Monday, January 14

Can it get any better?

I am so excited! Last week I was asked by the Jasper Community Arts Center (NOT the local college, I posted inaccurately earlier... sorry!) to teach an art class to pre-schoolers! I agreed to teach two classes, one in the morning and another on Tuesday evenings. Well, today I got another phonecall to teach Art for K-5th grade on Monday nights! WOOHOO!! I am so excited! I get to share my passion for art and creating with children! This is such a treat for me because I know that art isn't a very 'supported' subject at schools anymore. I don't blame it on the actual teachers, they just do what they are told, but I do feel that the educational system is failing our children by pulling art and phys ed from school curriculum when monies are tight.

SO, hopefully my enthusiasm will shine with these kids and I will spark the beginning of a fire in their hearts and souls for art. Some children have a natural artistic ability and they don't even know it because they haven't had the chance to challenge their artistic side. I hope I encourage these children to nurture their creative side and lead them to a new artistic path they didn't even know existed before!



chelemom said...

That will be so much fun! Love your cute notecards and your jewelry is gorgeous!

Tiffany said...

Congrats Nicole!!!! I know you will have so much fun with these classes and the children will come away with so much.