I will have them surrounding me just waiting to be cracked open. John Sandford, John Grisham, Robin Cook and the one and only James Patterson are my favorites.

Above and below you can see the final bookshelf by the door to the hallway. It has two stacks of colored and textured Bazzill cardstock, a batch of art books and magazines, my tin of Stickles glitter glues, and an entire shelf of three metal baskets of Making Memories Rub On's... I know rub-on's fads come and go, but I am really looking forward to using these again. And they are OUT where I can SEE THEM! As stated before in an earlier post... I tend not to use things if they aren't in view. Which brings me to another happy accident... When I am papercrafting I am facing all those Prima Flowers! This helps me so that I won't forget to add a little sparkle with those! I will be reminded just by facing them and having them in my view.

I hope you have enjoyed the Hobby Room tour! Come on over and drop by! OH, yeah, one more thing. I know I could have saved space by having just ONE desk area. But you know what? When I realized that I could have room for two workspaces so that I could work on two projects at the same time and just switch (if I got bored or...) if time allotted just a minute or two or an hour or more, I thought that is a SUPAH plan! THEN it sealed the deal when I realized that I could have a friend come over and craft with me in the same room (with the door closing off distractions)!! DONE DONE DONE! So, come on over and craft with me! You are welcome anytime!


KJ said...

Your room looks fantastic!! I totally get having two desks to work on. That's originally what I planned on having my other countertop for before I got the cricut and sewing machine!

Jill Hilliard said...

Yup- your room does look fantastic!. I'll have to post some pictures of my space. I love the jewelry slide show- AWESOME!

Tiffany said...

Love it, Love it, Love it!!!! You did a great job getting it so organized and looking so awesome!! I can't wait to come over and play!!!!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow Nicole-your room is awesome! Can't wait to come over and pick out some jewelry!!!!!

Mei (WireBliss) said...

Hi! My name is Mei and I just discovered your blog.
I just want to say your working room/area is awesome. I can only dream of having my own crafting/work room :)

Sue said...

wow what a fantastic craftroom you have, would like to follow you but cant see it any where, sue.x