Monday, January 21

Some Exciting News!

I have just been given the approval to sell Breast Cancer AWARENESS Jewelry at Evansville, Indiana's SUSAN G KOMEN's CROP FOR THE CURE! I have a selection of jewelry that I will be showcasing along with taking orders of the two different lampwork-style bracelets that I am donating to the silent auction that takes place at each event!!

I have their website on my list at left if you are interested in signing up to Crop all day to support Breast Cancer Research and Awareness! It costs just $30.00 to crop 12 hours from 9am to 9pm and they have door prizes donated and given away every hour on the hour to the scrappin' supporters! There are grand prizes given to the person who raises and donates the most amount of money, and also to other gals just for coming!

But of course the most important thing is raising AWARENESS and MONEY to FIND A CURE! The only time that I have personally experienced this disease is when I had an Aunt who died of breast cancer when I was just a little girl. She was very young and left behind three children at very young ages. Like I said, I was very young, but I do remember my cousin, Tiffany, very sad about her mother being gone and her telling me one time when I traveled to visit her how she missed her so much. This type of thing shouldn't happen to families, especially to young children.

I will be donating a portion of my sales (nearly all of my profits, minus a pinch to cover expenses) to this fundraiser, so anyone who purchases a piece of Awareness jewelry from me can also feel awesome knowing that they supported this important fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research!


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Tiffany said...

That is great news!!! Can't wait to see what items you will be selling while we are at the Crop for the Cure in Evansville.