Thursday, January 3

Caught UP!

I am all caught up on the pending orders... WHEW! I will post some new lampwork bracelets over the weekend and will keep them in-house for a week or so and then take them out to This Olde House for Karen to sell to the public! So, if you see something you like, get it ASAP, as I have to raise my prices at This Olde House for Karen to sell, so I can still get the same amount of money I need after she takes her commission!

Just so you know... I have some Easter Bunny lampwork beads for pendants and coordinating bracelets coming. I am going to tackle the "newbie beads" I posted back in November AND I just bought some new beads today that I am going to use to try to win a contest! IF I win I get to go to the lampwork designer's studio in California to learn how to use a torch and glass stringers to make my own lampwork beads!!! WOO HOO!


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