Wednesday, January 9

Senility is kicking in.....

I forgot to take a picture of my recipe cards for the recipe swap! DUHH! So, you need to click on the below left link later this week at My Crafty World. I am sure that Tiffany will take pictures of everyone's recipe pages and will post them on her blog. I started them finally last night around 8pm.... I stayed up till 2am, and still only had 14 of the 23 done!

Well, I guess that isn't quite accurate, because I had the remaining 9 cards 85% of the way done. Geez, anyway... They are done! So, check Tiffany's blog later or when she posts them I will set ya up with a link to them, including mine. I did quite well considering I waited till the last minute to do them. I always say I work BEST under pressure!


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Gail Accinelli said...

Beautiful work!! I am also a lampworker; just set-up a blog please check it

I love lampworking it is my passion. Your work is incredible. It is great to know another lampworker. :)