Sunday, May 31

SheetLoad of Cards' JUNE DEBUT is TOMORROW!


Here's THREE of my SNEAK PEEKS!!!!!

Check back tomorrow to see how my sketch was turned into TONS of artistic creations!

Saturday, May 30

Christian Paper Crafts Magazine Sneaky Peek!

SORRY, BUT I just HAD to post another sneak peak of a card that I made for Christian Paper Crafts Magazine's DEBUT FALL ISSUE! I know that you all say that you can't stand sneak-peeks because it leaves you wanting to see more, but this card is my favorite! The papers and colors are just gorgeous and the stampset is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! I just can't wait to see this magazine in my hands so that I can share with you all of the details of my cards as well as show all of the other items that have been created by the design team (ANGELLA, JANETTE, DANIELLE, and TAYLOR) of Christian Paper Crafts Mag, for this first issue!! But until then, this will have to do!

{Did I mention that I am the featured Designer for the first issue, too? WOW! It is such an honor to be asked! THANKS, CINDY!!}

Well, I think that is enough torture for now!

BY the way, tomorrow at church, Josh is getting honored for graduating from High School last week. Seriously, it is hard to believe he has been finished with High School for an entire week already! I guess I should also add that it only took him 7 days UPON graduating to get his FIRST motorcycle! YEP, today he got it. I guess I couldn't push it off any longer. He HAS been motorcycle-endorsed for two years now AND is 19 AND is finished with high school. GOOD-BYE to the BOY, HELLO to the MAN! LOL! {Congrats, JOSH!}

Happy SUNDAY, tomorrow!
Enjoy the day HE has made just for you!

Shining down on ME!

I had another item stolen at the H.H.Gallery (where I sell my paper-crafts and jewelry and gifts) since I was there a couple of weeks ago. A gorgeous pair of earrings, priced at $18.00. They even were matching to a bracelet on display. Well, at first, I have to admit I was pretty darn upset, but then after a bit, I realized that it was not helpful holding all of this anger and I let it go and told God to give me peace about it. AND when I did, look at what I saw.......

I took this pic on the way home from the H.H. Gallery this evening. Can you see the sun-beams coming down through the clouds? And, to me, there's a smile in the sky.... do you see it? Don't cha just love it when you feel like HE is watching over you?

Enjoy your Saturday Evening!

BoBunny Card #2 !

Here's another card using the same BoBunny paper set as the last post; do you love it as much as I DO?? I LOVE these honkin' diecut flowers; I used another flower/vine border in-between the two patterned papers down the middle and used another one of their pre-made printed journaling items with the 'Thank You' on it for the sentiment. This card is STAMP-FREE! ALL paper and diecuts that coordinate with the paper set, how about that? All I added was a triple GLITTAH brad ensemble in the corner and some glossy accents on dots here and there and POOF, another beautiful card!

I honestly don't think you can go wrong with this paper set by BoBunny, available at PRECIOUS SCRAPS! Bev's online store is under construction, but you can still get this set by emailing her. She's been SUPAH busy since she opened her own scrapbook store earlier this winter in Dover, TN, so the online store is getting done bit by bit. BUT, I DO KNOW that if you email her with what you want she will make you MORE than happy with your purchase! Her prices are awesome and she is one-dedicated-customer-oriented gal!

Enjoy your SATURDAY!!

Friday, May 29

BoBUNNY from Precious Scraps

Oooooooo! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this BoBunny paper set! Geezy Petes! Something kept telling me to get to the Paper-Table today and now I know why! Isn't this great? I just love how it came out! Bev at Precious Scraps (that I design for) sent me this paper-set by BoBunny and I immediately LOVED IT! The set came with a self-adhesive, diecut sheet full of flowers and borders and little journal items, so cute! SO, I used two of the borders here, the floral border on top of the blue scalloped one! I cut off a 4 1/2" square corner of one of the patterned papers to get the floral flourish and added a double-layered flower diecut! I added the 'hi' alphabet stickers, too!
OH, I guess I should mention that this is a larger card of 5 x 7 size. I needed to make it larger to fit in all of these wonderful patterns on ONE card! LOL!

