Sunday, May 24

LAST ONE, I promise!

I KNOW, I KNOW! Enough with the personal posts!!!!!!! Just one more, I just had to share these two pics with someone. Here's first, my Joshie, uh... Josh headed to leave to graduation and I gave him a good-luck/good-bye kiss... JUST so SWEET! And... scroll down....

This is my hubby, who's birthday was yesterday. His birthday was overshadowed by the graduation party, but he's okay with it. When his family came in for the party, his Mom brought a strawberry/rhubarb pie, which the kids sang Happy Birthday to him with! AW!! Happy 34th, Honey... Oh, wait, those of you with dyslexia see it correctly, if you don't have dyslexia, swap the 3 and 4 positions! HEEHEE!
OH, and on an artsy fartsy note, my MOJO is already back and is just crazy ready to get crafting again! The little kids have school Tuesday and Wednesday, so after that... WATCH OUT!

LOVE YOU Josh and Honey, BOTH!!!


Amy S said...

hey== I love personal posts! Nice to keep up with !!! cute picture!!

Glad all went well-

Katie Skiff said...

34 with a son graduating!! LOL Good thing I kept reading. I too, enjoy personal posts.

Susan Timmerman said...

Well then....Congrats to Josh and Happy Belated Birthday to Hubby!