Tuesday, January 1

Snowball Effect

OK, so I am NOT done with the hobby room. One thing turned into another and BAM! we ended up moving around two more rooms. The queen bed that was in the spare bedroom is now in KayLee's room. KayLee gave her twin bed to Isaac. SO, he is NOW out of the crib-sized bed... BOO HOO no more crib mattresses... RIGHT! HA HA! I am so stinking glad to get out of that phase it almost kills me!

SO, in order for Isaac to have a twin bed, we had to move his room around since he shares his room with Eli and they had two dressers and two nightstands and NOW TWO twin beds to work with! After we did that it was 12:30pm and we had to stop and eat lunch. Hence, we didn't actually start on the hobby room until nearly 1pm!!

It is now after 8pm and it is about 60% of the way done. I am off now to keep trudging away... till I drop! Thanks to my hubby for letting me switch rooms so I can craft in our old LARGER bedroom and also Thanks to Josh for his endless running around up and down the stairs for me, so I wouldn't have to! I love you both endlessly!

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