These papers are double sided and FABULOUS with a wonderful array of designs from stripes, to circles to florals to solids (like the black and tealy blue shown below). If you want these papers, get a hold of BEV at PRECIOUS SCRAPS and she will hook ya up!

Enjoy the rest of your evening!

EarBLING Lampwork Dangles!

I am posting some Lampwork EarBLING for your sterling silver HOOPS that you have on hand, for those regular customers of mine... If ya need a pair of hoops, add $8.00 and I will send you a pair of sterling silver, lever-back hoops to go with. Then, all you have to do is slip on and off your ear dangles to match your outfit for the day!

NOW, these are dangles are made with ALL STERLING SILVER and LAMPWORKED beads (Glass Beads made by hand with a torch and rods of glass), so obviously they do weigh more than Swarovski crystals ONLY like I usually sell, but once you get used to them, they aren't that bad at all and you don't even notice them on!

If ya want'em, just email me and the first person who does gets them first; I can't make duplicates, so tell me ASAP if you want them for yourself! If I don't hear from anyone tonight, I will take them with me to the H.H. Gallery tomorrow (in Holland) and have them for sale there! I should be out there from noon to 5pm or so. If you need me there earlier, just let me know and I will meet up with ya!

I am thinking I need to have three blogs, one for family, one for jewelry and one for paper. What do you think? I mean, it kind of defeats the purpose of calling my business Anderson ArtSSSSSSS, since I wanted to encompass my love for ALL of my artsy fartsy hobbies... but I am thinking that it might make it nicer for those customers or friends who are just interested in one area of my creations, whether it be paper or beads. Constructive criticism appreciated!


Thursday, May 28

Official BEGINNING of Summer Vacation!

The kids were off of school at 12:30pm yesterday to begin summer vacation. What would make this day officially the beginning of summer?

Can anyone say SLIP n SLIDE?? We had a great time getting wet and crazy!!

Thanks, Grammy and Grumpy for the perfect GIFT!

Teacher's Gift Card Set {Sketch}

Here's the sketch's measurements. Just pre-cut a bunch of these sizes and mix and match them until you like what you see! Be sure to notice to adhere down the A and B papers first and then layer the C 1/2" strip on top of the seam where the A and B papers meet. I used my grid paper (that I use to protect my desk) to help be sure to make the C paper straight and level.

EASY PEASY! If you end up using this simple sketch, hook me up so I can see what you did and even feature you on my blog if you like!


Teacher's Gift Card Set {Part 3}

Here's the final three notecards that I made for Isaac's teachers using the Basic Grey Porcelain paper set (available at PRECIOUS SCRAPS!) Again, these are way more simple than my usual layer upon layer upon layer of papers, but I do think they are really pretty!

OH, if you want this sketch, I will post it next (pictured above). You can really make a ton of cards at once using this sketch. Kind of like at SheetLoad of Cards where they give you a sketch, show you how to cut your papers, and then give you a variety of samples for you to drool over! SheetLoad will be debuting their JUNE ISSUE in just a couple of days! I was the sketch artist this month and I think you will like the sketch that I came up with for the issue. The design team really did the sketch justice with some beautiful card creations and also with some other items, like altered art and scrapbook layouts. (I even did a 6x6 scrapbook page using the sketch! YEAH, I KNOW, ME! I actually did another LAYOUT! HAHA!)

Butterfly punch shown here (above and below) is by Martha Stewart. The scallop oval punch and oval punch are by Stampin' UP! And these two envelopes are scatter-stamped with a Stampin' UP! background stamp set, can't think of the name, but maybe it is Itty Bitty stamps?
I love the variety of colors in the Porcelain Basic Grey paper set. There are reds, pinks, peaches, greens, golden yellows, and gorgeous cocoa and chocolate browns! A really versatile set!
If you want to get your hands on this beautiful scrapbook paper by Basic Grey, just contact BEV on her blog and leave a comment with your email or email her directly at ' and she will hook you up with the Porcelain papers quick!

Have a SUPER DAY!!

Wednesday, May 27

Purdue Boilermaker's KEYBLING!

