Friday, January 11


I believe the UPS man got the wrong impression! I was so happy to get this order from Stampin' UP! that I was smiling as I rannnnn to the brown truck to greet Mr. Handsome Delivery Man. This was NOT my normal delivery guy so I think when he gave me my package he was thinking that I was smiling at him! HA HA!

My normal delivery man KNOWS that I LOVE getting goodies from Stampin' UP! and expects to see me running to greet him, but this guy was a bit surprised... I could tell by the look on his face. He smiled back GLEE-FULLY (oops/yikers!) and said, "Have a wonderful day! I will see you soon!" Ok, maybe he knows something I don't because I don't have anything else on order! HA HA!

Here are the new stamp sets that were in the Mini-Spring Preview Brochure.

I ordered these retired stamp sets on New Years Eve at the last minute! SO GLAD I DID!

Here is a new Level 2 Hostess stamp set on the right... and on the left is the Hostess Set I earned from this order.

I ordered the Well-Worn ABC set since I kept having to borrow it. AND I added on this cute and adorable stamp set to make cards with, Outlined for Fun. It IS still available, just not in the new Spring Catalog. It is on the dormant list, which makes no sense to me, but anyway, if you like it, you can still order it...

I will be mounting these babies tonight or tomorrow at my downline's Hostess Appreciation Day... Get ready to see some new cards with these, I love 'em!

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Tiffany said...

You go girl!!!!!LOL!!!