Sunday, January 6

My NEW Pendant!

Here is my present to myself. I hardly ever make something just for me. I usually just end up keeping something that I already had made. But this time, a lonely little bead called out to me... "Please! Don't put me back in the box! I will be all alone since all of my brothers and sisters have found themselves a new place to live!" HA HA! I used different sterling beadcaps on top of the three pearls than the first pendant; and I used more mellow crystal colors, since this bead didn't have any bright reds or yellows. I can wear it with everything! And... on that note...

I have to correct myself! I commented to someone (who had referenced the bracelet below) in an email this morning that this set of beads could be worn year round because of the colors, BUT that I wouldn't wear just WHITE with them in the spring/summer. I just so happen to be wearing white today and, I put on the bracelet and matching pendant to see if they clashed and they didn't!! The beads are JUST white~enough to actually GO with WHITE! I guess this is what they call "winter-white", with just a light touch of vanilla. These babies can go with EVERYTHING! A regular staple in the accessory department, I would say!


Tiffany said...

I just love this one!!!! Congrats on giving it to yourself-you know you deserve it!!!!

Cambria Turnbow said...

OMWORD..... your work is AMAZING... I love it all!!! Now, I need to climb back into my chair! SHAZAM!