Eli just HAD to give his teacher, Mrs. Weidenbenner, something Purdue-related, since her kids go to college there and she is a HUGE Boilermaker SUPPORTER!! So, I decided to make her an ever-popular KeyBling, of course! Black and Gold are also Jasper colors, too; so since she has been a teacher in the Jasper school-system for like EVAH, I am sure this will make her doubly happy!

Mrs. Weidenbenner just returned from a medical-leave in time to see the kids finish their 1st grade year, and BOY am I glad! Eli really has taken a liking to her and I can tell that he missed her while she was gone. She was diagnosed with breast-cancer earlier this year and had to take time off for radiation (I THINK). So, needless to say, Eli and I both were excited to see her return looking GREAT!

Details on the KeyBling... ALL Swarovski crystals in Jet Black and Topaz (orange) and Silver Shade; and Swarovski Pearls in Gold and Black, too! Sterling silver sparkles in-between the crystals and handmade glass lampwork beads! Another one-of-a-kind Anderson Arts original! (Scroll down this page to see some KeyBlings that are up for grabs NOW, along with paypal buttons!)

Thanks so much, Mrs. Weidenbenner, for a fabulous 1st grade year and I REALLY HOPE that KayLee gets YOU next year, too!!

OH, and IF you are thinking that I should have given her something PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness, I already did that when she was diagnosed. So, I think the Purdue Colors will be very appreciated, too!
See y'all tomorrow!!

Teacher's Gift Card Set {Part 2}

Good Morning, PEEPS! Here it is, the LAST OFFICIAL DAY OF SCHOOL!!!! I can hardly believe that my little KayLee will be in 1st grade next year and Eli will be a 2nd grader! WOW, how time flies!!

Here's four more of the paper/ink-only cards that I made for Isaac's PreSchool Teachers. These cards are made with the Basic Grey 'PORCELAIN' Paper Series. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the subtle colors of this set. From Ruby Red and Soft Pink to Mossy Green and Golden Yellow, these are so beautiful! The butterfly punch is by Martha Stewart and the Scallop circle is from Stampin' UP! These papers are again available at Precious Scraps! Just email BEV with your desired items and she will get your items out to you ASAP!

Although I used the same simple template for these cards, I used a vast array of stamp sets by Stampin' Up to finish off these greeting cards to give them all a different look from one another; if you would like to know a specific stamp set, just comment on this post and I will reply to this same post with the answer! How's that?

I will post the remaining three cards tomorrow, but will post Eli's teacher's present later today once I download the pic off the camera. Want a hint? Ok.... can anyone say BOILERMAKER?

Tuesday, May 26

Teacher's Gift Card Set

Here's the first of three posts showing some simple cards that I created for my Isaac's PreSchool Teachers, Ms. Mehringer and Mrs. Schepers. {I made chocolate chip cookies for the Aides!!}. This paper-line is Wisteria, by Basic Grey. The cardstock is Bordering Blue by Stampin' Up!, I think. Or it may be the other soft gray blue, I just can't think of the name right now....

Anyhoo.... last Christmas I gave these two teachers a variety of my handmade greeting cards and they just couldn't stop thanking me for them, so I decided to do the same thing, but make just some simple(R) notecards for them. No Ribbon... GASP, I KNOW! Just stamping, paper, and some punches. No pop-dots, or even embellies. I didn't want them to have to worry about having to add even MORE postage to the already un-Godly rate that it is now, for the additional thickness of the cards from knots in ribbons or brads. So, thin it is!

This WISTERIA BASIC GREY paper is available at PRECIOUS SCRAPS; who I am seriously LUCKY and HONORED to be a Designer for! BEV is awesome at lavishing me {and the other designers, too!} with SUPAH wonderful papers and goodies to create with!

Like I said before, these are simpler cards, nothing elaborate here, but still, I think ANYTHING handmade is better than store-bought! And these papers make these cards pretty just by themselves! I also put the matching envelope in the picture, if you didn't notice. I always stamp the envelopes for an added personal touch!
I hope they like their card-sets! Check back for two more posts of the other seven co-ordinating cards that I made using the Porcelain Basic Grey paper set that is also available at Precious Scraps!
Enjoy your day!

Monday, May 25

SheetLoad doesn't want you to forget!!!

SheetLoad of Cards has a few ways to win some exciting blog candy!


