Tuesday, January 1

So Far, So GOOD!

I have two shelf units in this pic but now have a third to the right of the dresser, too. This was taken earlier while we were still working. We had to take a break, eat some pizza and post some pics for you before heading back.

On the third shelf I have all my craft books, magazines and a few more art supplies. I will post some final pics later. This side is a little cramped, but I don't care. I am fitting in all of my stuff on the main floor with natural light, two windows, adjoining the living room where I can craft WHILE watching the kids!

And, while I may not have top of the line furnishings with metal shelving and dressers my dad and his brothers used when they were boys (Dad is 67)... I always have top of the line crafty items to play with. That is all I care about!


Tiffany said...

Look at all those stamps!!!!! Do you just love them all?????

KJ said...

You're room is lookin' good, girl! I can't wait to see the finished project!