Sunday, January 13

2 Week Goal Check

After going over my list of goals on the left side-bar, I have to admit, that I am doing really well! The crockpot has been in use at least 2 times a week since posting that goal and I just offered to donate one of my bracelets to The Crop for the Cure, which is a Susan B Komen Breast Cancer Scrap Fundraiser being held in March in Evansville, IN. I went last year and had a blast and a bunch of friends and I have registered to go again, so I decided to donate a lampwork bracelet to that. That should also drum up some advertising, too! So, that is a plus!

I have also been decluttering... just this morning I went through my makeup drawer and ditched a bunch of makeup that I don't really use anymore. You need to clean makeup out after 3-6months anyway to avoid bad bacteria and all. I also have managed to paper-craft some last week and I feel like I am not over-committing myself, as I had a couple of opportunities already to join in on some things and have controlled the urge to get too crazy~busy. In February, I have agreed to help teach the pre-school Sunday School class at church, so there is some good ol' volunteering I was hoping to do more of...

I have agreed to teach an Art Class at the local college for 6 weeks to preschoolers, so that is 'challenging myself artistically', another goal, too! NOW, the breadmaker has not seen the light of day for nearly 3 years since my last childbirth experience... AND I have managed to avoid the ironing board quite easily... Imagine that! HA HA! There hasn't been time enough to travel to family yet, and I don't honestly see that happening until after Spring, but then again, you never know.

Pampering myself is something I used to do weekly at my old house. We had this humongo garden tub that I used to take bubble baths in ONE time a week. I would crank up the radio, turn on the LOOOOOOUD venting fan and soak my stress away. Well, I can't do this anymore because we don't have a tub. Just a shower. So, I guess I need to find a new way to incorporate pampering in my weekly, if not, DAILY schedule. Maybe Mondays should be manicures, Tuesdays will be toes (pedicure), Wednesdays could be facial day, Thursdays would be an awesome NAP day, ha ha... Fri, Sat, Sun? Geez I am running out of ideas! Okay, maybe focus on reading to relax on Fridays, Saturdays could be a "shop for me" day where I go shopping for something I need. Whether it is new bras or just an icecream I have been craving. That sounds like it could work! And, of course Sundays would be Spiritual, and I could do a devotional or reference my bible. I don't do that nearly enough!

How are you doing so far with the goals you set for yourself this year?

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