MORE Blog Candy

Blog Candy is at the following:

Iris at Paper Crafting in Cocoa: Celebrating HUGE HITS!
Motivet Stamps is giving away a collection of new stamps!

Blog Candy at Paper Hugs

Dianne at Paper Hugs is having an awesome candy giveaway! Ends tonight!

Check it out!

Sunday, May 24

LAST ONE, I promise!

I KNOW, I KNOW! Enough with the personal posts!!!!!!! Just one more, I just had to share these two pics with someone. Here's first, my Joshie, uh... Josh headed to leave to graduation and I gave him a good-luck/good-bye kiss... JUST so SWEET! And... scroll down....

This is my hubby, who's birthday was yesterday. His birthday was overshadowed by the graduation party, but he's okay with it. When his family came in for the party, his Mom brought a strawberry/rhubarb pie, which the kids sang Happy Birthday to him with! AW!! Happy 34th, Honey... Oh, wait, those of you with dyslexia see it correctly, if you don't have dyslexia, swap the 3 and 4 positions! HEEHEE!
OH, and on an artsy fartsy note, my MOJO is already back and is just crazy ready to get crafting again! The little kids have school Tuesday and Wednesday, so after that... WATCH OUT!

LOVE YOU Josh and Honey, BOTH!!!

Friday, May 22

And within the blink of an eye... DONE!

HE DID IT!! Josh graduated tonight and I am one proud mama! AND I survived with just a sniffle and ONE tear! I couldn't be sad; I am so happy that he is happy and that he is proud of himself, too!

Congratulations, Joshie! I love you!!

Today's the Day!

I can't believe my son is graduating tonight! I seriously remember his first day of kindergarten, his time in the cub scouts, him playing in the fall soccer league, even 8th grade graduation and his request of wearing a pink tie for it. WOW. Time sure does fly!

I will be in hiatus until Sunday or Monday for regular blogging, but will pop in here and there with some pics hopefully!! I have a dozen family members coming to town, so it will be busy here, I am sure!

Take care and enjoy the LONGGGGGGG weekend!

Tuesday, May 19

NO! Thank YOU!!! PeanutBee, Denise!

WOW, I wish I could claim this one as my own, but I didn't do it! OH MY! Isn't this just the loveliest card?? My cyber-paper-pal, Denise Marzec, sent me this card yesterday to say thanks for the Blog Candy KeyBling SHE WON HERE.

But, really! Thank YOU, Denise, this is one of the most wonderful cards I have ever been sent!! All of the layers, the embossing, the piercing, the embellishment-detailing, WOW! Need I say more? Thanks so much for this wonderful artistic piece of work!!!!!!!!!! You ROCK!!

Thanks, Denise!!

Sunday, May 17


My galpal, Kelly, awarded me with the LEMONADE STAND AWARD!!!!!!!!!!! Now, I get to forward it on to those blogger-friends that I think also show a great attitude and show awesome gratitude on their blogs!

Thanks, KELLY!
I hope your back surgery today was an awesome success!

As for my TOP FIVE:

Kathleen Paneitz - I only know Kathleen from this cyber-paper-world, but seriously, she is the kindest, most gracious and giving person I have NEVER met! She's talented as a paper-crafter, photgrapher and gardener, too! Check out her blog!! xoxo to you Kathleen!

Denise Marzec - I love Denise. She inspires me each and every day with her up-lifting attitude and glorious artsy crafts! She seriously does have an awesome attitude and is always there with a kind word when I need one!

Cammie - Oh, Cammie! She's another wonderful gal who puts her family and charities before herself at times. Here paper-talent amazes me and she always seems to have that positive attitude that I need to hear to get me back on the up-swing of things! Hope that tooth is healing, GIRL!

Amy - my long-time girlfriend. Although her blog doesn't highlight her papercrafting as much as her family, she really IS one talented gal! She's too humble, trust me! I always find it wonderful to read her blog as well as speak with her about the regular going-ons in her life and how she trusts the Lord so much in her life. I aspire to be able to give my problems to the Lord so easily as she does. I am just such a control freak! Love you, Amy!

