Tuesday, January 1


With a new year comes a NEW Craft Studio! Ok, so really it is a room off of the living room on the main floor divided by french doors, but I am sooooooooo excited!! I keep finding myself shouting Woo-Hoo-HOOO! OF COURSE, as earlier posted, I forgot to take before pictures! GEEZ! Smack me in the head next time! BUT, I did manage to remember while the work was in the early stages last night. YES, last night, New Year's Eve, my wonderful loving dear hubby took apart his $500.00 gym set piece by piece, bolt by bolt and re-assembled it by 10:30pm in our joint hobby room.

I am not sure if this room should be called a Hobby Room, MY Studio ... with his gym set attached, or another name. Since working out is a passion, almost like a hobby for him, I guess I should stick with Hobby Room.

Find above pictures of the gym set moved from last night. We were pooped by 11pm and just in time for popping that champagne open and enjoying some bubbly and a 5 minute make-out session at mid-night! Thank goodness Josh said he was just going to chill instead of coming up to see the ball drop with Carson on TV. Otherwise, he would have had to be witness to some spit-swapping...

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