Monday, January 7

Management Monday

I have made an executive decision. MONDAYS are going to be my management days. It always seems like I am wrapping up the weekend and scheduling the for the following 6 days every Monday morning, so I am going to make it official. Like every other Monday, today I menu planned for the next seven days, cleaned the house, did all the laundry (although I hardly ever put it away (hubby seems to pick up where I leave off every Monday night after putting the kids to bed), made an extra meal to just be able to warm up later instead of having to cook every night, I actually went to bed with Isaac until just AFTER he fell asleep so he would take a much needed nap AND then played with KayLee and her new baby, Jeanie. THEN I grocery shopped for the needed juice, diapers, fresh produce, meat and dairy for this week's menu and organized it all in the cabinets, with the help of Josh.

I managed to finish an order for two bracelets tonight that will be delivered tomorrow afternoon; so all I have left on my to-do list for this week is to start/finish my recipe cards for a recipe swap I am in with 22 other gals. Those need to be done by Wednesday, so I guess I know what is on my agenda tomorrow! I know what my side-dish recipe is, and I have an idea on my layout and design, I just have to see if I can put it all together without going insane before finishing all 23! I will post my recipe layout before sending them all out to be distributed, it should be pretty cute!

I hope you all had as constructive of a Monday as I did! I am going to go take a shower and crash so I can get up early and start in on the scrap-side of the hobbyroom ASAP!

Have a SUPAH evening!

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