Marianne - Ms. Marker Herself! Marianne Walker is one talented gal! I hope to be able to give her a hug in person someday!! Marianne works for Copic Markers and is seriously the QUEEN of COPIC!! Her blog just inspires me to whip out those markers every single day!! She's also a stamp-image creator/illustrator for My Craft Lounge stamp company!! AND she is just as sweet as she is UBER talented!


Saturday, May 16

2009 Jasper H. S. Graduate, Josh Mehringer

Did I mention that I am stressin'?? Here's the reason...

Graduation Countdown; Just 6 days to go! Did I mention that he turned 19 last weekend on Mother's Day? Aw! I am proud of him, but man I am gonna miss him when he goes off to college in the fall to IUPUI (Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis).

It will be hit or miss here on the blog until Memorial. If you do need something, just leave a comment on any post and I will get back to ya! Or just email me!! Thanks so much!

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, May 14

Sneaky Peek

I am super busy these days with getting ready for Josh's graduation party and family coming in. MAN, who would have thought that there is so much cleaning, shopping, menu-planning and cooking to do for a one-day event???? And, what really gets me is that we are having a small, intimate party of just 50 people or so. Around this town, you invite everyone AND their uncle and have a huge bash, but Josh wanted to keep it small, so we did. But, could you imagine if we were having one of those HUGE parties? I would have to wear a wig to the grad ceremony because I would be bald from pulling my hair out from stress! LOL!

Anyhoo... since I don't have time to be crafty, except for filling regular orders (Thanks K.E. & K.B. and Ms. K in FL!!), I thought I would give you another sneak peek on something I made for Christian Paper Crafts Magazine's first quarterly issue coming out this Fall. A spray of prima, a wee-bit sparkle and a dab of curly stamping.... hmm..... Do ya like?? I can't show it to ya, but I thought this may wet your whistle for now!

Well, I better run and get things going for the day. I am getting my hair done today for the big day. Do you think I should stay blond or go back to red?? I wish you all liked my red more, I really like it better. BUT, I will go with the majority probably and keep it sparkling blond!
Have a SUPER THURSDAY! The weekend is in sight!

Wednesday, May 13

SheetLoad of Cards #3

Here's my 'Beyond a Card' using this month's SheetLoad of Cards sketch! When I saw the sketch, I immediately knew I wanted to use it for the recipe swap I had signed up for with my friends here locally.

Click on the picture to get this awesome CROCKPOT Corned Beef & Cabbage recipe! I only make that 2-3 times a year, but should make it more often, it is really good!

You can see how I used the THERE SHE GOES STAMPS on the recipe card. Jessica's stamps just rock!

Have a super DAY!

Monday, May 11

FOLLOW SheetLoad and WIN!!

I know you all have heard me speak of SheetLoad of Cards over and over and over again.... probably is because I am on the design team and all, haha! WELL, SheetLoad is having a promotion right now! IF you want to become a follower of of SheetLoad you will have a chance to win one of these stamp sets by THERE SHE GOES stamp company! Isn't that cool?? So, stop on over there and check it out!

OH, and while you are there, please show the new designers some LOVE! SheetLoad has broadened their design team so that everyone on the team doesn't have to work EVERY month! NEAT! It also helps us (as followers and admirers) to see a vast array of styles of paper-crafting! A win-win for everyone!

Enjoy your Monday!

Sunday, May 10

KEYBLING PayPal Buttons are UP!

KeyBling PayPal BUTTONS are up and ready for pushing! HeeHee! If you don't know about my 'SCHTUFF' jewelry-wise, CLICK ON THIS HERE to see details about the materials I use in my items!

Summarized, I use all Sterling Silver beads (except for the keyring, itself), only Genuine Swarovski crystals and perfect handmade glass beads (lampwork beads).... In other words, ALLLLL GOOOD SCTUFFFF!

I hope you find something you like; but if you don't find a color combo you want, just email me, I have TONS of beads that are just begging to BLING UP your keys!

Email me for questions
purchase BELOW NOW!


Cloudy Skies KeyBling

$34.00 (+$3.00 Shipping if not local)


Lilacs & Daisies KeyBling

$31.00 (+$3.00 shipping, if not local)


Sand & Surf KeyBling

$32.00 (+$3.00 Shipping, if not local)